Reviews for Let's play with L and Light!
Guest chapter 32 . 4/25
Is this based on pewdiepie's video to write? It feels like it. I mean no one plays Amnesia right? Only he played it.
BlueFlame27 chapter 37 . 4/23
You should do fnaf 3 and have light and L argue about the lore, whether it was phone guy who was the murderer or not, that would be hilarious
Guest chapter 27 . 4/22
Hey that's the type of shampoo I use(Tresemme) ! What a coincidence! XD
Guest chapter 37 . 4/21
When i first saw this, im like, "Hmm... looks nice, I'll read it." Got through more of the chapters, laughed at Light's sudden attraction but ya know, its a good laugh cause LxLight is my OTP, before Ereri. Got through more, laughed again at the thoughts of Light and i was ready to punch the screen after Matsuda interrupted what could've been the greatest kiss in history.

AND THEN I GOT TO THIS. I died of happiness when Light finally made a move. (More like was forced to because of Matsuda?) Like, this was amazing and i hope u update cuz i would loooove to read more.

Plus, if you're struggling with ideas, try Destiny, Halo, maybe even Garry's Mod, heck, even Far Cry and I Am Bread. There's Goat Simulator as well. XD I think i filled up a third of a page with this review.
Akayuki Novak chapter 37 . 4/16
*chokes, starts laughing* Ah jeez, this has moved right out of implied and straight into 'totally-there-but-mostly-ignored'.
SlashPrincessOfHell chapter 37 . 4/15
*dies of nosebleed*
DragonClaw827 chapter 37 . 4/15
0 )-( 0 That is a very weird face I made.
Satisfied Human chapter 37 . 4/15
Thank you. That was really nice to read.
Guest chapter 36 . 3/30
Lolz. Loving it.
Akayuki Novak chapter 36 . 3/15
Heh heh heh. Sayu ships it.
DragonClaw827 chapter 36 . 3/13
XDDD Okay, yeah. Good job
Guest chapter 35 . 2/27
Maybe a chapter where they play Town of Salem? If you don't know what it is, it's basically a game where you have to lie your way to the end.
DelphiniumSweets chapter 35 . 2/22
They need to play Town of Salem, it's basically the most addicting game ever. And yes, the yaoi is always a good idea.
LalondesAreDangerous chapter 35 . 2/11
How about Bloody Trapland?
MasqueradingChaos chapter 35 . 1/26
I really like this, It is soo funny :-) and LxL is always welcome {as for the game how about assassin's creed multiplayer }
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