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Guest chapter 80 . 7/13
Guest chapter 80 . 7/13
Please answer this question why did cuanmiztli personnel want to serve under naruto
aDarkOne chapter 80 . 7/13
Ancestral guilt has been more of the worst and most destructive ideas in human history.

I wish at least one of the Disgraced had said that they didn't care about Earth and Midgard. That they didn't owe those people anything for what their distant ancestors had done to the Earthlings distant ancestors.

That would have been both more realistic and interesting.
deathcombo99 chapter 1 . 7/12
Guest chapter 80 . 7/10
Wow, that was intense! Will the Tribe of Athame ever show up again!?
Shadow chapter 80 . 7/9
Loved it, amazing work as always, cant wait for the next chapter!
Trey of the rebellion chapter 80 . 7/10
mundanebeast chapter 80 . 7/10
Thor better bring the lightning lol anyone for fried calimari...i mean Reaper lol
Quathis chapter 80 . 7/10
Yeah, Sakura will be pounding him in the face the next time she sees Naruto, though what comes after will be something to see. I did figure that she would be a part of this, as she pretty much is the reason the Disgraced exist. Would have been a missed opportunity if she didn't make an appearance. Until next time.
thor94 chapter 80 . 7/10
really good chapter.
and a new ally for naruto
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 80 . 7/10
Good job keep it up
Deathlord135 chapter 80 . 7/10
I use to really enjoy reading this story but for some reason its now feel like its become a chore, I think part of it is how spaced apart your updates on, while your chapters are still pretty meaty. I think you would have more success with this story if you split your chapters up a bit more, and half your release times. I always have to go back to the last chapter to remember what the hell is going on, and with how longer the chapters have been getting its really been grinding down my will to continue reading this.
AJGuardian chapter 80 . 7/9
Markus-Antonius chapter 80 . 7/9
Nice man I enjoyed it!
Zeus501 chapter 80 . 7/9
Awesome Chapter...really love that you are bringing back Erik...what about the other guy, who's name I can not remember, that was apart of Garrus's group? when will he show back up.
also, will you ever have Naruto and the Toads Reconcile? or maybe give Naruto the Biju Summoning Contract? cuz that would be awesome, the final battle for Earth, and Naruto summons 8 Biju, and Turns into Kurama...that would give the Coalition forces and MAJOR boost in forces.
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