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albino ferret lover chapter 9 . 5/9
Pleeeeeease tell us you have the next chapter ready to go but the nargles got to you?!
ijustsailedaway chapter 9 . 3/8
I love this kind of Draco so much. I love this chapter too. So meaningful and sweet. Hope you update soon!
ijustsailedaway chapter 8 . 3/7
Wow. This chapter just wow. I felt it. If you’re trying to connect with us, I think you just reached me. This is like real life here; you try to live your best in this crazy world and find that one exceptional being that makes everything worthwile, at some point you reach enlightenment, know deep within your bones you’re both meant to be without so much explanations, brave any unanswered questions and indulge to that intense feeling, then God gives you a good shake, you look at the person you adore, you lose autofocus and everything is in crisp detail. Suddenly you see that person in 4D, you see things you don’t like and understand and it’s either you ignore or acknowledge the weight it will bring in your life. Most of the time we ignore and the weight becomes a burden. Then it’s either you or that person will disconnect to save what’s left. And you didn’t even actually begin yet.

Aaawww. I felt too much for this chapter. The dialogue post lemon scene was my favorite.

Favorite line:
"It helps to talk," I continued when he merely nodded. "But sometimes all the talking in the world doesn't help if other people can't comprehend what you're saying."

I hope you’re doing good now. So drinny will do good too haha. I’m immensely enjoying :)

Reading on...
ijustsailedaway chapter 7 . 3/7
Articuno - I knew it! My favorite chapter so far. Truly, Draco’s deeper intentions for helping Ginny hasn’t been cleared out yet and I still can’t see how their ruse will actually benefit him and his family apart from the obvious attraction he is currently enjoying.
ijustsailedaway chapter 6 . 3/7
Awww. Ginny fell first. Lovely chapter :) I’ curious with the development of the marriage law though.
ijustsailedaway chapter 5 . 3/7
They are getting along so well now :) I wasn’t able to review the past few chapters, and I just want to appreciate your form in writing. It’s very smooth and clear without so muh flowery adjectives. Reading on...
bigbangfonction chapter 1 . 2/5
I was surprised when i read the summariz. A good surprise because it s rare to found some fictions where woman have this kind of spirit, convictions and it s pretty good. Because even if there is some dark fic very interesting there is always a moment where the woman loose a part of herself for be more sweet, apologize etc. Even if there is some abusive acts i never read a fiction were one tried to killed herself for stop the abusive relashionship or tried to kill the man. I want some real rebelle woman. And not just a little rebelle who after two chapters be passive. And the pb its this kind of charavter whi are thee most present in general for example fifthy shades of grey so many times i want to see steel say stop or stop him and his abusive control. Wake up ! So thank you for this chapter. Sorry my english is pretty bad, i m french.
Tha03 chapter 9 . 3/14/2017
I have to say that I'm really enjoying it.
The way you write is light and funny. But at the same time intense. The story itself is so much fun and the plot well written. Anxious for the next chapter. I love the fact that Ginny is so independent and sure of herself. But with Draco she's vulnerable. Cannot wait. Love the interactions between the two. I wish you inspiration. Great ginnydraco fic!
The Twenty-fifth Doctor chapter 1 . 3/10/2017
Anyone who has ever contributed to Breitbart deserves public execution
Anon chapter 9 . 3/6/2017
Thanks so much for the new chapter. i admire you ideas and writing a lot. Keep writing cos i'll keep reading. Yes this plot is awfully relevant to what the world's been going through especially in the past year.
Hope everything goes well in your personal life. I'm glad that I came across your story.
brianaangel chapter 9 . 3/4/2017
I appreciate the update! Absolutely loved it. I hope Theo is not too sinister. I was starting to like him...I kind of think he did it since he knew Draco liked Ginny.
brianaangel chapter 8 . 3/4/2017
Than you than you thank you for updating! Thus is just the chapter we need! I wonder what will happen next.
brianaangel chapter 7 . 3/4/2017
My how impulsive Ginny is...kissing without any provocation. I simply enjoy the growing attraction between the two. Well done!
idreamofdraco chapter 9 . 3/3/2017
George teasing Percy is so WONDERFUL, GAH. But, let's be honest, George in this story is wonderful, period. He's such a fun character to read! Hermione's reaction to George suggesting Percy pull some strings for Natalia was so in character. She sounded just like Hermione. And every time I read Percy telling her she needs a firewhisky, and Ron's horrified "She's PREGNANT!", I just can't stop smiling. George is truly a gem.

Okay, but honestly, the entire scene in The Leaky Cauldron was funny as heck. You handled the multitude of characters expertly, and their interactions with each other are so amusing.

I think Hermione's theory that Draco did a 180 because he was upset Ginny wasn't being herself is interesting. (I'm just going to assume this IS the real reason he suddenly became distant.) It's interesting because if it's true, then basically Draco created a monster he doesn't even like. He's been training Ginny this whole time to be more thoughtful and less argumentative, and when she displays that new behavior he actually doesn't like it. Of course, there's a difference between Ginny changing her behavior for the public and changing it for him, but that just goes to show that he was a good teacher and Ginny is finally absorbing his lessons.

But it's also interesting to me because after rereading that part of chapter 8, I'm curious as to how Draco expected Ginny to react. I mean, yes, he expected her to keep arguing, but he LIKES Ginny. Does he really want to argue with her about his own mother, the person that Ginny recognizes he loves to the exclusion of everyone else? Like, if Ginny had continued arguing her point, he would have continued to defend his mother, even if he knew Narcissa was wrong (because, as Ginny said, DRACO managed to overcome his ignorance and learn to do for himself, so why couldn't Narcissa?), and then he would have just been angry by the end of it because Draco and Ginny's argument wasn't going to change Narcissa. There would have been no solution there. And then they probably would have been in the same situation that they find themselves in at the end of chapter 8 anyway. So, like... what was Draco really wanting/expecting from that interaction in Ginny's kitchen?

Maybe he didn't really even know. He probably just hated that his own tricks were being used against him, and maybe he really like Ginny genuinely when she's being her stubborn, argumentative self. Which is wonderful because he's falling in ~love~ with the true Ginny, not the nice one designed for the press. :D ANYWAY IT'S INTERESTING AND I LIKE IT.

Even though I know what Theo's deal is, I love, love, love seeing his story develop and how Ginny's (and Draco's to an extent?) opinion is changing about him. He comes into the story as kind of Ginny's savior, the only person willing to help her tackle the marriage laws. Without Theo, Draco might not have come on board the image-remaking/social justice train. Now they're both so suspicious of him, and Ginny is so hurt by his betrayal, that he's become this ominous character. So ominous that D and G are now plotting against him to protect themselves. I can't wait to see how the rest of his story unfolds!

I love how even though Draco was distancing himself from Ginny, he still came running (flushed cheeks and all) as soon as she called for him, AND he had a gift for her, too, even though he found out about her selection for the English Quidditch team from a source other than her. And what a thoughtful gift, too. ;) I'm very glad to see them reconnect (emotionally, physically, any way, really) by the end of this chapter. Nothing like betrayal from a friend to get Draco to side with Ginny again.

And Draco was so insistent earlier in the story that he could only work behind the scenes, that he was unwilling to put his face on the fight against the marriage laws, and yet by this chapter he's willing to be an active participant. For Ginny! ! ! ! I already mentioned how much I love him drawing the spells into her back. And as my final thought for the chapter, as adorable as the last section was, what a sobering way to end it - with Draco and Ginny planning a protest - considering all the protests we've seen all over the world this year. I have a good feeling that Draco and Ginny will be successful in their endeavor, which is all you can ask for, really, when reality sucks as much as it does.

Anyway, GREAT chapter! I'm so glad to see you update again, and I can't wait for more. n_n
Neakco chapter 9 . 3/1/2017
I missed this story. Had to reread the last bit of last chapter for a refresher. I look forward to finding out Theo's secret. Luna probably knows it since I think she knows everything.
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