Reviews for Starting Over
Qem chapter 21 . 6/30
Pretty cool with watching Naruto take his future knowledge and set himself up in a better place.
Devil Wolf Girl chapter 21 . 6/29
I personally think you should do the omake thing with the modified sexy jutsu. Only I think Zabuza should be the more tsudere type during it. I think that would be funny. Expessially is Zabuza saw it. He could attack it and the sexy jutsu dropped. Zabuza could have cut off it's head with his sword and an h-clone could run around trying to find his head. The head could be talking trying to get the rest of the body to find it. Which wont work cause the body Cant hear. The body could Accidentally run into Zabuza who faints just from the
creepiness of the whole thing. Sorry if I rambled but I find this situation to be completely funny. Feel free to use it if you want. Anyway LOVE the story and hope you update soon!
mmm chapter 21 . 6/22
that's it ): ,I really enjoyed this well it was super whilst it you ever update again I look forward to it:D
knights chapter 15 . 6/21
Ha hah awsome chapter XD
kanazak chapter 21 . 6/10
Ahh! Nooo! There're no more chapters! /sobs inconsolably

Really enjoyed reading this story, wish there was more.
Brand L chapter 16 . 6/8
I enjoy your time travel story, because its a great take on Naruto being smarter about how he was as a ninja and what he needed to improve on. And since he has the time to fix and improve himself, he will before he catches up with the canon timeline. But I only have two complaints about your story that all happen in this chapter. The first and most important problem is when every fanfic author's make Naruto smart and powerful, they turn him into Susuke aka arrogant asshole. You haven't done that yet, but you seem to be going there because of the age and experience difference mental between him and his friends. And since he hasn't told anyone else about what happened to him he is alone. And this leads into my second problem, your handling of Hinata by turning her into his sister like friend because she is too young for Naruto. I can understand that problem, but they are only nine anyway and that relationship could change as he got older. You could just make them best friends for now, then later there could be a romantic relationship or not. Because if you keep it like you have it now, Naruto could only date way older woman that would maybe match up to him mental, but not physically. And my last point is that Naruto is mental older then his friends right now, but emotionally he is only slightly above his friends right now. I still love your story, its just that chapter 16 was great except for the Hinata part of the chapter, especially if Hinata told Naruto she loved him and risked her life against Pein to save him.
Serena24 chapter 19 . 6/8
I WANT AN UPDATE, IT'S BEEN 8 MONTHS. You know, your weeks seem to be way too long, or you're unable to keep a promise. Are you even still alive ?
Please don't give up, and at least give us some news
EdroGrimshell chapter 18 . 5/9
Omg I busted a gut on the Sunset Prank, I can't stop laughing!
ZomSica chapter 21 . 5/6
I love this story! Hope you update soon :)
Aaaand i like the pace of this story because its not to fast
Cersesi chapter 21 . 5/1
Love it.
RC4213 chapter 18 . 4/26
Hahaaa! Naruto trollin Kakashi is best Naruto! XD
castielshumanheart chapter 21 . 4/24
This has been so wonderful to read. I love the characterisation and how believable it is. I'm especially enjoying your interpretation of Kurama's and Haku's personalities. Also I love how despite the subtle changes to Naruto's character he still retains that loveable, unpredictable and charismatic nature that makes him such a perfect and interesting protagonist. The little details you write about on normal Shinobi life (like codes and jutsu theory) really world builds and keeps things realistic. The detail and insights you give on Naruto's training is especially interesting for me. I'm really looking forward to reading about Naruto going all out in a fight and hearing about his real skill level. I'm sure he'll have to trust team 7 with the information eventually. Despite time-travel being cliche in this fandom you've really made the plot your own. I think this has to be one of the best fleshed out time-travel stories I've read, and believe me I've read a lot. I'm really looking forward to your next update!
Sevvus chapter 21 . 4/13
NO HOW DARE YOU! its been forever since you updated and you left it THERE?! that's just rude!

i love this story though. like... A LOT.
so if you wanna come back to it sometime soon, I would love you.
Skyray chapter 14 . 4/7
Okay, wow, I'm impressed he managed to stop the Coup. Like, usually characters are like "meh, too hard" or solo the whole thing and hope for the best... but Naruto here actually had a long term plan and covered multiple angles to try to get the best effects :D Great job!
Skyray chapter 13 . 4/6
Aww so sweet! :)
Love all the attention to details, like his hanging out with the librarian and Kakashi going off on a mission :d
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