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Malchior chapter 84 . 9/20
I have finally caught up with your story after having started it a few weeks ago and I have to say I have mostly enjoyed the story. You've made some very likeable character, and even more, you have done the unthinkable and crafted your own Earth history to supplement the crossover. I've really enjoyed reading all of the codex entries you've added, they're an interesting take on merging the real world with Naruto and Mass Effect.

I do have two big gripes with your story, however. The first is that, this isn't really a Naruto/Mass Effect crossover, it's Mass Effect with a Shepard named Naruto. What I mean is that, chakra and jutsu, despite being prominent plot devices in the story, aren't actually used for anything. Oh, sure, they are used to in place of biotics in some areas and to win some fights in some areas, but they haven't really had an impact on the story.

For example in your story, Naruto almost never uses his jutsu for anything. Nor do any of the shinobi. I know part of this is because you don't want chakra to be the answer to all problems and I could understand that if the story had been crafted that way from the beginning, but that's not what happened. You had Naruto use jutsu to solve problems in the beginning and then decided to never do that again. Like what happened to learning the different Biju abilities? Or what about the fact that 9-tails Chakra mode Naruto can 1-v-1 Sovereign and destroy a Reaper with a Bijudama? What about Naruto sharing his tailed cloak with allies?

Naruto and the shinobi spend all of their time shooting guns instead of being shinobi. There are so many creative uses for Jutsu we know about let alone the advancement of jutsu in the last millennia. For example, Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu should be OP as hell in Mass Effect. Shoot a bullet and Shadow Clone it. Even if the clone bullet isn't as effective as a real one, it should still be a massive game changer. Or shadow Clone a grenade. Can't use it for advanced technology, sure, but explosives aren't advanced technology nor is a bullet.

I know you don't want Naruto spamming clones because it would make every fight too easy, but his refusal to use it has made the story harder and more dangerous. There just simply no excuse for it. The attack on Earth is one of those situations where he should have made absolutely every clone he possibly could to help out.

The other criticism is the forcibly sticking to canon Mass Effect, which means everything that happens in the story is meaningless. Naruto and the Alliance gutted the Akatsuki, but they still have enough troops, infrastructure, resources, and ships to capture Omega, Assault the Citadel, and I bet they built the Sanctuary facility on Horizon, and will be able to attack Thessia huh?

How? How can they do this? How do they have the capability to pull it off? If this is how strong the Akatsuki is after being nearly completely destroyed by the Alliance, then just how powerful were they before? What effect did "gutting" the Akatsuki have if they are still this powerful and capable? Nothing. I expected the Akatsuki to be weaker in your story because of Naruto's deception, but it did nothing. Not compared to the canon Mass Effect.

Or the events with Kai Leng. Naruto is far more physically powerful than Shepard could ever hope to be, and I can guarantee that Kai Leng cannot stand up to Naruto in a fight. Remember, Naruto was the fastest Ninja in the Elemental Nations when he was sealed, due to his Sage mode and Biju chakra. It'd be one thing if Kai Leng got away in different methods than canon, but the fact that the exact same methods work this time is totally asinine. I don't mind if Kai Leng manages to steal the data from the Beacon on Thessia, but it can't be in the same way it happened in canon. Naruto could make clones that fend off the Akatsuki

You've made minor changes to the events of stories in the game, sure but you haven't really done anything with Mass Effect. This entire fanfic is basically just s novelization of a playthrough of the game because all of the events of the game take place nearly identically to canon. Naruto being in Mass Effect has had almost zero impact in the overall narrative. If you compare the events of this story and the canon story, they are virtually identical.

Which is a shame, because a Naruto Mass Effect crossover could have such wildly different events occur. Chakra vs Biotics could have been a really cool clash of powers that took place. Especially if you played up the Asari ego over being the most powerful race and then humans show up with a power that equalsz or even exceeds, their own and challenges their hierarchy.

But thats not what you did. That's not to say your story is bad, it's still quite good and your world building is amazing, but it's also not the story I expected. You've used the names of people from Naruto and occasionally use jutsu, but this isn't really a crossover. It's Mass Effect that borrows minor elements fr
Guest chapter 84 . 9/17
Any word on Udina’s interrogation!?
ZeroQi chapter 3 . 9/18
"The Normandy"? What? You don't name ships "The.." You name them "Normandy" but refer to it with "The".

Have you never seen a real name in real life? They didn't name warships "The George Washington".
VampireDraken chapter 84 . 9/15
Awwww the father and daughter moments are soo adorable. Well I got my wish of Sam meeting kaguya now, how does this affect the relationship between Aria, Naruto and Sam? Is there going to be a Harem of some sort? Ether way interested on how this goes.
Guest chapter 84 . 9/13
Will we ever get to find out what special features Naruto’s Akatsuki Armor was equipped with from the ME2 storyline!?
Shadow chapter 84 . 9/13
Another amazing chapter, loved it! Great work as always!
Uzukaki chapter 84 . 9/14
Good chapter. Really appreciate the time you put into this and the length of the chapters.
NaeRei chapter 84 . 9/13
This thing has been going strong for 80 chapters. As more it advances the more we see its end approaching. i dread that end.
thor94 chapter 84 . 9/13
really good chapter.
the scene with kaguya are so cute, it is fun to see naruto in daddy mode.
Also touching scene with falere and her family.
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 84 . 9/13
Good job keep it up
Lyrista chapter 84 . 9/13
Very nice chapter. Those scenes with Kaguya were downright precious.
Jebest4781 chapter 84 . 9/13
this was great and enjoyed what you did here. wonder if you'll do some chapters pertaining to the Tribe after what happened in this chapter of Naruto killing the Ardant-yasshi monster inside the one asari
crocket chapter 84 . 9/13
love the doc who easter eggs. great story
Nogs28 chapter 84 . 9/13
Tale of the utterly gutsy ninja could have worked too. Unless you're saving that one for later.
Guest chapter 83 . 9/10
I have been around for so long sense this fanfic started up and I have to say that this story is up there with my top story's I loved reading most, I very curious on how everything will work, especially with ruko, senice jack was killed in ME3 as a phantom out of mercy, I'm also very curious on what will happen with the quarians and geth, and WAT has me even more curious is the ending...

My thoughts are some what jumbled, with the renegade ending, the reapers would be destroyed but I doubt naruto would chose that for the fact he sees synthetic life as any other organic life and thus, not sacerfice them.

For the paragon ending, I have a strong feeling that naruto will NOT chose this, if he were, he would lay testament to all the wrong that Timmy has done as work that was indeed worth it, that in the end he was right to do the things he did, and I just don't see naruto letting him win.

Now for the third ending, to be honest I don't know what to expect, part of me thinks that maybe naruto will go thru with it and in turn not just make all life equel but may give ALL beings chakra...maybe not in EDIs or the geths place tho,

Another thought is that you make do something oh my...this will be when hell of a wait,

What ever you do, I know one thing as pure fact...what you do to end this story will not disappoint me in the slightest, I've been around for so long, reading chapter after chapter, and I've yet to be disappointed...

I can't wait to see your future work.

Keep up the great story's

May the huntress guide you towards your prey...and may the moonlight guard your soul
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