Reviews for Skeletons
Heart of the Truest Believer chapter 26 . 11/19
I absolutely loved this story. From start to finish, it was well worth my read. Thanks for writing it, wholehearted ly! Harmony is my favorite pairing, and the way you wrote it was the best!
Dagger-Seishin chapter 26 . 11/18
i really enjoeyd this story thank oy vyer much!
ljgmlg2 chapter 26 . 9/9
I realize that I am years late to the party, but I LOVED this story. Shame you were given so much grief over it. Doesn't seem like a hard concept, but if you don't like something, stop reading it and move on. There are literally thousands of fanfics on here, don't bash a writer if you don't like it, just move along.
Magenta chapter 26 . 8/20
l loved it! I can am disgusted at everyone who sent you hate messages. If they are members, they ought to be banned from the site. If you don't like a story or an author, don't continue reading the story/author's works. SIMPLE AS THAT.
Psychodella chapter 26 . 8/10
It was amazing ! I totally loved it Great story ,plot and humor :) Really great job :)
itsjustme42 chapter 26 . 7/9
I can't imagine the hate people would write but being an author here (on another account) I do know the hateful things people can say. But they're just narrow minded imbeciles who haven't gotten a slap from reality yet. They know nothing.
And I loved the story, truly. It's hard to come by stories like this with a genuine story line where I can follow the character development which is why I love multi chapter stories. You've done an amazing job with the story and it was a honor to read it. :)
itsjustme42 chapter 8 . 7/9
Its like I've been transported to another year at Hogwarts. I love your style of writing. Can't wait to read more. -A
A chapter 5 . 7/8
I really loved this chapter and the scene with Harry and Hermione dancing like old times was perfect. I was in tears when Hermione told him he was being an asshole with all his mistresses and how it hurt him. Can't wait to read more!
kat chapter 1 . 6/21
In Britain, we have deep fried mars bars, not Twinkies. They're basically different names for the same thing though.
amclawchlin chapter 26 . 6/14
I am just now reading this for the first time, but I can truthfully say that out of the thousands of stories I've read on ff, this is my favorite. I'm appalled that you had to deal with hateful reviewers and do not know what was going through their minds. I loved the Harry/Hermione pairing and thought their story flowed beautifully and naturally. Thank you for posting Skeletons despite the reviews, it made my weekend to read it :)
A reader chapter 1 . 5/15
Hello, read the entire thing. Fantastic read, well-written with few grammar & spelling errors (well aware how hard it is to make sure there are none). One thing I did have a minor issue is, though it is very minor, Harry's back injury. It's an interesting little quirk, although painful for Harry but unless there was a magical reason (likely a dark spell) that caused it, then could his spine not simply be vanished then regrown whilst under a petrificus totalus spell?

Quite aware that a reader often picks up on the small issues, but I was just pointing it out. I'd advise, if you have a crippling injury in another story, that you make it far less likely the person suffering will recover. Or simply that it is harder to recover from. Dark magic, a curse, evil shade magic, wraith magic... whole heap of reasons right there.

Anyway. Loved the read; thank you very much and I hope to be reading another good Harmony fic from your hand soon :)
Ezzy658 chapter 26 . 2/27
Overall I liked the story, there were a few things that I felt like they were inconsistent and not really finished, but overall I enjoyed it.

I liked how Lacey shared similarities of both Harry and Hermione, I just wished you hadn't made it so easy for her to win...I felt like there should have been more a suspension there, but there wasn't.
elgringo12 chapter 26 . 2/27
I thought this story was good. You kept us hanging on, will they? Won't they? People that complain about harry being an asshole, get over it. I thought it very plausible considering all he's been through, it would quite easily turn anyone into a dick. Don't be discouraged by people that put you down from behind a keyboard. You're never going to please everyone but write for those who enjoy your work rather than not writing because some people give you abuse. Keep it up.
Wish for eternal happiness chapter 26 . 2/25
On behalf of all the harmony shippers out there, I apologise to no end that you have had such a horrible experience from reviewers of this story and this pairing. Personally, I have been reading Harry potter fan fiction since it started out and I have to say that bar one or two tiny grammatical/spelling errors which can be accredited to spell check and easily missed by even the most seasoned beta readers and authors ... This is without doubt one of the very best stories I have ever read on any of the sites that I religiously frequent. And trust me I have read over 5000 Harry Potter fictions and well over 10,000 books in my 21 years. You really have a way of capturing the pain that the characters have faced and I see a lot of my war veteran and or trauma scarred family members and friends actions, reactions and demeanours in the way that you portray these war heroes. You have talent, you have commitment, you have courage and you have determination and i think that, that will take you very far in the writing world if you ever choose to go that way, if not, well you will always have a fan in me. Let the haters hate, they are just blowing hot air because they posses nowhere near the tallent or conviction that you do, you are an amazing ,definitely author and I am almost saddened that I didn't find your amazing hidden gem before now, although it was exactly what I needed to read tonight.
All the hope and support I have is headed your way
Bloodfire87 chapter 26 . 1/9
How can someone not love this story! This was fantastic to me the characters all had believability from growing up. Trully a wonderful story.

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