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Son of Whitebeard chapter 1 . 9/5/2014
godo to see Terra is back
HiroLemonFan chapter 1 . 1/8/2014
I actually have an important, brilliant, and complicated reason why Terra was viewed that way.
Hellotoday chapter 1 . 12/1/2013
Guest chapter 1 . 11/27/2013
I really love this story.

I didn't like the terraized episode mainly because they showed terra to have no feelings for BB and to me that was just heartbreaking.

However i do understand that this show (and episode) are meant to be comedy and not taken seriously. I also understand that other fans have negative opinions about terra that are completely entitled to.

My opinion will always be that terra was simply a confused young girl who was different from normal people and just wanted a home and family. I believe that BB longer terra, and Terra loved him just as much. I personally think Terra was one of the most beautifully written characters.

Everyone will always have their own views. It is important they everyone realizes this a COMEDIC tv show. Please no one offend REAL people while voicing your opinions.
Ferian.D chapter 1 . 8/25/2013
I'm happy because of that episode, I dont like terra and I think it says truth about her, but I see (unfortunately for me) that this episode hurts some people.. So what I want to tell you, this is just a comedy. Dont take it too serious. I know that she was confused etc. Didnt know what to do (But in my opinion she made everything worse by her decisions) and she was hurt by life.
But if that will make you happy, or maybe you will feel better in titansGo comic it is said that terra is a princess. Maybe that will help you to write story, hmn? That;s interesting topic, if I were terra fan I'd do so.

(BTW! In comic BB was kissing Raven! :P But he had romance with terra, but finally end with Raye. I think they just want to be similar to comic and make pair: BB and Raven)
GoneAbsolutelyMad chapter 1 . 8/24/2013
Ohmygod. I was so mad when i saw that episode. It was rumored that there was going to be a Terra episode, but i thought it was going to be a redeeming one, you know? Anyway, i like your story, especially Terra at the end.
Teen Titans Fan chapter 1 . 8/24/2013
I loved the old Teen Titans cartoon. I loved it so much I read the comics. Now both Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! cartoons are based on the comics. Compared to the original comics, (not the new52 crap) Terra comes off as a Saint in both the original show and the new one. After Beast Boy finds out about Terra's betrayal he wanted nothing to do with her.
Just an anon chapter 1 . 8/24/2013
But Terra, in the comics as well, is a villain. They only in the first show tried to redeem her, but they showed her as uncaring in the end anyways. It's always been that way. Terra fans should have expected this. It's not like she really WAS a hero and they made her out to be a bad guy. She was evil, plain and simple. It's not something anyone wants to hear but it is the truth.
Soulfulbard chapter 1 . 8/24/2013
I can understand the hurt and offense a can of the cartoon might feel over the episode, but seeing as you have a working knowledge of the comics... Terra actually comes of a lot better than she was there.

I mean the Go! episode made her kind of cartoonishly evil, but everyone in that show is cartoonishly everything. It doesn't make sense ot me to spit vitriol at the show as a whole over this when... it's pretty accurate.

Moreover, even if we just take the original show, then there's still a lot of ambiguity there. Let us not forget that Terra was completely sure that she killed the Titans one by one in Aftershock and kept doing it, only feeling bad about it later. And her turn at the end could easily be attributed to Slade taking her over instead of honestly acting heroic.

Yes, she's a complex character, but let's not act like it's unfair to view her as evil based on actions. That's a perfectly valid perspective given what the show gave us. And it's fair for the show, which simplifies everything else, to simplify that too.

On its own merits though, it's a very good story you've written, even bringing something new and imaginative (Raven's 'punching bag' dimension) to the fandom. It would be a pitch perfect character piece for Beast Boy if the narration wasn't so obvious in its own disdain for the episode and Go! in general.

Keep up the good writing, but try and leave your own emotion out of it.
skyfireflight16 chapter 1 . 8/24/2013
Thanks for writing this! Im one of those Terra fans that was highly offended by that episode. I bearly made it through the beginning before I had to stop watching.

And it was great to see Terra at the end of this, but where exactly did she come from?
St Rhon chapter 1 . 8/24/2013
Hmm. Well I can understand a little why people wouldn't like Terra's portrayal in that. Though to be fair if they were going towards a Terra closer to how she was in the comics then...that was it pretty much. She was a bitch when she was first introduced. A power-hungry, psychotic, mercenary that believed her powers gave her to the right to rule the world and had some kind of sick attraction to a one eyed man old enough to be her father. The statue they gave her in the comics was more to cover up their colossal screw up imho since she was evil before she even met Deathstroke. Then there was a clone of her that showed up later. She honestly did like BB and vice versa but she made him really uncomfortable cause she reminded him of Terra I. Of course that one was more like a girl that looks just like terra but ultimately wasn't.

Even in the original Teen Titans cartoon Terra wasn't that sympathetic a character. She came off as a deeply conflicted character that could have made a good hero but ultimately was lacking many of the same qualities that she desired in others. Things like understanding and selflessness. The main thing in the cartoon that made her sympathetic was that in this case she was seduced to evil by Slade. But as Beast Boy tells her later that choice to do evil was ultimately her own. Her actions after getting control over her powers only justified the fear and ridicule that she had to deal with whilst on the run. Though it is that along with the irony of her losing all of her long sought control that in the end made her tragic. However, why Beast Boy would think she was his friend after helping a crazed madman attempt to murder himself and all of his friends is beyond me. "I'm sorry I was a bit confused." does not make a good defense against attempted murder.

Realistically Terra would be viewed by common people as a dangerous criminal. The people that were forced out of Jump City by a crazy blonde girl leading an army of killer robots wouldn't care that she helped beat Mumbo Jumbo earlier or that she and beast boy had fun getting pizza. They would care that they were being forced out of their homes and that this girl had a hell of a lot to do with it. Hell I'm surprised Terra wasn't arrested when she came back. Its all well and good that she saved the city from a volcano but that doesn't wash away all the crimes one has committed before. But one has to suspend belief when watching these things.

Anyways sorry for the long review. I did enjoy your story though. It was written well and got your message across. I'm sorry that you didn't like the episode but I look forward to more of your writings in the future!
Yuri Hannah chapter 1 . 8/24/2013
Honestly I never realized how sensitive this episode can be to some people. Terra was just confusing to me before so I kinda liked it better when she was actually a definite villain in TTG. But this fic actually taught me quite a few lessons.

Because TTG is just comedy, I'm sure the writers purposely made her evil to avoid the drama. You know, when she was confused and stuff. Especially when they need the episode to complete in just 11 minutes. I actually think viewers like her more. She was a pretty awesome villain in TTG, a crazy villain in the comics, and a brave heroine in the original cartoon. Terra's got the best of both worlds.

She's an interesting character, but I suppose her and BB were just not meant to be (in the original cartoon).

I love how you potrayed Raven in here. I ship BBRae, but their friendship always tugs my heartstrings more than the thought of them getting together. Raven is the most suited member to comfort BB because she's calm and understanding.

Wonderful fic, and yes, it's just a cartoon so it shouldn't be taken so seriously.