Reviews for The Leaf's very own Soul Reaper
Lala chapter 22 . 9/25
I don't know what happened but this is way too good to give up. You probably got busy which is understandable but I do hope that one day you come back to this. And despite the canon end of bleach I hope you won't let that affect any of the storyline you have.
Ranmaleopard chapter 21 . 9/17
My god this is just really awesome and interesting I can't wait for more. What about Ichigos hollow being his true Zanpaktou or his Quincy abilities? Please continue
Guest chapter 20 . 8/31
red, ichigo already has final getsuga...
blank chapter 14 . 8/30
can someone take up the mantle and continue this story
m chapter 14 . 8/30
red eye huh...that's mean ichigo already has final getsuga...CRA of kurosaki...hahaha...ichigo's gonna get a big clan in one go
m chapter 9 . 8/29 did a great job on the CRA of kurosaki...ichigo's going for a big clan from the start...hope u update this story
shivram970 chapter 19 . 8/31
Ha ha ... Yugao getting jealous was cute.
Voice132 chapter 22 . 8/29
Love you come back to it one day:)
JumpingToaster chapter 20 . 8/26
I wonder if there should be a section in this website where fics that are dead or are 'hiatus' for several years should be put up for adoption or something.
AlucardChick101 chapter 22 . 7/3
please update soon
Destributor chapter 22 . 7/3
it's good when will you update it please
Guest chapter 22 . 6/23
Damn has it really been almost three years since this updated fuck I miss this story
Redpoop101 chapter 1 . 5/29
If you are reading this, please, continue this.
SomethingAncient chapter 20 . 5/25
I'm not even sure of what I want to say, so let me start by reaffirming what I have said earlier with different diction.

Danzo did not need to die, and it starts at the point where he and Ichigo first met. Ichigo shouldn't have threatened to kill Danzo in the first place. That was out of character for Ichigo. Extreme dislike and mistrust? Absolutely! Hatred and death threats? Absolutely not!

Next: the harem.
I don't like it, particularly the way you have gone about it and what some characters have said. Kushina getting married via politics is fine for a plot, but her being okay with sharing Ichigo... "I don't think I would be able to keep him to myself he's just too amazing." Why does that feel so forced and out of character?

Mikoto makes little sense as part of the harem since her character development has mostly been 'this is how she suddenly feels' in regards to romance. She needs more in depth exploration throughout the story for it to make sense. Yugao makes even less sense: the only time she shows romantic interest in Ichigo is when she's jealous. Everything outside of that is how she looks up to Ichigo in order to become stronger.

I could understand Mei as part of it, especially since she may be pregnant. I could also see Anko doing something mischievous that might get her included in the harem since she has had the character development for it.

If you want to keep Mikoto and Yugao in the harem, and you want it to make sense; then you will have to go back and add or change things throughout the story to do so.

And Ichigo's plan was way more complicated than it needed to be. All he needed to do was sign the marriage contract. Or he could have just formed the clan and signed the contract. He's a top tier Anbu so no one would have had issues with this, it would have solved all of Danzo's issues. All this extra 'your laws don't apply to me' was unnecessary.

Anyway, I'm still reading this; so the story is still not too broken. Thanks to everyone involved in this for putting forth the time and effort to write this.
my 2 guys chapter 10 . 5/25
that was good keep the chapters coming
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