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K chapter 31 . 9/17
Very good answers. I like the fusion that you have created and I hope that the creation of these stories brings you as much happiness and joy as they have given me. Yea I know I read this out of order but its ok its still ALL GOOD.

K chapter 19 . 9/16
I stand in awe. Of all the chapters of this series, this is the most powerful and best plotted and written. My hat is off to you and I thank you.

Guest chapter 34 . 9/13
Finally thats over, this sekirei part sucked horribly, considering how little sense it makes for a regular human to be able to use magic to seal Harry like that.. its just too stupid, luckily it was short before he was freed.
Guest chapter 19 . 9/13
2nd time i read htis chapter, i still like it, its really good.
Guest chapter 75 . 9/12
hello, I was curious too about darkseid's daughter and I found this. I don't know if links can be given in a review but here: wiki / Grail _ (Prime_Earth)

I added spaces in the link in case it helped pass it... hope it did. There is a really well done explanation on who she is and what she does to the justice league and the heroes later on.

First Appearance of her character is noted to be in:
Justice League Vol 2 #40

I'm secretly hoping this will give work for your muse lol
Guest chapter 11 . 9/12
oh god, "nothing doing" sound so stupid, cant you please just type "not happening", it sounds so much better rather than someone with horrible english grammar, since i know yours is good.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/12
up at the top Laura apparantly surfaced from the water with a sturggling Laura.. that should be Lana.
That one guy chapter 39 . 9/11
I really enjoy your stories, but one thing that passes me off is that all the male main characters seem to be complete pussies when it comes to their girlfriends/wives/soul-mates. As an example, Miya is like an abusive wife, constantly hitting people on the head with a metal object. (The ladle)
calileane chapter 75 . 9/12
I think I was logged out when I left the last review with the link with information on the infamous Darkseid's daughter. There's another link ith details on her power that I found after so... second review.

comicvine . gamespot grail / 4005-117906 /

in a side note: I have agoraphobia too so I truly understand. And thank you for writing and sharing your stories with us (even if you made me read a genre I normaly can't read lol)
calileane chapter 36 . 9/10
hello, I normaly hate multi relationships in fanfiction. Absolutely can't read it (harem makes me run)... Every reader has preferences like that so I'm sure you're not surprised. Were I will surprise you is that I adore your stories (the first two and this one and I'm sure the last I'll read later too).

You managed to capture me in the first fanfiction in this series and even the first appearance of more than one girl for a boy didn't make me run away. I was astonished but then quickly came to accept that yes, your writing was simply that good.

So I have to thank you for writing and sharing these stories and making them so unforgettable that I'll probably remember them years from now. I also forgive you for making me read a genre I can't stand lol

I was hooked and still am as I have many chapters left to read one more story.

Even you killing Lex is forgiven (I came to love him dearly in this story) ;)

Your writing is just really amazing and your ideas are... as amazing (can't find a better word). And it helps that I love fanfictions where things are changed , prophecies broken and you just don't follow the 'plan' that has been years in the making.

Thank you thank you thank you (I'll add another thank you in the fourth story when I read it lol)

with much love the reader you captured and kept prisoner.
Yo chapter 75 . 9/8
So I really enjoyed this but I have spotted what I feel is a plot hole with Harry not being able to recreate bodies I may be wrong as there may be something I am forgetting but I basically is down to the fact that Harry could go to back in time to see their Gene's and as long as that's all he did he wouldn't be going against time right? Even if he took a sample it wouldn't really hurt anything
Yo chapter 50 . 9/6
Woohoo xander yay government bashing coz politicians suck heh heh
Have a Little Feith chapter 36 . 9/7
I'll be honest, in the last two stories of this, some of your conflict seems as though it's forced. One more recent iteration of this... Err... Habit? Close enough... Is Hipolyta. Her arrogance and personality feels forced. Of course, this could be explained as you not having a single arrogant bone in your body, the other incidents can't be explained so easily. Like that scene with Crotch Jr (that name was on purpose), it felt as though you had to force the conflict. All I can really say is, try planning the bare bones of the story first. It might help get rid of the forced feeling, as the plan would help make it feel more natural.
hamsterville chapter 37 . 9/2
Story got a hellavu confusing with the added sekirei. Mainly just skipping the sekirei parts but still overall a good story
Rebmul chapter 74 . 8/30
wiki/Grail_(Prime_Earth) so cant wait for more of this
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