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fireflii chapter 13 . 11/16
Wonderful story so far! I just found this fanfiction, and to be honest, I was never a huge fan of Avatar (it wasn't bad, it was good, but it didn't hold my attention long). Because of that I stayed away from HP/Avatar (and as you said at the beginning of the story, too many stories of Harry growing a tail and... weird things), but I'm really glad I read this one! It's very well written, and I absolutely adore (best part in my opinion) the realism. It's not just about this future, but the way Harry reacts to being in the future, his panic attacks, his reactions and emotions to events, the serious ethical questions it raises... It's all GREAT. I'm really loving this story, and I like the slow-pace (yet not irritatingly so) of the plot and the character development. I can't wait for the next chapter!

And on a side thought, are there no animals? I recall something about Harry seeing fake birds (probably when he was looking at his digital window), but what about insects? What about pets like cats and dogs?
Suichi's Water chapter 13 . 11/11
Can't wait for the next chapter even though i'm sad Mike died.
Basilisk's Fang chapter 13 . 11/1
I hope you keep writing this! It is really unique and it would be a pity if it were to end where it is. I like how you are expanding the world of Avatar!

Keep it up!
CassBerry chapter 13 . 10/29
Holy shit. I love this so very much! I hope you keep updating this and I hope mike lives. I think I might actually cry if he doesn't. Your characters are so amazing though and I'm super excited about Harry going to Pandora! Love this so much!
GiftofLove chapter 13 . 10/22
This is amazingly well written. You have a finely honed skill that is a delight to read. Spent most of my night going through it.
Heron-Of-Sparta chapter 13 . 10/15
please update!
ObsessivelyObsessiveObsession chapter 2 . 10/15
Ah. Is this gonna be one of this 'woe is me' pathetic Harry stories? I hope not, but considering what he just went through, how little training he has had, and how young he is, I doubt it is going to go any other way.
AvidFan chapter 13 . 10/11
I seriously love this story. I love how you kept Harry in character, I love the way you wrote the original characters, I love how you pictured Earth in the future, I love the role magic plays in this, I love how wrote the events, I love how it's so believable. I could reread this over and over again and still want to read it again. You have some top notch writing skills and I'm jealous! The only part where I was vaguely unsatisfied is the situation with Mike. I WANT MIKE BAAAAAAAACCCCCCKK! *Sobs in Corner* I adore Mike and I really really really really really REALLY want Harry to wake him up somehow. To be honest I like Mike more than the Order of Phoenix wannabes who couldn't get anything done and probably ended up harming Harry more than helping him. I anxiously await an update! I hope you update this soon, don't stress yourself though!
~An Avid Fan Of This Story
Amarante96 chapter 13 . 10/2
Amazing story you have here! I love the way the story develops and how 'realistic' it is. You ha e no idea how glad I am that Mike's not dead and I really hope he appears soon in one way or another... ? Anyway I really dont feel that the 'kill a few for the sake of many' thing is acceptable to Harry... especially since he'll be the one doing the killing... I mean logistically speaking it is the smart thing to do... especially since the volunteers are volunteers and they all, to put it crudely, are gonna die anyway but having Harry become kill them 'for the greater good' regardless of the fact that they are willing... it's just not something I can see him agreeing to...well it's your story and with how well you've written it so far I know that no matter what direction you take this in I definitely won't be disappointed (execpt maybe unless you don't even have Harry see Mike one last time...)
thaumaturge1618 chapter 13 . 9/29
Gods! I do not have words to express the vivid and in- depth world you have created. The quality of writing is astounding and riveting. The content itself - your muse and your observations are frankly scarily ingenious. The political moral social cultural technological popular culture mass and group psychology -everything has been developed and presented in such a manner that it seems almost a natural extrapolation to the mess the world is in now and a possible future path if those trends continue unabated. This is a gem of a masterpiece. I hope you finish this no matter how long it takes. Am a huge fan. The intelligence reflection thought and richess of expression in this work is incredible. You could write professionally easily and far exceed most out there. Update soon. Take care. Cheers
Sydney chapter 1 . 9/27
Please write more, this such a good story. I hope you keep going, we're all cheering you on, I really want to find out more of your amazing ideas!
kj4c0ry chapter 13 . 9/15
I must say, very well written. *applauds* This, or more importantly something like this, is what I am looking for in a HP/Avatar crossover. Good story, while not skimping too much on backstory. It would be terribly amusing if you got harry to be a school teacher for the Na'vi, but you said that this story takes place after the... wait, after the "Earth" scenes, or after the Whole movie? Please tell me it's only after the "Earth" scenes? *puppy eyes* Well, I must ask, will there be a pairing? If so, can you think about having a Na'vi pairing? If not, can you put an amusing scene with Harry having a mishap with the Amazon? Like say, somehow someone Harry knows, with connections with the Amazon's manufacturing company managed to influence the Amazon to, you know? Or if not, Could you make an Omake about these?
-Waiting for the Story, kj4c0ry.
LunaDragAngel chapter 13 . 9/5
Very interesting idea & perspective. I am curious as to the impact Harry finding the use for Unobtainium will have on the Pandora storyline & if he'll be upset later when he reaches the planet & sees or understands the corporations mining tactics. I hope for his attempts to heal Gaia & also wonder how his success could impact the Pandora storyline. I wonder how he will physically & magically react to Pandora & its environment.
ryomoles chapter 13 . 8/28
I love this story. You're a great writer.
This chapter was a bit slow though.
Hope you have something interesting planned for the next chapter.
Some dying questions I have:
Is Mike going to make a comeback?
Will Harry be going to Pandora anytime soon?
Tnumfive chapter 13 . 8/1
I was reading this again the other day and it finally struck me why I like the story so much. Harry is not an annoying little berk.

That is apparently not as easy as it sounds. A lot of stories where Harry is separated from his friends for whatever reason have him spending way too much time moaning and crying over the fact. Your Harry has his moments of sadness, but he never seems to wallow in that sadness. There isn't chapter upon chapter of him bursting into tears because this person he just met reminds him so much of Ron/Hermione/Nevelle/Peeves and woe is him.

Since there is a pretty solid track record of you updating a story shortly after I review, I'm hoping this one is next. And can Mike wake up soon? Maybe not be 100% better, but just awake? I kind of like him a lot ._.
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