Reviews for Black Moon Blues
MaititaDixon chapter 10 . 6/13
Oh! I'm lovin your story! It's amazing!
littleshelly chapter 66 . 5/21
I honestly think it was a beautiful ending!

And I know I’m almost 3 years late (can you see me kicking myself? lol), but this story is something that not just any writer could accomplish, so if you’re reading this review please pat yourself on the back and then treat yourself to something sweet. You absolutely deserve it!

Thank you so much for sticking this out and for the beautiful job you did, and many kudos and cookies to Axelrocks and HaloHunter as well as everyone else who inspired you and helped you along.

Beautiful story. ️
littleshelly chapter 65 . 5/21
Yay! And I always love the things you come up with, like Brother Merle’s future epitaph, lol.
littleshelly chapter 64 . 5/21
I love your Caryl. ️
littleshelly chapter 61 . 5/21
My goodness, I love reading Sophia & Merle’s conversations.
littleshelly chapter 60 . 5/21
I would absolutely tune in to the show again to see Sophia poke Negan’s eye out and for Daryl to take him down.

And I have faith in you, always.
littleshelly chapter 57 . 5/21


And Carl still can’t stay in the damn house.

Lol. Great chapter!
littleshelly chapter 54 . 5/20
No! It’s not what either of them want! Mandrea all the way!
littleshelly chapter 53 . 5/20
Love the Caryl here and uh-oh! How the heck are Shane, Tyreese and Sasha gonna get away? And who are those men?
littleshelly chapter 52 . 5/20
Yaaaaaaay for badass Sophia! Boooooo for Randrea, or is it Andrick? Lol! Anyway, I think she’ll find her way back to (Merle) Dixon Land, eventually!
littleshelly chapter 51 . 5/20
I love their little family ️
littleshelly chapter 50 . 5/20
Merle smut! YAAAAAY!
littleshelly chapter 49 . 5/20
Bless her little baby girl heart! I’m glad she woke up, and it makes me melt thinking of her love for Daryl as her dad. It’s the way it should’ve been.

I also hope Blondie can give Brother Merle some much needed comfort. I really love them together.

My goodness, lady! Did you have to keep a giant chart up on the wall to keep all of these characters and stories straight? You amaze me! Thanks so much for this!
littleshelly chapter 48 . 5/20
Oh man! Hopefully Sophia is just having a vision of what’s going to happen next.
littleshelly chapter 47 . 5/20
So glad Andrea told him the things she did. As big an asshole as Brother Merle can be, I still love him and want to protect him.
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