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loves4paws chapter 25 . 2/25
Great emotional chapter. I still want to just smack the s*** out of and some sense into Christian and he still hasn't made full disclosure, I'm thinking.

The Chap. 26 preview has me wondering if they are to meet Beau and Cloey at 10a or 10p. I'm also wondering if it's Christian and Ana or Teddy and Ana who are to meet with Beau and Cloey. I'm hoping it's Ana and Teddy. Also, I'm glad she and Teddy have moved back to the house on the cove. Hopefully, Christian is still in the Penthouse. From what I've read, I personally can't see how or why Ana would take him back. If he did what he did so easily as he did and then he gets a full pardon from Ana, what's to keep him from doing it again, only with more stealth and care?
maya31 chapter 26 . 2/26
i love
Marie36017 chapter 26 . 2/25
I was just looking at the reviews when I came upon your text. I'm truly sorry for your loss. I was 4 when my dad died so I've only experinced the loss of my grandparents. I grieve with you. I wasn't sure you way you hadn't posted since Christmas, and now I know. Take care and we all will hear from you once again when you're ready.
onetree chapter 26 . 2/18
Fuck no you can't end off here! Pls update this story is so so good! :) love it loads
michelle chapter 1 . 2/12
So sorry for your lost
leti0709 chapter 17 . 2/13
OMG I know I said that in the last review but Jesus OMG best Ana of all time!**
leti0709 chapter 16 . 2/13
Go Taylor
leti0709 chapter 15 . 2/13
OMG love dr. Flynn and this story and I usually don't read cheating stories
leti0709 chapter 9 . 2/13
I don't agree with her being so forgiving...they obviously chose money/Christian over her so why would they be included at the BBQ and family get together...other than I love your ana!
hauntedone chapter 26 . 2/11
I am sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad. Mine passed away many years ago, and trust me, the memories will get you through some tough times. Take all the time you need. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
mitzijem chapter 5 . 2/12
Sorry for your loss. Losing a parent does leave a big hole in your world...

When you are ready to return your readers will be waiting.
writerDi chapter 26 . 2/11
Hey Ladies, I am sorry to announce my dad passed away on Feb. 6th. He had a massive heart attack and a stroke. He was on life support for several days, until it became abundantly clear there was nothing more medically that could be done for him.

Needless to say, I will need some time to grieve and deal with the loss of the first man I ever loved, and that he was. He was bigger than life, full of life and mischief. My dad had a wonderful sense of humor. You knew he liked you if he teased you. He's no longer just a phone call away. I am truly going to miss him. and I don't know how I will ever deal with that sad fact.

lease give me some time to mourn, the 'ole goat', and I will resume.

tbuttram chapter 26 . 2/5
wonderful I hope there is more.
nebfan51 chapter 25 . 2/3
So ready for more :-) This is absolutely riveting...I reread the first twenty chapters today to review and then the rest of the updates today...THANK YOU for sharing and damn that pesky old RL...we all have 'em, hope all is well with your son's arm and the rest of your family. Looking forward to MORE! Take care :-)
joan.goldman.9 chapter 26 . 1/26
Wow interesting story. Boy Ana got bold! Love it.
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