Reviews for The happily love and peace ever after
BrinkPinkZinnia chapter 1 . 9/1
Unpredictable and liable to lapse into chick flick moments, ah, Vash. I wish I could have seen the look on Wolfwood's face if he had already been there on the train in the Badlands when the kid told his sob story and VASH BELIEVED IT. I think Wolfwood might have played along but he wouldn't have believed it.
Celesma chapter 1 . 9/13/2013
Man, this story just gets better every time I read it! :3 Not only is it completely ADORABLE (and adorkable, thanks to Wolfwood's flustered reactions to Vash's goofiness), Wolfwood's manic style of narration completely suits him here - you can really feel his (somewhat irritated but really completely happy) shock at how things have transpired, and get a sense for the kid he was supposed to be before the Eye of Michael/Knives took that away from him. The part where Wolfwood realizes what it is that's been healing him this whole time cracked me up (as did when he hugged Vash after waking up), and the whole "45 minutes and 31 seconds ago" exchange? Priceless!
And, of course, when Vash finally makes a move on Wolfwood... whoa, just the perfect blend of sweetness and intensity there (and definitely not the easiest thing to pull off). Every paragraph is carried off masterfully, really, but this one continues to stand out to me:

"Or maybe not, because the next thing he did – which was of course just as crazy as what he'd just said, because once Vash got started, he was never satisfied with doing or saying just /one/ crazy thing, no, it always had to be a buck load of crazy, like crazy got lonely real easy and he therefore always wanted company for his crazy – the next thing he did, he began leaning closer to Wolfwood, all slowly, like he thought he might scare him away."

The line about "wanting company for his crazy" is what gets me. XD And this line was great too! "As dorky and naïve as he sometimes pretended to be and other times actually was, Vash knew him like no one else ever had and could read his poor ass of a soul like a recipe book if he wanted." Honestly, I could go on and on.
The last paragraph was also delightful - "crazy happily ever" is right! And now this (admittedly also crazed) fangirl will go back to reading this story for the millionth time. 8D