Reviews for Death's Little Brother
Rudo the Barbarian Hero chapter 20 . 9/12
Lesbianism an "attitude", part of a "deeper problem" "determined by sour experiences of the opposite gender"?
What a disappointment.
nagiten chapter 83 . 8/11
what animosity is there between oliver and jason? lex and oliver i understand even kara but jason?
hmm nice
nagiten chapter 76 . 8/10
so why no kiddes running around related to the three familes in the castle?
so is this tessa one who mind was messed with by granny?
Hero100100 chapter 2 . 8/10
Because you haven't released anything in the last 2 years I don't know if you would take this idea but what if Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy from the cursed child at the end of the book died and got reincarnated as Clark Kent and Lex Luthor and Harry would of course be Clark and Draco would of course be Lex.

And they remember who they used to be and they know each was we incarnated as Clark Kent and Lex Luthor.

And hopefully Clark gets a big harem
Hero100100 chapter 1 . 8/10
It's kind of sad that you haven't continued writing in the last 2 years basically.

I would looking forward to seeing more stories from you but you haven't continued and sadly I cannot PM you.

But this story was interesting enough to make me want to make my own version with the help of a writer called Hector Floral.

The story would probably Begin by showing a virgin of that world that didn't have Harry and his group in it and then having two avatars of a goddess taking the plates of Harry and his group they will most likely be the same character that you had going to this world for backup for the two avatars.

Hopefully you can pm me if it's possible I would really love to discuss things with you.
stillnessbegetsknowledge chapter 1 . 8/10
Hey there, Search steps to knowledge it should be able to help your disorder. It works on bringing order to your mind and is very useful.
nagiten chapter 72 . 8/10
so still no other little kents via martha be with child? why you had harry make the comment he could heal her and they have been going at it so? if anyone should run it would be alfred god have mercy whoever tries to mess with him. so who are the other souls in kara ship? they are adults so ? and harry learnt of the zone ohhhh shit
nagiten chapter 67 . 8/10
when did amara suffer from crucifiixion i remeber harry did cause o the joker but amara wouldnt cause of her powers, wouldn't Atlantis be in the same spot or near where it is in marvel world?
also sorry if the next bit seems like a rant it not just once i start tryign to explain or talk about something i find it hard ot stop.
i think the problem with breaking from canon and mixing the worlds/sources to much yet keeping with the series to a degree is once you go a direction and have beings like harry in play it makes the world of DC and marvel to easy to deal with. i think thats why there are so many retcons and moments where heroes are weakened for this or that reason or just faced with suddenly empowered villains. smallville was all about the growing up of clark yet once you merge the sources it makes it harder cause well when and where do you add the enemies. how hard do you make the trials? how do you mix the lores and different variations of the characters and backstories? it more confusing then the doctor explaining timetravel. if the creators of the show were smarter they would of had darkseid be a villain for a lot longer have the build up go for a few seasons before getting to one of the first fights with the tyrant.[ metahumans/meteor freaks 1-2 lionel and MF's with just corrupt people build of of future seasons and villains 2-3 brainiac and disciples of zod with minor superman villains 4-5 maybe 6{with a hint of darkseid such as his furies or hints of goodness and more zod build up} phantom zoners other alien threats and zod 5/6-7/8 darkseid build up the rest of the way with 2 finales centering around darkseid and the war] instead the creators rushed it over did lana and lex underused kara and the league and just shoe horned in a psuedo darkseid and made clark finally be superman and in the suit for a brief time. here you have clark with a large group of support understandable and cool and useful but then how does he go through the trials of a hero in training? how does he grow to be the icon we all know? how does he handle the threats of the show when they are all easily handled in a chapter or 2? sure harry handling a clone of apocalypse was understandable but darkseid isnt a clone and well wouldn't be much of a threat and if he aren't a threat those like the galactus's of DC wouldn't be either thus you would and from the sound of your own words have hit a roadblock. cause without them or the struggle what the hell is there to write that would be filling? sure you can have clark zipped to another earth meet ultraman or red son or any of his alts or do something like a flash point or dark metals or any of the other alt's but with harry there and his family it would be a quick thing. now if you pulled them all at once and had the fam divided and split it would be more of a challenge for the man of steel more so if he was stripped or cut off form his godhod. but then you would have to explain the whys the hows and make it believable which is a great struggle and not really worth it. now a way around it would be like having someone a threat go back in time..hell just someone appear from a different timeline and bugger it all up without meaning to. have clark no longer have harry aid but always feel like things could be different .
this isnt an attack or in anyway me picking on you or anything like that you are a great writer and make wonderful fics just trying to explain what im writing. and my pov on why you maybe struggling.
again sorry for the long review but again once i start i find it hard to stop at times
nagiten chapter 63 . 8/10
can you imagine if it was this neville and him alone that went to the worlds of marvel or DC?
neville the sane among the crazy it would be interesting to say the least.
nagiten chapter 60 . 8/10
has harry dealt with the canibal villagers in smallville who are on blue K?
cause if he hasnt oh boy that will be not fun for them harry wil go apoc
nagiten chapter 58 . 8/9
how is clark a virgin when he is married ? and you said he caught up with his girls once he returned from his time in the past? or since everything a secret isabel doesn't know does she?
well that was anticlimactic but in a sort of good way
harry going to go spare when they all meet crystal jor-el and when they meet zor and lara too and if you bring in the kandos
nagiten chapter 55 . 8/9
did you channel doctor who for harry when he talking to hawkgirl?
nagiten chapter 54 . 8/9
will harry offer to fix jason? i mean they fixed swan after all, there are a few ideas and ways people could take your story from the end of protectors onwards like uses the jeans from the movies are the ones neville brings forth , or one of the other phoenix force host pre-jean , or just have harry rock up prior to superior spider and have him run/own a joke shop and cafe while he helps out at the hospitals
nagiten chapter 53 . 8/9
im glad harry didnt hear lois dismissive attitude about clark allergy. considering how much damage it done to the town and the world , also i cant wait to see harry reaction to lana tat
nagiten chapter 52 . 8/9
so did lexs sent the tape? i mean if chloe did then she would have added the fam to the list of go to them they will help you, lex wouldnt he would just put clark
hmm xander and lois would be funny
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