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Dea7hly Jes7er chapter 102 . 4/29
Alright I just finished this after starting three days ago so I'm going to need you to put out a couple hundred thousand more so I have something to read for the rest of the week. This has been one of the coolest time travel rollercoasters I have ever read. Thank you for continuing a steady an consistent pace and not losing your muse for this story.

Guest chapter 102 . 4/24
I was wondering if Abraham, Eugene and Rosita will appear in this story, cause I love Eugene. And will Tara and Lilly show up, as they have already sortta been there as merles kid and her mother. And what about Gabriel.
General KJ chapter 102 . 4/22
If you're going to kill her off, can you at least have them make up 1st? Or maybe make up in the dream world? I'd have thought that it might destroy Daryl if she died hating him and blaming him. He'd probably blame himself a lot more than normal if she was telling him the same thing.
mansts chapter 102 . 4/21
Wonderful chapter! And Beth is really bitchy right now, so I'm mad at her)
Turtle Kid the Woolgatherer chapter 102 . 4/18
Oh, man-THIS IS THE WALKING DEAD FIC I WAS SEARCHING FOR! In character, long, interesting, Caryl. . . . Thank you so much for writing this!
itsi3 chapter 102 . 4/14
:D Love it!
leylinjan chapter 102 . 4/7
EternalReviewSpammer is back-on-track ;) !

Loved this chapter, but am curious about the situation with Beth - will she calm down, or will she eventually turn crazy?
KAKatie chapter 102 . 4/7
I'm always so happy to see this story updated. The way you write Merle cracks me up. I'm still looking forward to him getting closer to Lily. I'd like to see him become more Daddy Merle than "Uncle Merle" to Lily.
daughterofdarkness87 chapter 102 . 4/6
I can't wait to see more!
Rodgerse chapter 102 . 4/6
Glad to see this back and you did an amazing job showing all the tension within the group. I look forward to seeing Daryl talk with Sophia. Great story!
vickih chapter 102 . 4/6
oh beth is an ungrateful little bitch isn't she! She's alive because of Daryl, her family is alive because of daryl and her douche bag boyfriend is dead because he was a douchebag. Carol and Merle'
s conversation was interesting to read, LOVED it. I also loved Daryl and Carol's bit. But for my money Sophia tossing Carl and Duanes shit out of their cell was perfection. Of course Merle would be proud LOL. thanks for the update! You know I love this story.
Paty S chapter 102 . 4/6
Lol Beth annoying kill her already. Who does she think she is? Daryl isnt god, he can't save everyone.
This people get on my nerves. They are all alive if it wasn't for Daryl and that isnt enough? They can go die for all I care...
Great job
kawinki chapter 102 . 4/5
Wow, bitter, party of one...that's Beth. I adore your disclaimer. It made me smile. Glad you are back and that you took the time to write. Thanks!
erikasakura chapter 102 . 4/5
Intense chapter.
I miss Dale in the tv, he's the voice of the wisdom.
When Carol talks to Daryl about the baby, she's so strong, I like it.
Oh Sophia, I miss her too. I love when she yells to Carol (Merle! That's my niece, funny).
Oh Beth, she's blinded.
Great chapter! I can't wait for the next.
redangel2463 chapter 102 . 4/5
Geez, Beth needs a serious reality check if she thinks her 'boyfriend' could do no wrong. Poor Daryl. Another amazing chapter like always.

Please Update Soon XD!
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