Reviews for Only Your Housekeeper Knows For Sure
Tmacone chapter 107 . 1h
Wonderful update. I've been to Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, the volcano & helicopter tour. This chapter brought back such good memories! Keeping my fingers crossed for Ava!
Jeangb chapter 107 . 2/26
Poor Elliot and Kate what a worrying time for them. Glad they called Ana and Christian for support.
Looking forward to your new story.
lovedwardalways chapter 107 . 2/26
I love Taylor's reaction to Pearl Harbor that was perfect. Oh course they will be there for little teddy if they need them. She is on it with the coffee and tea. I like that you had Christian hugging lelliot like that good growth on Christian's part.
carol711 chapter 107 . 2/26
Family first! Christian knows that because he loves them. I hope all is well for little Ava. Thank you for the update. Xoxo. Im so excited that you're starting another story. I love your writing.
debs2crazy chapter 107 . 2/25
Poor Elliott! Babies are always unpredictable.
mic476 chapter 107 . 2/25
U r not gonna end here... right. At least go to Teddy's second B-Day. Please? Don't end the story with a cliffhanger.

Post more soon or if u do end it here then, Great Story!
Keep Writing.
sarabo chapter 107 . 2/25
Jason and Gail's trip to Pearl Harbor sounded so much like mine. My uncle was one of the sailors whose remains were unrecoverable. My son was asked to raise the Flag there because we told the tour guide our story. It holds a warm place in our hearts.
I'm sure Ava will be alright. I think Elliot needs some kind of therapy to help him get over his feelings of guilt.
smills chapter 107 . 2/25
Good chapter
VRB Mariposa chapter 107 . 2/25
Wow, what a great chapter. I can't wait for the next update. Thanks for the entertainment :-D
sydneybabe15 chapter 107 . 2/25
This story just keeps getting better and better. Well worth the wait, although I appreciate updates anytime when it comes to this fabulous story.
Foggynights chapter 107 . 2/25
What a touching chapter! Aww Elliot !
J.P.Luvs-Fifty-Shades chapter 107 . 2/25
Great chapter.. loved reading about Hawaii especially Pearl Harbor...Hope Kate and Ava are going to be ok...
Annette 101660 chapter 107 . 2/25
I love your story. Can't wait to read more. :)
Christian618 chapter 107 . 2/25
Nothing like being a first time parent to make you fear the unknown. Poor Elliot he is suffering and scared now but he will be so elated when she is born and healthy. I love your story and look forward to your next story as well.
Suzecues chapter 107 . 2/25
Great update! I really love when CG & Elliot are there for each other, I have reall loved this story and can't wait to read what's coming! Thank you
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