Reviews for Black Fortunes
evfangirl98 chapter 28 . 9/17
Loved it
Heyo chapter 28 . 9/15
Am absolutely beautiful and breathtaking story! Thank you!
shadowhunter.twilight.lover21 chapter 3 . 9/2
James' parents were Fleamont and Euphemia Potter, Euphemia was previously before marriage a Rosier. I think, I'm not sure completely but I'm pretty sure that's cannon.
LightningFuryStrike13 chapter 3 . 8/22
Personally even when told differently I like sticking with the Charles and Dorea are Harry's grandparents thing
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 28 . 8/18
I enjoyed reading this again.
vgriffin4 chapter 28 . 7/18
Excellent Story very well written one hat kept you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what would happen next. Great work thanks for the ENTERTAINMENT.
Perlz chapter 14 . 6/28
"If I am perfect to you, Harrigan thought, than you are beyond so to me, Orion."

So sweet :)
Perlz chapter 9 . 6/28
Tsk tsk. Harrigan is underestimating Dumbledore even after the man sent an assassin after him!
Perlz chapter 2 . 6/26
Awesome fic! Read it twice :)
Timme chapter 28 . 6/11
It's terrifying and sad to think orion almost died. When he finally found happiness in life after suffering for so long. He didn't deserve to die and lose everything and for his family to just move on. It was so close. I hope they wouldn't have anyway. He was an amazing husband and father. And Poor Lucien...
JamesPotter1960 chapter 1 . 6/9
it's a nice story but the timelines are all over the place and contradict eachother
Axel Alex chapter 28 . 5/30
J'ai beaucoup aimé ton histoire.
Rachelme177 chapter 1 . 5/4
this is very minor, but debit cards were not a thing in 1955. And really, with weightless charms, expandable bags, and anti-thieft curses, why would anyone in the magical world need one?
rprudlick101 chapter 28 . 3/26
Omg this is funny, I was reading the Epilogue and the daughters middle name is my actual name Rhiannon! I absolutely love the name u picked out!
eeveejacob chapter 15 . 3/18
Reading again, not sure if I've commented on this chapter yet tho.
If I'm reading again you should know already thay I love this story!
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