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nevergone4ever chapter 1 . 10/1/2015
put me on your best friends list
TallTalesInk chapter 20 . 4/21/2014
This review is going to be short 'cause I've got somewhere to be soon.

This last chapter was a good way to end it. Carnelian is changed, but he hasn't completely cracked. It's sort of encouraging thinking that he could come back in some way or another. I'm happy he "cracked" as Aphrodite put it. Good job Carnelian. This was a great story. I'm glad that I was able to be a part of it (in the form of Jute)

Now hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on Sink or Swim in the near future. :)
TallTalesInk chapter 19 . 4/21/2014
I’m just going to kind of give you a block of unorganized text here since the finale was sort of like one big fight scene.

It was interesting to read Jem final POV. You could just see how much of a different person he was. In the beginning, I don’t think he would’ve been capable of putting up this much of a fight. Carnelian’s coversation throughout this chapter was kind of sad. Like when he told Jem that he was a good opponent and such. You could just see that Carnelian didn’t want his victims to hate him for killing them. I remember being pretty excited when Jem died though (sad too, of course) because it meant that Carnelian or Onatah definitely had it. The last fight scene between them was so intense. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Of course Carnelian won, and I’m very happy with that. Sometimes you do have to give it to the favorite (because underdogs are underdogs for a reason. They don’t always win) and Carnelian was such a good character, it was a good choice. I imagine that he’ll be a very good mentor
TallTalesInk chapter 18 . 4/21/2014
Onto the next chapter

Sian- Her suicide was rather dramatic. I don’t have that much to say about it. I never really liked Sian all that much. Or at least, recently I haven’t liked her as much. I forget my first impression of her. Her arch was sort of coming to an end (partly because the Games themselves are ending) and there was no way that she was going to last much longer with Jem, the way their friendship has completely gone downhill. This was coming.

Jem- This section was touching. Poor Jem. He doesn’t even really know what went wrong, since Sian never gave him the chance to fix things. I feel so bad for him. Sadly, its better that Sian died. If they had gone to the finals together, that would’ve sucked.

Carnelian- This was mostly finale set up, but gee you know how to leave your readers wanting more. This chapter ended and when I first read it, I remember feeling like I was going to keel over and die from the suspense.

My predicted victor was probably Carnelian or Jem because I felt like Onatah wasn’t as changed as either of them. I wanted either Carnelian or Onatah

My favorite deceased character might have been Corin, in retrospect. I didn’t always like him, but his death really was so sad, and I loved his scene with Jute.

And my favorite alliance was the careers. Because they were really unique this year.

Onto the finale !
TallTalesInk chapter 17 . 4/21/2014
So I feel really bad for totally disappearing on you. But to be fair, I’ve sort of disappeared on everyone over the last few months. Today I’m playing a little bit of review catch up. We’ll see how far I get. I’m going to finish up each chapter of Fight For Your Life before I move to Sink or Swim, just ‘cause I know there’s only like a few more chapters in it before I finish reviewing the entire thing.

Jute- Well, I knew his time was coming. I’m really happy with how he met his end. The bit with Corn really pulled at your heartstrings. I think Corin is one of the best characters in this story, he’s just so dynamic and deep. I feel bad for him. Healing Jute was really nice of him, it showed his heart. Of course, Jute still had to die. It just meant a lot more since Corin tried to save him and it turned out completely fruitless. RIP Jute, I’ll miss you

Corin- I didn’t expect him to go so quickly after Jute died. I think it’s kind of ironic that Sian did it. It shows both the deteriation of her character, and it is sort of Corin’s bad Karma. He dished out some crap, and now it’s biting him back. I feel bad for him though. He could have been a great victor.

Onatah- I loved the interacton here between Carnelian and her. These were my two favorites for victor (obviously I know how things turn out) but I feel like this really summed up Carnelian’s character. I loved the line when he said that he didn’t know what he wanted, and that he really just wanted his allies back. And then he called Caine a good person. It was just so raw and perfect. And I think it sort of made Onatah feel awful inside because its hard not to look at Carnelian as a human after that. This was the stand out POV for me
gio-district7 chapter 20 . 3/7/2014
My review got cut short :/

I really liked Tierna too and the whole darkness thing was sort of weird but I was still intrigued with her character. Temperance was crazy but in a good way. Corin was a great character who i really thought had a chance to win and of course Onatah was a favorite of mine from the beginning and one of my favorite tributes of your stories.

Stand Out Moments- In the bloodbath where everyone is fighting and Kiera is jumping up and down in the balcony. I don't think i'm suppose to laugh during a bloodbath. Lyle's bomb woking and Haven dying, any scene in the swimming pool, Careers vs Corin and Temperance, Jute vs Corin and then Sian killing Corin. The finale was very intense and i really for a second couldn't tell who was gonna win and then Carnelian and Onatah both waiting to see who would die first. I really thought Onatah won before i scrolled down and saw her name, it was a great finale. The best one behind Claustrophobia and i loved how in this chapter you included the victory tour and some information on the other District One victors.
gio-district7 chapter 20 . 3/7/2014
Thoughts on the obituaries?- I enjoyed all of them, especially Corin's it made me cry a little, Onatah being buried in her favorite spot, Ash's best friend being in love with him aw and Jute's made me smile.

Did you enjoy Fight For Your Life overall?- I loved it, its one of my favorite of yours. I loved how the first chapter was from Theodore's pov and the quell twist with tributes all being eighteen was such a great idea, everything was so much bigger because of it Carnelian won! I really liked him from the beginning and always considered him to be one to make it to the end and me predicting it didnt bother me at all, he was just that good of a character.

Thoughts on basically anything- Your writing was amazing as always, one thing i really loved about the story is the arena. The war torn school idea is amazing and i loved the library especially and how some of the books described the fallen tributes of the HG, and the shoutouts to some of your past tributes was great. I also literally liked all of the tributes and it was hard for me to pick favorites throughout the story. The Careers of course who are prob my faves behind Wild One, who were complete opposite type of careers. I really liked Jem and Sian's alliance, Venice, I loved Jute so much, his innnocance and lack of memory was so amazing to read
bobothebear chapter 20 . 3/1/2014
So look who's back ;D

Ahahahaha I kinda gave up on reviewing the... Middle eighteen or so chapters, but it was an amazing story, Cor.

I'm literally crying. What. Why. What.

Ah. I couldn't explain it if I tried, but let's just say that the story as a whole was beautiful and heart breaking :)

The worst part is that it's four in the mourning and I've been reading all night, and now here I am, crying to an iPad in the midst of my actual life xD

Alright, a beautiful story, Corey :)

Now, to catch up on Sink or Swim ;D
bobothebear chapter 3 . 2/19/2014
Okay, I know you hate reapings, but your reapings are pretty damn impressive *nods*

Alright, before I begin, I left out Sienna Mayfleet's name for some reason... Oops.

Sienna Mayfleet (5/10) - It's a bit too similar to Vienna, whom we have one of, so it'll conflict undoubtedly, and Mayfleet's a bit cliched, albeit fitting impressively with Sienna... it's just average.

Onward, to the Reapings!

Can I just say I love the detail in all of the districts and their respective mentors' stories? Octavian and Odyessa, Tarzana, Elesa, Sunny and Serena, Derek and Pippin, Crispin, Mako, Lorcan, Buck and Bailey - all wonderful.

Elesa's my favorite :)

Alright, the tributes, Bo, the tributes!

I won't run through each and every one because I'd probably kill myself with all the writing, so I'll just do six honorable mentions and a favorite moment.

Six - Kiara Vaud an her hesitance suggests a weaker Career- those are fun to watch die and cause crap to happen in the bloodbath/slightly afterwards until they die.

Five - Corin, not even mentioning his perf name, is a rich kid on the block with probably no talent and a nasty attitude - drama in the making ;)

Four - Bellarose's little moment of absolute annoyingness was beautiful xD

Three - "You take the guy, unless you swing that way also." Like best line ever :o

Two - Caine Pravda will provide a cold Career, probably the leader with some wicked skills :o I love me a toughie!

One- Oxford's memory loss is riveting to read, and Macualay's kindness is wonderful and heart-breaking :') I'm going to go ship Moxford in a corner by myself now.

Favorite moment - "Fuck!" Oh my god I need to grow up, but it was funny xD

Great chapter! I'll continue tomorrow :)
bobothebear chapter 2 . 2/19/2014
This blog is mocking me for not being able to look at it ;_;

Alright, the chapter was another great one with elaboration on the 'poetic justice' idea, and it was nice, because I was lost and feeling stupid xD

Anyway, awesome chapter - I love Jensen! Stick to him, Jen! Castella, too, I like the two of them, and I don't like Theo very much :p

Lumara's an interesting one, but she just gets irritating after she's spoken too much *shuns the girl as soon as she opens her mouth to speak* Yeah no.

Well since I can't do a blog review... I'll do a name review :D

Carnelian Ritter (6/10) - Neither names are absolutely, jaw dropping, but together, it flows nicely, but the last name seems more... more for agriculture, farming, perhaps Nine, Ten, or Eleven would've been a better fit for Ritter, but Carnelian sounds nice and luxurious.

Temperance Clarion (4/10) - Alright, I just don't like names being common nouns. Sometimes it works, but Temperance just doesn't roll off my tongue comfortably ;_; On the upside, Clarion's nice :)

Caine Pravda (7/10) - Caine's above par and fits Two well, and Pravda meets par, but they flow well together and just reads 'Career' to me:) *applause to the submitter*

Nelida Callous (4/10) Again with the nouns, and callouses are gwoss xD Nelida alone is alright, but with Callous it just sounds like a skin disease xD

Jem Calvert (3/10) - Alright, nouns ;_; And Jem just seems to be a misspelling of Gem, which belongs in One ._. I love Calvert, but Jem just kills it.

Calder Lachlan (8/10) Whoever made this name deserves an award - it's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful, and Calder seems Career-esque, and although it rubs me a bit Two, it's still absolutely beautiful :)

Kiara Vaud (7/10) - It's nothing over the top, and that's nice to see, actually. Neither name would make an appearance nowadays, but they sound nice and pleasant together. Great :)

Lyle Finch (5/10) - It's not bad, necessarily, but Lyle just sounds... off. Finch is a bit overused, so the name overall is just average for me :/

Audra Kincaid (6/10) - Decent names on both with a decent flow bringing them together :)

Rhett Emery (5/10) - I don't particularly like either name very much, but it looks and sounds good together, and the name is one I haven't seen anything close to yet - bonus points xD

Venice Woitel (3/10) - Nope, nope, Bo does not approve of City names ;_; Woitel reminds me of toilet... Toilet in the city of Canals and water... disturbing *shudders*

Ash Terrick (6/10) Is it creative and original? Not quite, but it sounds nice. I actually know a Terrick :) I like the name, and just by the vibe I'm getting, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess I'm going to like him, too.

Quinn Tarly (5/10) - I love the name Quinn, like, loveeeee, but Tarly is a bit... like it reminds me of black tar from a district of trees ._.

Jute Phillips (4/10) - I don't know, I have a feeling he'll be a bloodbath just from the name - Jute is just so... hmph. Phillips is a tad too nowish (is that a word? No, alright xD), so I just can't like the name.

Angora Knight (5/10) - GOD IT WOULD'VE BEEN SO GOOD IF HER NAME WASN'T KNIGHT. Okay, Angora is just a perf name, but Knight is migraine material right here ;_;

Corin Roscoe (7/10) - Bo approves :) Corin... hm... it's a great name... suspiciously close to Corey ;) Roscoe isn't anything special, but it compliments Corin, so I'm in!

Sian Amser (4/10) - It's just... the first name sounds like a poisonous chemical. The last name isn't doing wonders either, so...

Haven Hemlock (6/10) - Okay, double nouns, but it works for me! Can't explain it, but the name just rubs me well, and I think (hope) that he gets far so I can just look at his name :3

Aubrey Turner (5/10) The name's just so generic that I can't like it or hate it :p

Reed Wolfe (2/10) - No. Just... Noun followed by misspelled noun is just... especially Wolfe is annoying me ;_;

Onatah Fletcher (6/10) - Onatah passes by the skin on its teeth, and Fletcher actually compliments it, so I guess it works... It's a bit weird, but weird is kinda pleasant ;D

Cypress Flint (3/10) - I can't... Cypress is okay, but Flint, especially for Twelve, is so painful to look at, so I just... Alright, I'll admit, I've always hated District Twelve, so this might be the bias talkin', but I just don't like him.

Tierna Rowe (6/10) - I've seen a name similar somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it... Anyway, Tierna is a good name, and Rowe is alright, so it passes the test of Bo.

Alright, names have been graded - chapter was awesome, as always!
bobothebear chapter 1 . 2/19/2014
Okay, I swore I'd review, and here I am :)

As wondrous as ever, there were some interesting spelling that I can't decipher as a simple mistype or a different spelling in the UK, perhaps? Like lacklustre?

Anywho, absolutely gorgeous chapter with a flawless quell! Let us see what the tribute pool of eighteen year olds shall bring ;)

I totally would leave a blog review but the deaths are on there ;_; I'll read it later!

The dialogue was beautiful and the characters, as spoiled as they are, were portrayed perfectly and with great style.

Until next chapter! (two minutes, perhaps?)
Wonderful chapter!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 20 . 2/10/2014
Corey, FFYL turned out absolutely beautifully. I loved it from start to finish, definitely one of my favorite stories from you. The writing and characters were sophisticated and thoughtful, the arena was genius. Everything was a ton of fun.

Carnelian's going to be an interesting victor. In the beginning conversation with Aphy (nice to see her again as well) he's detached and broken, his narrative voice dulling since the arena. Loved the interactions with all the D1 victors, and the eerie realization that he's been given a haunted house.

hermes -.- sigh, of course the first thing he goes to talk about is the thing that Carnelian didn't want to remember at all, well done douchebag. Corey, is he dead by Demons Within? pls?

Loved the recaps, they seemed more grimly emotional than most years, and Carnelian's going to be affected by more deaths than most- he feels more responsible as a side effect of his perfectionist personality. He'll have the weight of all the Careers on his shoulders, along with his kills, and even Tempy. That's like, a third of the tributes that he'll be guilty about forever. The high emotion during his Victory Tour proves that. He wants to make a difference, so sweet :')

Caine's obit stood out to me a lot, it was more emotional and deep than I expected, he had such a profound effect on the district and on his friends and siblings. Ouch, that hurts. Jem's and Onatah's were moving as well, both their deaths causing miniature revolts. Kiara's, Venice's, and Nelida's were also great.

Happy writing!
writinginpen chapter 20 . 2/9/2014
Alright, so this is by far my favorite epilogue of yours. Through and through this chapter, I couldn't get over how beautiful the journey was, you know? For starts, you kick it if off with a broken Carnelian in the hospital, which I loved delving into his thoughts there. In reality, we all have those fears of being alone. Have I mentioned that I love Aphrodite? Well if I haven't, then now you know! Moving forward to the other victors from District 1. Honestly Corey, I want to know more about each of them, like their daily life and demons that haunt them. I love when stories show past victors, and then intergrade them into the current victors life. Oh, and he's living in Sheer's house, that's pretty messed up. I feel like Augustus and Hermes would love each other; both are such slimy, vile men. Hermes, you were nice to Jezabel, but I still hate you. How dare the creep give Carnelian a pillow. Like, how messed up can you get dude. I can't even deal...
Now, I think my favorite part of this chapter was the emotion that Carnelian had. Like everyone else, I too loved the Career Alliance in this story, as it was more like a family than an alliance in my eyes, which was different than anything I've ever seen. I mean, so many barriers were overcome within the group , like Caine confiding in Carnelian his brokenness, Nelida finally being happy around others (that part you added in there about her was touching Corey, thank you), Calder finding peace with his sister, and then Kiara who never changed. It's obvious she brought them all together. At the beginning, I'll admit, I didn't really like her. But once we got into the Games, I grew to love her, too. Overall, this story has by far the best Career alliance as a whole.

At this point, Carnelian is my favorite victor to date in Esmeralda Verse. :)

Thoughts on the obituaries: They were all lovely. A few stuck out to me, though. Temperance (I felt bad for her mother), Caine (I can't believe all that happened to his family; his death created a domino effect for sure), Nelida (the part about Baron was beautiful, just like I pictured him if Nelida died), Calder (so that's why his father wasn't up there on the podium, how sad), and Sian (I'm glad to see everyone knew she was happy when she died.)

Did I enjoy it? Yep :) I sure did.

Thoughts on anything? Your personification skills are amazing Corey. Plus, I enjoyed the Career Family in FFYL, as those five characters were my favorites, and I'm glad to see one amounted to victory. The arena was cool, too! Also, I enjoyed all the surprise deaths, like Temperance and Caine; I saw neither of those coming.

Standout: How the remaining Careers reacted to the death of Caine. Especially Carnelian and Kiara.
dark clouds on a winter night chapter 20 . 2/8/2014
I'm so sorry for being late (again), I've had a truckload of work thanks to my classes that have kept me really busy.

Carnelian won! It's always nice to see a Career win for some reason, maybe it's because they don't win as often in other SYOT's since they're kind of perceived as the villains. Carnelian obviously wasn't a bad guy, though, I think really the only villainous character was Temperance, the rest of the Careers were more neutral or heroic; I know I've said it before, but that was one of my favorite aspects about "Fight For Your Life."

I feel so bad for him, now, though. Augustus treating him badly just because he wasn't the one to die was just awful, and giving him that house, my word. And Hermes, giving Carnelian that pillow has to be one of the worst things he's ever done. Seriously, who does that? Good for Carnelian for controlling himself, don't play into the Capitol's hands! I'm so happy he's going to try to make some kind of difference, he's definitely one of my favorite victors.

I'll note that the final battle between Carnelian and Onatah was wonderful, and when I saw that Onatah's POV was the last one, it threw me for a loop and I thought she was going to be the victor (though I would be perfectly happy with that, too). It was very well written and definitely full of action and emotion.

Thoughts on the obituaries?
Sad, but they always are. Audra's was wonderful, and I loved Onatah's, her's was probably my favorite.
Did you enjoy Fight For Your Life overall?
Of course I did! I think it's definitely one of your best stories!
Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?
Your writing and plots were wonderful; I liked pretty much every character, and the arena was brilliant. There were a few grammatical errors throughout, but everyone slips up sometimes and doesn't catch the mistakes.
Anything that specifically catches your mind as a stand-out moment?
The fight between the Careers and Temperance and Corin really stood out to me, probably because it was one of the most emotion filled battles that you've written.

All in all, another truly wonderful story, and I'll miss it!
nb1998 chapter 20 . 2/5/2014
A fantastic and to FFYL, at the end of the day I do think that Carnelian was probably the right choice for victor. There was plenty of others that would have been great too but it's interesting seeing the aftermath of his victory. One of my favourite parts was when Augustus blatantly didn't like him too much because he wanted Temperance to come home..

I like watching back the recaps and seeing a fee tributes that died early on, I had almost forgot about. I didn't actually realise how many people Temperance had killed and it could have been so much more because she made Corin kill and if she hadn't have made Corin do things he wouldn't have killed her and she probably wouldn't have died when she did.

-Thoughts on the obituaries?: I always like these, it gives the tributes a nice goodbye but for some of them it isn't always that nice. Hmm, I liked Sian's, Jem's (although it was sad), Kiara's, Audra's, Jute's and Calder's.

-Did you enjoy Fight For Your Life overall?: Definitely, I might not have had a tribute but this has probably been one of the best ones in the esmereldaverse.

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?: I thought everything was great, seriously. What I loved the most was how you explored alliances in this story, as they were so much different to others, especially the careers.

-Anything that specifically catches your mind as a stand-out moment (it can be anything!)?: Hmm.. Jute getting to the final 6 or whatever it was because really I loved him but I thought he was destined for the bloodbath and every time he appeared I thought he was going to die.

Yes, FFYL has been great and I look forward to Demons Within.
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