Reviews for Misplaced
Thunderforth chapter 74 . 3/19
Awesome I can't wait for the next interaction between javik and the rest of the Normandy clan
Guest chapter 74 . 3/18
have you forgotten about "emergence of the dragon" i dont try to be mean but you have over 1 million words for this and still updates but nothing about that story for months so have you forgotten or what?
Guest chapter 74 . 3/17

Also, the planet in question is EDEN PRIME!
Guest chapter 74 . 3/16
AJGuardian chapter 74 . 3/18
calderoneric758 chapter 74 . 3/17
Question are you making it where Sam is a love interest for naruto or are fucking with us also awesome zloty been around since the nature and airbender fanfic first started
Markus-Antonius chapter 74 . 3/16
Great job as always man!
Quintain Apprentince of Alduin chapter 74 . 3/16
Why you little... XD *Multiple unintelligible cursea in the Dragon Language*
thor94 chapter 74 . 3/16
really interesting chapter.
so finally naruto met a living protean.
Lyrista chapter 74 . 3/16
*chuckles* You are such a troll.

Well now Naruto is the second oldest troll in the Universe.
Quathis chapter 74 . 3/16
I was curious how that would go. I half expected Javik to attack them all in a rage and needing to be put down, if he survived being woken from the cryo. This will be interesting to see just how these men out of their times will interact. Until next time.
javalalo chapter 1 . 3/16
Yes! Finally you are doing the DLC! Can't wait for the with the citadel party!
Jebest4781 chapter 74 . 3/16
this was a good chapter and I did wonder if you were to leave out Javik or not. seems you plan to have Javik get revealed on more of the Prothean stuff that the past chakra users were the rebels since they didn't want the protheans to experiment on them more and whatever
D N Walker chapter 74 . 3/16
YOU ASS! but good chapter non the less it will be interesting to see how Javik interacts with everyone.
tymaxion chapter 74 . 3/16
You're awesome for adding in Javik. Waiting with so much hype for every single chapter!
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