Reviews for Of Miracles and Courage
Guest chapter 45 . 11/19
Im glad Nijimura is goin to be a love interest instead of puppy love. Im voteing for Murasakibura...mostly because hes...well...him...? If you get what i mean.
ColdHeart1206 chapter 45 . 11/9
So cute!The guys are cute,she is cute,chapter is job! ;-)
Tsukiyomi-Hio chapter 45 . 11/8
I love love your story, but it's too bad that Nijimura won't have a pairing with Yuuki , I think that would have been really cute. Anyways hope you update soon again! :)
Dina Sana chapter 44 . 11/5
I honestly love the flashbacks. So are the flashbacks/filler be broken up into chapters or will that be the only flashback for now? Oneshot as a b-day present are nice :3 my b-day is coming up soon. Anyway hope you update soon, love your story! And I also hope you nice day/nice and life is treating you well.
ColdHeart1206 chapter 43 . 11/4
Amazing story,I can't stop reading!For pairing,I'd like it to be Aomine or even better Kise \(*)/
Dina Sana chapter 43 . 11/3
Yay!~~~ an update! Hope life is treating you well. Update soon can't wait for the next chapters! btw was wondering how many chapter is this gonna be? And have you seen the new knb ova?
Skylark-Hime chapter 42 . 10/31
Pure awesome.
Need new chapter.
Please update.
Thank you ~
Shipping her and Nijimura right now.
Don't know why though.
Bye ~
Ereinn chapter 42 . 9/24
Uwaaaa I can't wait for the next chapter! x3
footleg chapter 37 . 8/2
What's Yuuki's hair and eye color again? I'm really confused. Great story by the way.
unknownher chapter 42 . 7/27
I got excitrd when I was notified of the update! I wasn't disappointed!
Jo chapter 41 . 7/11
Omg! This is the absolute best Fanfic I've read so far! Please continue writing, because I'm totally looking for to the next chapter :D:D
unknownher chapter 40 . 6/12
This. Is. One of the most interesting and reasonable stories I've ever read. Please don't stop updating please! I beg you! Pleaseee
Choutoru chapter 40 . 5/23
huow?! its my first time read a uniqe fic like this, it took - 3 hours to finish it wow! like it! wheres the next chapter T3T wanna read it... fast update kay?!
LioPyro7890 chapter 40 . 5/9
Love this story can't wait for the next chapter :)
tartanarmygirl chapter 40 . 5/6
hehehe I'm in love with this story! please update soon!
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