Reviews for An Arena of Glass: Now-told Stories of the 51st HG
Evila chapter 14 . 12/28/2015

I just wanted to say that both of your SYOTs have inspired me so much that I even started my own using a similar format (hope that's okay!). I'm just really hoping that you haven't abandoned this story and it and my own SYOT are the only reasons I'm still on Fanfiction.

It's taken me a year and a bit to get past the Reapings and I'm losing followers so I know how easy it is to lose motivation but please carry on with this story? I'm so obsessed with it, it would be a shame to stop writing :/

Hope everything is okay! I'd be happy to help if you need a bit of a nudge or some inspiration?
E x
OwlMist chapter 13 . 8/8/2015
Okay, so now I've come back to reread this. I know chances are a million to one that you'll ever update this but I'll leave a review with my new thoughts just in case.

In addition to rereading this and the previous story, I've also reread my reviews, and let me say I am disappointed in my most recent assessment of characters. Regina, though I pity her and feel for her, ends up being just unlikable. Foster, too, just rubs me the wrong way, prickly and touchy. Chiffon is my true favorite, I just agree with everything about her, idk. Her contrast with Damask and their relationship, while maybe a trite concept, is intriguing. Draco, of course, I love still because he's my son. Estelle is definitely a great character: she's educated/knowledgable; there's just a great /Career/ vibe coming from her. Parker is atrocious, but that might be because I love Capri so much. And oh Penny, I liked her a lot before, apparently, but now I don't see it as much, BUT I have a new bond w/her kinda because this summer I dyed all my hair pink too, haha. But everyone else left little to no impression on me. They're forgettable, and blend together in the huge stew of names and faces. I only read this 2 days ago but I've already forgotten everything about some of them. Some are so similar to their allies as to make interactions hard to follow or uninteresting. I realize you get what you get when you received these people on a form, and that you are COMPLETELY correct in making sure everyone isn't the "special snowflake who is sooooo different and unique and not like the other tributes and has a detailed backstory and motive for everything" and we applaud you for that, but sometimes they have to have a defining feature that does make them unique, emphasis on the fact that it is a singular trait (or few in number) and not a hundred different things that make them "not like the other kids." Overall, the tributes are a good mix this time, you've done a good job with their descriptions and their dialogues. but from where we are with most of them there's a long way to go before I'm sad about some of the deaths.

I really love your attention to detail and description of the way the games are set up, with the commentators and the parades and past victors. It really builds the world up a little bit, with the history and the structure of the show. I really really really love your writing style. I really really do.

Two things that I caught are: one, you switch back and forth between Vee slitting her throat and stabbing herself in the chest. and two: that someone said something after the assigned volunteer from Chiffon's district didn't come up about how 'I don't think that's ever happened in District Four' when it happened to both Lance and Naomi in your first story. These are harmless plot holes and don't really take anything away in reality, I just thought you should know.

Okay, long review is coming to an end. Despite what it may seem like in this review, I sincerely love your writing style and this story as a whole. I really do hope you choose to update this in the future, but if you don't then it was a good fic where it stands. I will eagerly return should I ever get a notification. Anyway.

Happy Hunger Games.
A Person chapter 14 . 11/9/2014
I really like your fic and idk if you still wanna continue it, but if you did, i'd love you for it 3
TaTa 10 chapter 9 . 7/20/2014
I might have stuck up for myself but honestly I probably would've just thought I was making it up (until my mom said something like what she said in this chapter. That was rough!) great chapter! Loved the incorporation of finnick's brother!
TaTa 10 chapter 7 . 7/17/2014
We'll that was awkward! I liked seeing corolla again though! I remember vita from the last one! He was my favorite! So far I think my favorite is probably Rebecca? Not sure though.
TaTa 10 chapter 6 . 7/17/2014
I liked this chapter a lot! Some great description :) can't wait to read more and loved the pink hair haha
TaTa 10 chapter 5 . 7/17/2014
Awesome chapter! I like reading about the careers.
belle of the ball s2 chapter 14 . 4/20/2014
Parker and Estelle definitely have an interesting dynamic going on ... I wonder how this might develop later on.

Right now I'm definitely in full support of Parker and his clique; but I must say, I'm definitely interested to see how the rest of them do. Truly interesting concept, I was so excited when I saw you had updated ! Eagerly awaiting the next installation ...
OwlMist chapter 14 . 4/13/2014
Ray and Sahara are pretty cool and Storm's a legit porcupine. They need to settle things. As do the career alliances. Foster, Chiffon, and Regina especially. Like, damn calm down and wait literally two more days to kill each other, why don'cha.

Paddy's my favorite from that group, tbh. His innocence is cute and endearing. Crude boy humor, on the other hand, is idiotic and now I automatically loathe Rylos, no matter if he is only 13. Storm's okay. Still a lemon but alright. And I'm wondering what Drake's reason for helping them was omg.

Woah, major turnaround in Estelle for me. I just went from hating her to loving her. Girl power. I totally understand her feelings now and she just draws me in. She's still a little too close-minded but she's intelligent and capable so I applaud her. And she seems to be the most level headed in the girls group sooooo..

If I were to support one career pack it'd definitely be the boy's group. Draco's obv my fave and Keenan's awesome too; they seem to have their act together, or more so than the girls. Regina's becoming more and more of a bitch, though, and Parker is bleh. If I would make an all-star career team it'd be Drake, Keenan, Estelle, and Chiffon.

I only saw one typo: "So when I said 'suck', Rylos related it too…" only one 'o' in 'to'.
Other than that, perfect chapter, and I'm glad to see you're back in action!
hey-finn chapter 14 . 4/12/2014
I'm really bad at catching up on reviews so I'll just review this one, I'm sorry! However I've read all the chapters and you're doing a really great job! Each tribute stands out in their own way and they all bring a different element to the story. The story is developing really nicely and I can't wait for more! :)

Oh, and I also want to say that you're doing such a great job writing Ky. He's just like I hoped he would be, so thank you! I /love/ how the relationship between Ky and Rebecca is developing! Their awkward connection still makes me giggle :') though I could see them becoming unlikely friends! My favourite scene was the bathroom scene: it was the perfect mix of awkward, heart-warming and sad. Loved it! And I'm such a big fan of your writing, it's so smooth and easy to read. You capture the characters' emotions really well.

So, onto this chapter's tributes!

Ray - I like Ray, a lot actually! We don't really know that much about her yet, but she's made a good impression on me. I like Sahara less. Sahara seems like the type to be impulsive and hold grudges. She may be a threat to herself in the arena. I can't see the female Career pack lasting too long. I can sense an inevitable fight between Foster and Estelle. Also, I have to admit I like Regina less now.

Paddy - Oh the immaturity of teenage boys will never fail to make my eyes roll xD Bless Paddy for not catching on to the joke straight away. Though I do like how he went all serious after he fully realised the reality of the situation. That focus could maybe help him get further than Storm and Rylos. Interesting that Drake came over to help them. I'm wondering why he did out...sneakily sizing up the competition maybe?

Estelle - I can't quite decide whether I like Estelle yet or not. She's fairly arrogant, but then most Careers are. I see her as the first to break away from the female Career pack. I don't like Parker, I hope Estelle will be the one to kill him xD

I really enjoyed this chapter! I am definitely here, and will remain here throughout the rest of the story. :) I can't wait to see what's in store!

Which of the separate Career packs do you support and why?:

Honestly I'm torn between the two. I think I support the male pack ( Regina) more, mainly because Drake is one of my favourite tributes. But I see the female pack being more interesting once they're in the arena!
MangoLee123 chapter 14 . 4/12/2014
AHhhh you finally updated! Yes!
Do I see a romance coming on? :0
Dante Alighieri1308 chapter 14 . 4/12/2014
Woo! You're back with updates!

Interesting relationship builds with the outliers. Still working on remembering everyone's names but I'm getting there haha. Storm seems very prickly. But it's nice to see an alliance brewing among the outliers with D6. Still unsure about Rebecca but we'll see how that goes.

Boys will be boys. Still, you do make a point that these are still young kids and should still be allowed to have crude fun. Shame most of the won't last.

I forgot about the girls vs boys split. Should be interesting to see how that plays out in the arena. And what Regina end up doing? Also, Drake playing nice with non Careers was interesting. I don't think he'll spare them though if he runs across them, but still interesting that he's showing them some decency.

Estelle... and Parker? Well he's certainly not going to help her ideas on men. Still, they're an interesting duo and if they continue meeting/socializing it'll be interesting to see how things go for them.

Yep still reading! Don't worry about me! Also, I think I support the boys more. Estelle is the main turn off for me. Anyone who characterizes an entire group of people into one ugly stereotype is just a jerk. Keep the updates coming! We are getting close to the Games!
odds are never in our favor chapter 14 . 4/11/2014
I love this story :)
ChauvinisticAmateur chapter 14 . 4/11/2014
HAHAHA, LOL WHAT?! I didn't even know that's what that phrase meant! I'm learning a lot of these popular phrases lately XD. I can't believe that's what it was addressing to :)). But wow, I felt as innocent as Paddy did :)). I can definitely relate to him PLENTY of times in college XD. Even with the "mood swings" sort of thing. He just seems so much like me :D.

I feel like this is one of those more light-hearted kinds of chapters where plenty of it is really funny and overall happy in a sense. It was just so freaky how Draco said that. So much for planning and tactics. He never knows who's going to be his murderer in the Games (if he doesn't win, that is). I just think he's more of brawns, but I don't understand why he would "help" them, though.

I cracked when Foster retorted back to Estelle. Hahaha! What she said though was pretty much true about not understanding being the point sometimes. I feel as if Chiffon is starting to grow a bad side if it wasn't there in the first place. She's starting to sound really fake, and it doesn't seem like she's good at it. I just can't believe she would frankly show to everyone how "bad" the other Career group is. Estelle is also really funny :)). She just keeps calling males as "species". I guess there's just plenty of bad vibes everyone seems to get from Parker.

And Saharaaa! :D. She's so mean hahaha, but I can't blame her :)). I guess there's just some things people can't change XD. It's like they're practically cat and dog.

Of course we're still around here to wonder! :D. It's sort of like taking a break. Also, I have to say I've had my fair share of staying under the rock for a pretty long time, too XD. I AM SO EXCITED! The start is almost near!

Question: I think I'd support the Female Career Pack. To be honest, I'm wavering between both sides, but it's really only because of Estelle that I chose to support the GIRL POWER :)). It's sort of a tug to the male group, too because of Keenan being, well, Keenan XD. Not only that, but it's also because Regina's in there, too. The only thing that pulled me back a bit from the male side was because of Draco and his weird intentions :)). I'm also wavering from GIRL POWER because of Chiffon's fake attitude.

Anyways, thanks for the update! :D, it was a really happy chapter in the midst of what's about to be a depressing story :((.
factionless-tribute chapter 14 . 4/11/2014
Hm...I quite like Drake. He's my favourite out of the Careers. He reminds me a little of Nic, just a little bit more arrogant.
Anyway, I liked the chapter between the three (or actually, four) boys. It was quite funny.
Parker is continuing to get on my nerves. And, I don't think I care for her at all.
I thought Chiffon was just a tad annoying, and Regina needs to calm the hell down. Nothing on your writing, I'm just getting a feel for the characters.
Another fabulous chapter :)
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