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eldabertling chapter 45 . 4/26
I., I.. No words for this. I feel like a gopnik in the presence of Vladimir Putin. The developments, the action, KURAMA, oh my gods. dead
CryingBurningLier chapter 13 . 4/24
that was so much feels my throat hurts. Trying to stay quiet whilst crying is very difficult, haha. dammit kakashi, you poor human you. and ow.. my throatawesome chapter)
AlliCats212 chapter 21 . 4/21
Haruhi (from Ouran High School Host Club) vs. Edward (from Fullmetal Alchemist), obviously Edward because...ya know..alchemy. But it'd be one entertaining fight!
scrandle chapter 22 . 4/19
man, I like this story, but you really should have tagged this as 'drama' and 'angst'. Like, my god, a crying fest in the rain. I don't know what happened to the plot. Perhaps it started as adventure, but idk, over the past few chapters it's just been a developing amount of bitching and brattiness from Miwako, which would be fine, but it seems that every character shares her line of thinking? That's not very interesting to read about. And Sasuke seems a bit out of character, I feel like if anyone would tell her to just move on, it would be him. I liked the actual chunin exam fights, those were interesting. I really liked the Naruto and Miwako interactions at the beginning, I feel that in twin stories, we miss out on that a lot. It didn't last long, but I liked it. I like her knowing her own Jutsus, that's fun and it adds a lot of variety (also she seems badass).
GinHanelle chapter 45 . 4/16
Darkpetal, I love that you had Miwako end up with no one romantically. You have no idea how absurdly happy I get whenever I read a non-romance story. Truly! :D

And awww, Kurama and Miwako joined ANBU ahahahah sooooo sweet! Cough, and now they're going to raise a little Riri together? Lol. I prefer the name Lily but Riri is cute too _

I really loved reading this story and I looooove the ending. Perfect ending, Darkpetal! Thank you! Now I am off to read another of your stories...Mmmm so delicious.
GinHanelle chapter 43 . 4/15
(I might just hate Kushina now) (seriously, she's so mean!)

Oh wow, reading this Kurama chapter was tough. That poor fox. Also, totally did not see that secret reveal coming.

Oh, fun question this chapter! I would love to be the luckiest person in the multiverse. That sounds so cool lol :D you think up so many great questions.
natylogar1 chapter 31 . 4/15
SHUUUT IT! You!... Meanie! You are soooo cruel, whyy?
And she's so frigging stupid, it's pretty obvious what she have to do, but she still won't do it, and allbecause there are always excuses she puts to herself, she should be living for herself, not for anyone else, maybe for her precious people, but please, strangers? Konoha? she could't care less! It's her second life! She should be living as she pleases, and now, now that she got to this point, full of regrets, she is still thinking on everyone else but herself, so yeah, i feel sorry for her, but I also think she deserves it, and more than that, she should learn of this, and finally grow, grow all that she hasn't with past (there are a lot) leasons, she gotta get her priorities straight. and need to realize that there must be -and will be a need to make- sacrifices.
I guess I like the story more than your character. Btw, you are a really good writer.
Keep up the good job. .~.
GinHanelle chapter 42 . 4/15
Poor Kisame...
GinHanelle chapter 41 . 4/15
I hope you have a happy life, Darkpetal. Good luck.
GinHanelle chapter 39 . 4/15
Oooh What an interesting question the end of this chapter has. What fictional demon would I want to become the jinchuuriki of? None really, but if I had to choose...hmm...Sebastian or Ciel from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji or Cherubael from Hereticus (Eisenhorn, Warhammer 40k) or Tzeench (omg did I spell that correctly?) from W40k or even Kurama from Naruto. Eh, but I would probably enjoy Sebastian the best... OH nooo now I wish I could read a fanfic like this XD

Honestly, I love Kurama so much in this fanfic. He is a freaking adorable fluff ball darling! Why do I love every chapter? You're just that amazing Darkpetal. I can't wait to read your other fanfics and reread "Sakura." Ahhhh, precious Lily(Sakura) *sighs happily*
GinHanelle chapter 37 . 4/15
Miwako and I are in agreement about Itachi, he totally needs a hug and chocolate . Lololollalwlwllolol!

I get so happy whenever Danzo gets what's coming to him in any fanfic. I seriously hate him so much more than Umbridge. Umbridge and are pals compared to what I feel about him.

Always so difficult for me to understand Sasuke's feelings. Guy makes hardly any sense no matter which fanfic I read. O.o
This is probably why I will always prefer Itachi. Oh well.

Yes, I agree about the MS. I refuse to believe the general explanation and find that it is far more likely that your explanation is correct. Not that I don't think that the Uchiha are such eye nutters who totally would do anything to get MS but still.
GinHanelle chapter 31 . 4/15
Oh. Wow. You really know how to surprise me, Darkpetal. (Hidan cough, you bad bad boy)
GinHanelle chapter 29 . 4/15
(*pout*. So truthfully that tosspot Danzo is probably sane too...QQ)

Ahahahah, Kurama is so adorable in this. Messing with Naruto's training for fun ahahahah! :D
GinHanelle chapter 24 . 4/15
Whoa, you had people take care of the Uzumaki twins' plants? Wow. Detail. Lol, if I was writing, those poor plants would probably be dead XD (The shame...) But yeah, just wanted to say how happy I was about the plants
GinHanelle chapter 23 . 4/14
Gasps! You have a kitty? LUCKY! TT_TT. If only I was responsible enough to have a kitty QQ. I hope you and your cat are happy forever.
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