Reviews for Black Moon Blues
Justane chapter 66 . 8/18
Wonderfull story... And the end, I can't stop crying. Very emotionnal in a good way. Thanks for all this. I am going to read an other story of you right now ;)
( even if I am a french girl , I understand most of the words ) :)
viktories chapter 66 . 6/29
I cried like a baby on a city bus as I read Daryl's letter. I don't know whether to say "thank you" or "dammit, Haitus!"
lovelea1 chapter 66 . 4/22
I really enjoyed your story. Of course the epilogue brought tears to my eyes. As I read your story I could picture each of the characters. Well done!
lovelea1 chapter 57 . 4/22
LOL Are you people ever gonna let me live that one down? Enjoying the story, thank you.
lovelea1 chapter 24 . 4/21
I'm enjoying your story so far, had to let you know I loved Daryl saying he's the king so saying shit he didn't mean and that he always comes back.
ShinketsuKarasu chapter 66 . 4/18
So, a few weeks ago I was thinking about submitting a writing prompt over on Nine Lives, pretty much to the tune of "What if everyone in TWD wake up in there own beds just like a normal day before the ZA started but remembered everything that happened to them during the series? Were they bizarre nightmares? Or a sign of things to come? Will they be able to find each other once they wake up? Will anything they do change the events that played out in their "Dreams"?" But I was having trouble putting everything into words and wondering if I should leave it so vague or give details. And so I figured I'd figure it out and just read some fanfics along the way. And then I read this, because I noticed that it wasn't on Nine Lives(or I didn't see it or something). And now I feel like I shouldn't even bother with the prompt, because this story pretty much fulfilled every need and answered every "what if" while still leaving an air of mystery intact. This was everything I could ever want, I don't even know how to describe it!
I'm still kind of considering submitting it just to see how any other writers might tackle this kind of story, but you officially fulfilled my needs and I am so glad that it was you! :D
dixonlover15 chapter 58 . 4/17
Glad that Shane met up with Michonne and Sasha and Tyreese... All I have to say bout Carl tagging along is kids... Ricks gonna be in Daryl's face...but seriously it's not Daryl's fault...I swear Rick and Lori have no clue how to watch their son...jeez...

I'm hoping it's just Daryl and everyone... That pull up, but the tension I feel is no...considering Negan is in this story... I don't read the comics but still freaked out just the same...but maybe he wasn't as freaky this early
dixonlover15 chapter 49 . 4/17
Yes, catching Negan early would save this group a hell a lot of trouble later on... Though it yet makes me nervous if he was a bad man early on to, like the least he's outta the way. Still confused if they are in the past and how it all connected to Sophia and Merle and the different timelines of both of them, but it's a good mystery.
dixonlover15 chapter 47 . 4/17
Definitely do not like Rick in this story, he's such a jerk to Merle...makes me think he's jealous or something cuz he thought Daryl a brother or something...jeez... But then I always liked Merle from the beginning in the series...then when he stopped being stubborn in Glad Ed is gone, and Daryl showed up in time...
dixonlover15 chapter 40 . 4/17
I never really have liked Rick that much either so...I saw what it meant there it's always if his family does something bad oh it's ok...but if it's someone else's then ya...they the bad guy. I think Daryl & Merle should be the leaders here...always thought they would have made a good balance...or just have a council...not A dictatorship or whatever they call
dixonlover15 chapter 35 . 4/17
OMG!i can just imagine Merle giving the talk...and All three of the red that was hilarious... But poor Carol...
dixonlover15 chapter 33 . 4/17
Well I'm glad Carol told Daryl what Merle said, then I remembered that Carl and Sophia are dreaming more or haven't shared the entirety that they dreamt... Keeping me on my toes I can't figure it out, good mystery...
dixonlover15 chapter 16 . 4/16
Hope Merle don't cause any trouble... Or somehow Daryl convinces him he not crazy...
dixonlover15 chapter 15 . 4/16
Aww...sniff. Sophia at the end there telling Daryl that... Loving this story :)
dixonlover15 chapter 10 . 4/15
Really enjoying this story... I think the mind is a weird thing, it has no way to distinguish that what they went thru wasn't their dreams they both had was learning each other or something like that... I've always been open minded to things like that...think that's why I'm enjoying this story so much... He's still at war with himself...and it woulda been harder had Daryl not lived in the dreams what he did... Think there are just many different versions of ourselves... That's what I get from this... Im sure Daryl will still fight with himself he is... Enjoying this story.
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