Reviews for Of Miracles and Courage
Rizuki Dhan chapter 51 . 8/13

And what's with all of those confessions in the end? Who wins?!
Guest chapter 51 . 6/17
Awwwwwwwwwww. The ending was gooooooooooood. Luv this story lots. Thamks for the awesome story! I was binge reading it the whole three hours
ysloser chapter 51 . 6/11
wtf its a cliffhanger NOOO!
Cooliceprincess chapter 51 . 6/11
Hahaha this is entertaining. Any sequel?
Guest97 chapter 51 . 4/29
The story was definitely refreshing than the others cliche stories to say anyway I love the story but would have live to see her and Nijumura end up together.. Oh well.. But good job!
MsAngelOfDarkness96 chapter 51 . 4/13
You should as a sequel or make the episode where it is kurokos birthday
unknownher chapter 51 . 4/10
Okay reread the whole story again. The ending is suuuuuuper cute and sweet but what happened to other things? Like the russian butlers! Coming to tell her about her blood n stuff! And her having super high iq but is keeping it a secret! And her twin sister! What about kasamatsu and kagami ? Do they have feelings for her tooo? Im sorry i just cant get over the fact this story ended :') it was amazing till the end!
pemachoki45 chapter 51 . 3/31
I really loved it...can you please make alternate endings if it is not a trouble especially akashi and nijimura...:)
xcherry91x chapter 51 . 3/6
Aw such a cute way to end it! I can't wait to read the pairings _
Dina Sana chapter 51 . 3/6
The ending was so funny and cute! Will there be a sequel of this focusing more on the pairing? ~
VioletRyu chapter 51 . 3/5
I hope u have a sequel, maybe about the extra game. I support the captains with Yuuki. Though more of Nijimura. Good Job!
belladu57 chapter 51 . 3/4
Very good
Calling.the.Storm chapter 50 . 3/4
This was a great story! Is there going to be a sequel?
chibigokugirl chapter 51 . 3/4
sousie chapter 50 . 1/17
wonder what that say about the GOM since she interact with them
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