Reviews for The Time Child: Outtakes
ZexionLover411 chapter 22 . 8/20
Awe no Last of the Time Lords part 2? I really wanna know where that goes.
I love your series btw! -
Zerousy chapter 54 . 8/9
I really liked this. Question! Since Danni is River and Jacks daughter, was she too conceived in the tardis?
whitedwarf chapter 54 . 8/7
Wonderful! I really really liked it! And I suppose this answers the question of if Danni made a difference in his decision when he left Rose and his clone on the beach that day, huh?
Gwilwillith chapter 54 . 8/7
Brilliant chapter!
PiperRoseHalliwell chapter 14 . 7/3
In this chapter, is this Metacrisis with Rose or the actual Doctor? And was that a fantasy/dream that he was having of Danni while with Rose or was it real?
Zerousy chapter 53 . 7/3
Rose-10, you mean mofo! Don't make Danni sad any more than you already did! Good Job 11, you did well in telling him what you did!
Judy chapter 53 . 7/1
I loved it! It was REALLY interesting to not only see the tenth doctor's reaction and reasons from diverting from canon and sleeping with Rose, but why he was pushed there. And then to see 11 realise WHEN he'd popped up…awesome! It's a pity that you weren't able to make this chapter longer as there were so many juicy emotions up in the air, but I realise that real life is currently giving you some problems so I completely understand ;D
Gwilwillith chapter 53 . 6/28
Brilliant chapter!
lostiesgirl chapter 53 . 6/27
Thjs was a really enjoyable chapter! It's short but to the point.

Also, I kinda sorta feel bad for Rose in this.
dark-dreams-of-love chapter 52 . 6/19
I think an explosion needs to happen. I feel as if they have never properly talked about what happened. The doctor's just pushing it under the rug, smothering it with gifts and pretty words. And Danni is in shock, to numbed up, to realize what happening or to take action. I mean, okay, the Doctor didn't "kill" her. No. I don't really think that. That was someone else. No. What he did was worse. He let her go. He swore to never EVER EVER let her go. To always hold her hand.
No, what he did was threaten her life. What he did was attempt of murder. I feel like right now, Danni is a - y. She is too compliant and he is...he is like one of those...I don't remember what there called right now. Its kind of like that abusive relationship circle things I remember seeing in middle school. How the beginning he is nice and good, than bad stuff happens: he gets angry. Anger builds and builds then BAM! something awful happens. bad happens. He apologies - profusely. He givers her flowers, chocolates, jewelry, expensive dates, blah blah blah. She forgives him. Its good...for awhile but then something bad happens.
A cycle.
I'm not saying the Doctor is an abuser. No, no, no! Bad analogy. What I am trying to say is Danni needs to explode. She is pushing all that rage down with guilt and self loathing (for reasons I still don't understand) and one day its just going to pop! She needs to punch the doctor in the face. Hit him, smack him! Hit him with a shovel! Toss him into a black hole! something! And he needs to grovel. On his knees. Beg.
And then, they will make up.
But I don't think she should ever forgive him. Sure she will love him, and stay with him, and never hold it over his head.
But he will always be making it up to her for the rest of his lives. harsh? I don't know, its your story, and you can write it however you see fit, and I will still be an avid reader. Though, can you do me a favor? Doesn't have to part of the story, but can write a drabble with her and the doctor about this situation? With elven or twelve preferably. I could see Danni bottling all this in till twelve. Then again, it DID happen because of eleven. Hmm, maybe write both :3 anyway thanks for reading my rant.
Can't wait for the next chapter of metamorphosis ~
dark-dreams-of-love chapter 37 . 6/18
You know...I kinda of love Danni amd Twelve. Idk why but i do. I enjoy their story more than any other regeneration.
Zerousy chapter 52 . 6/17
That was good. I enjoyed them all
PopstarJ01 chapter 52 . 6/13
Absolutely incredible! Happy anniversary to Danni-Girl, to the Time Child series, and of course to you!
Gwilwillith chapter 52 . 6/12
Zerousy chapter 51 . 5/14
This was lovely
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