Reviews for Only Your Housekeeper Knows For Sure
sherryola chapter 104 . 8m
I feel in complete sync with Gail. All I wanted, all my life, was to have children of my own. i'm 59 now and never did have my own kids. For years, while I was still fertile maybe, I envied those who were pregnant or had kids. I got pregnant once and had a miscarriage and it never happened again. when I went through menopause, I cried for weeks because I knew I could never have children. so, I really understand her in this chapter. very well done. For me, I have good friends with kids and siblings with kids. Gail has Sophie and the greys. It's not the same, but it does help.
Suzecues chapter 104 . 21m
Well I really thought Gail was going to be pregnant also? Great update, either way this conversation will be very emotional for them.
shewede chapter 104 . 4h
Great chapter! I can't wait for the next one. I love your writing.
loveFSOG chapter 104 . 4h
oh i LOVED it! you said a few days! in counting the hours!
rubys chapter 104 . 6h
Poor Gail! Please update very soon, don't let us down as Gail is.
stearncs321 chapter 104 . 7h
Oh my my my. Remind us of the ages of Jason and Gail now.
smills chapter 104 . 8h
Good chapter
mumzie24 chapter 104 . 9h
Poor Gail! I hope she gets her wish ;)
Christian618 chapter 104 . 10h
Oh boy Listen well Jason Taylor before you shut her request down!
Annette 101660 chapter 104 . 10h
I know I have read in other Fifty Shades stories it was said Gail was too old to have kids or just could not have kids. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she can and her and Jason try to get pregnant or try to adopt. I know I read stories where she had a child or they did adopt. Loved the update and love this story! :)
Tmacone chapter 104 . 10h
OMG! Poor Gail & poor Taylor...what must he be thinking?! I'm hoping against hope that Gail IS pregnant! Can't wait to see what's next!
Lostnfanfiction chapter 103 . 10h
So sad that everything they've been through she is still afraid to tell her husband she's pregnant with his child.
S1203 chapter 58 . 12/4
thank you
S1202 chapter 47 . 11/30
I can't stop reading...this is so addictive...thank you
VRB Mariposa chapter 103 . 12/2
I loved that chapter so much. Yay! Miss Phoebe Grey has been created. I love how you handled their reactions after what happened with Ted. Can't wait for everyone else to find out. Thanks for the update and the entertainment :-)
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