Reviews for Misplaced
Warden952278 chapter 102 . 8/18
This was an amazing story. I loved how you stayed more or less true to the game story while making them your own and created your own arcs that fit fairly well into the story proper.

Would have loved to see a continuation, but oh well.

Thank you for putting the effort in to finish this! so few fanfictions I've read ever seem to reach a proper end.
GloGang214 chapter 19 . 8/10
what's with naruto struggling to take the gun from Dan?
GloGang214 chapter 8 . 8/10
I just barfed and had a severe aneurysm. I completely loath when authors use "kit"
sirzechs.cifer chapter 81 . 7/3
it's official. Naruto is a big pussy ass bitch
sirzechs.cifer chapter 61 . 7/2
Why is Naruto like 100x stupider than normal? you'd think he'd smarten up but being scared of the toads? really? fucking pussy ass bitch.
Monstrr chapter 9 . 6/15
Damn I wish sasuke was here, he would shut those arrogant councilors up fast.
Monstrr chapter 5 . 6/15
I really don’t know why all of these story’s make Naruto out to be this handsome guy that could make girls blush by looking at him, his looks would be considered average, or maybe slightly above average, but not Uchiha level beauty like how you are displaying it right now. But everything else is amazing so far.
Truffalot chapter 32 . 5/7
Poor Kojiro. Even in another fandom he's still guarding an entrance
Truffalot chapter 11 . 5/4
Truffalot chapter 2 . 5/3
Down-under represent! A land with many fearsome chakra beasts, whose proudest warriors subdued by wrestling wearing only a loincloth
angel.nieves.1656 chapter 102 . 4/22
When I first started this story it was only up to when Naruto was fighting Matriarch Benezia and I had already known this was going to be one of my top three favorite stories ever. I was hooked into everything about it and love the implication of Naruto being sealed for 2,000 years and waking up to a new world/universe. I ended up dropping off the map for a bit but was able to get back to this story and at the time it had progressed by leaps and bounds, going all the way up to Mass Effect 3 and Naruto saving Kaguya. I had no idea how far you were going to take the story but it was obvious you were going for the long hall; the Endgame.
And I was all for it.
The first time seeing Naruto go through his long con and not knowing everything that was going on was an insane journey. Seething get his team together that he had already gotten together technically was brilliant and even thinking about how you set that up in your own head and then successfully put it out for us to read was mind boggling and the best writing I have ever seen in a long time! You are an amazing story teller because yes I could see it all as I read it. From the very beginning I could differentiate Commander Shepard from the game and Naruto Uzumaki from your story as two different people which made it all harder when I had to put the story down for a second time because life got in the way.
I had no idea what you were going to do at the end of Mass Effect. Because to me I felt like in the games Shepard deserved to die, not for any malicious reason but because he wasn’t needed anymore, the man was born and bred to do one thing and one thing only which was to fight Reapers, even if they didn’t know about it in the beginning. I wasn’t one of the fans that’s cried foul when Shepard died and demanded a patch to unkill him. But Naruto, Naruto had so much more to live for and be for. He had every right to survive the end because it wasn’t time for his end yet, again two different characters that went about things two different ways and they needed different endings.
But I had no idea if that’s what you thought too. And if it wasn’t when I got to the end of this story, I would accept that and believe what you wrote. Because had already done an above and beyond job with the rest of the story how could I not accept your ending? I would be a hypocrite and bad fan and that was the last thing I wanted to be. So whatever I would read at the end, I’d know that you put your all into it and it was the culmination of your passion for both these series. So now, when I got to my third and made sure, my final time, I started back at the beginning and finished this. Yes I knew everything that was going to happen, Saran having a son, Naruto having the Rennigan, pulling out Tailed Beast Mode and destroying Soveriegn, getting blown up by the Collectors, setting up the Con and finding out the truth about the Prothean Empire and Humans and Krogans and Quarians. Putting his team together and setting up the couples, getting arrested and helping Shinobi and the documentary, seeing Quanmiztli’s family and seeing the Reapers attack. Curing the Genophage, and tearing apart Omega to get to his daughter I read it all again, and then continued. Raising her for a few days, meeting Null his clone, the tournament and Ruko proposing, the kids going to school and meeting Hanabi, The Konoha 12 plus Sai meeting the Normandy Clan, the jokes and laughs in between with Wrex and Garrus’s Citadel wide party. And finally meeting Leviathon, making peace with the Geth and Quarians, giving other races chakra, finding the truth about the Asari and storming Earth and the Citadel. Summoning the Bijū, getting Jiraiya’s headband, young Jiraiya losing his parents, killing Harbinger, Kaguya taking Shinji with her and making his own choice with the Reapers.
And losing the Bijū.
I cried and laughed and silently lamented and reminisced through it all and knew that I wouldn’t trade any part of the story for a rewrite. I loved it all and even if you still think some stuff weren’t executed well I thought ALL OF IT WAS.
Thank you for this story and the epilogue afterwards. I will come back to this story as long as it’s able to stay up and reread it all again and again
Guest chapter 23 . 4/5
Salarian: We'll go and die while distracting the enemy. Someone from your team will also go with us and possibly die too.
Naruto: Yeah, okay. I have clones, I can make thousands of them. I could easily defeat dozens of units like youre team. And much better and longer than yours, distract the enemy towards yourself. Or my clones could cover you so that you have less losses. But yes, go die and don't forget that a some people from my team died...
This is "genius", author...
If someone dies here. It will be a complete insanity author. Even Shepard, who is cool. But still does not have chakra, 9 biju. And the ability to make an Army out of one himself, could save both Kayden and Ashley
Shadow Midnight Djinn chapter 102 . 2/15
Without a doubt the greatest story posted to this site. I have been reading on this site for almost 10 years it feels like, and never have I come across such a great story. Thank you for taking me with you on this ride.
Puro the Dark Latex chapter 102 . 1/21
Lovely, loved every second even with some Grammatical flaws, the sacrifice at the end makes me sad and I was hoping for a reincarnation of Kurama to appear but now I’m just sad
LegionnaireBlaze chapter 12 . 1/7
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