Reviews for To Train A Dragon Rider
DJRebel chapter 16 . 3/23
Raystar chapter 1 . 3/18
1000th review
Amazing story so far
Update soon pls
stevefocus chapter 27 . 3/16
Great story, looking forward to the next chapter.
Uzushiogakure chapter 23 . 3/13
Sounds like they are in for one hell of a fight with that Drake no doubt he has been growing in power for all those millennia's.
Uzushiogakure chapter 22 . 3/13
Uzushiogakure chapter 21 . 3/13
Great chapter and it looks like things are quite bleak with that idiot King having such a massive source of magic and when is Arya going to get her dragon and Harry too.
tembulon2.0 chapter 27 . 3/5
Jokes about abandoning story.. ... ...
kaisonsheart chapter 27 . 2/20
OMG xD i friggin LOVE this story. I have loved it since i found it. And i cant wait for you to upload another chapter and not only feed my addiction, but to continue the story :) I have been enthralled for days. best wishes and may your muse be plentiful!
Attrix chapter 20 . 2/18
I'm enjoying this. looking forward to the continuation.
DeliciousCookie chapter 3 . 1/22
This felt way to similar canon, I gave it another chapter but it put me off even more. Not that I expect things to diverge big instantly, but it felt like you were literally restricting yourself and the writing to canon.
Guest chapter 27 . 1/6
hey stupid! when are you going to update this shit? or are we done with this?
skooglie1 chapter 27 . 12/30/2016
Really freaking good dude, 3 years is allot of dedication to a story and the constant plot movement is extremely good. It feels like I'm reading the series all over again.

Keep up the good work!
FuriousJ6789 chapter 11 . 12/12/2016
I Love this story!
I was wondering if you would consider writing a prequel story about Harry's time in the star wars universe/galaxy? That'd be awesome! I'd love to see your take on how he would interact there and how the force users would react to him!
Dagor16 chapter 20 . 12/4/2016
Story started out interesting but it quickly devolved into a cliched Garry Stu story unfortunatly. I stuck with it as long as possible. Hope other people enjoys it better than I did
dvilleza chapter 27 . 11/21/2016
I am absolutely willing to wait another four months (not really, help, this is amazing) for another chapter.

As stated above, I am absolutely not willing to wait another four months to wait for another absolutely wonderful chapter. Please spare the readers, Sire. Please.
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