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Finchel86 chapter 137 . 6/15
Hi! I'm reviewing anonymously again since I can't log in into my account.
I loved this episode so much and I'm glad that Burt won the election and Rusell got arrested. I got susprised when the producer was against Burt and Kitty did the right thing.
And about Stacy I thought she was not going to appear in the series, it was so hard seeing her again after what happened, to be honest I thought Rachel and Finn were not going to forgive her.
Anyways can't wait for the next one :)
Guest chapter 137 . 6/15
been reading this story for a long time and i have to say season six is so underrated. it was like a soft reset pushing it five years later. i love this story so much and I’m going to be so sad when it’s over.
Guest chapter 137 . 6/15
Best episode this season by far. Glad Burt won the election and Russell's in jail. lol. Update soon.
FinchelFan728 chapter 137 . 6/15
Oh God, the talk about polls got to me. I will NEVER trust polls again after 2016. And your comments on FOX nees were SPOT ON. Klaine had a cute scene, and I loved Rachel's critique. The list of states gave me so much Election PTSD. And Stacy's "Christianity" thing made me sick. I can see Kurt going over the top about the election. I agree with what Finn said though, even if you don't want to reconnect with someone who hurt you, it's not good to harbor resentment. And I'm glad the election went well!
bakerh038 chapter 137 . 6/15
burt winning the presidency for some reason gave me hope that one day we could get a president like burt. kurt helping his dad with the election was the sweetest, and i'm glad that there's a happy ending there. also, i get rachel and finn's points of view. rachel shouldn't have to forgive stacy for what she had done, but if finn feels that's best so he can move on, then rachel should respect that. also, fuck russell and hope he spends the rest of his life in jail. the scene with quinn was powerful. and it was nice that we finally got a conclusion to the kitty/marley/puck storyline. update soon!
lolamoho chapter 137 . 6/15
Kitty's producer? I didn't see that coming.
I hate Stacy, but at least her story is done.
Queen Quinn slay. That is all.
Burt winning the election is a W.
Finn and Puck scene was funniest scene in the episode.
Great chapter. Update soon.
DreamWeaver724 chapter 136 . 6/5
My apologizes I didn't review sooner. Here is more of my thoughts:

- I understand Marley's fear of confronting her grief since she has been through a lot and she wants to hold onto happiness as long as she can. And I appreciate that her grandmother dying meant that Marley is now more driven to win the role of Anastasia. And her poem that she wrote for her grandmother was sweet. Sebastian and Puck being there for her was very sweet, and I'm enjoying the trio you have going on there.

- Finn has a legitimate gripe with Rachel especially since she has been absent from the home to pursue her Broadway dreams. However, in her goal to be the best on Broadway, she became a bad wife and mother. Finn shouldn't have had to leave work in order to pick up his kids when it was agreed upon that Rachel was supposed to pick them up. I'm glad that she saw the error of her ways, but I don't believe Finn should have automatically forgave her. What she did had serious side effects for her children.

- I normally am not a fan of original characters, but all of your original characters have been phenomenal. I'm glad Kat is accepting responsibility for her son and she's getting to know him now. And I'm glad that Jessica and Samantha were able to see that Nina was the one who stole the records. I don't think Jessica should have offered to be her friend, but I digress.

- I don't think Klaine has been that much of a roller coaster in the story, but I'm happy they realized all roads lead back to each other and they're willing to give their love another try. And I love the growth from Blaine that he didn't care about singing solos if it meant he couldn't have Kurt.

- The cliffhanger was everything. I'm now curious what Serena knows about Joey especially since Oliver had to arrest her to bring her to the precinct.

Excellent update. I shall wait for the next one.
WOW chapter 136 . 6/4
This is so much better than glee. It’s like watching a tv show.
Guest chapter 136 . 6/3
Hi it's Roxy from the account Finchel86, I can't log in into my account so I'm reviewing anonymously sorry that my English is not good I'm practicing.
I loved the episode, I got frustrated with Rachel; despite she is in Broadway she is married and is a mom, so she needs to focus on being a wife and a mother before thinking about herself. Finn was right in being mad at her, he works too and can't be multitask.
Gladly Nina confessed what she did, but still it was wrong.
I'm still doubting about Kitty, I hope she doesn't have bad intentions.
I'm so glad Marley will do Anastasia to keep her grandma's legacy.
Can't wait for episode 17
lolamoho chapter 136 . 6/3
Great chapter. Update soon.
Guest chapter 136 . 6/2
I honestly felt bad for Marley. I get her wanting to be there for her mother, but she has to be able to feel too. Also Finn was 100% right and he’s such a good dad. Rachel needs to learn her dreams come after their kids. And that cliff hanger! Does Serena know more than we think? Excellent episode. Can’t wait for the next one.
FinchelFan728 chapter 136 . 6/2
I loved the relationship between Millie and Marley's kids! And I hope things get better for Finchel, though the last scene gave me hope! Poor Marley, she has so much on her plate. The conversation between Kat and Stephanie was nice. Tina was so on point, I could see her doing that.
Guest chapter 136 . 6/2
guest chapter 136 . 6/2
rachel picked a broadway show over her kids and is getting in the way of finn's job? that would be divorce, babes, divorce. also holy cliffhanger. i think serena knows more than just being the defenseless cousin that came to new york for marley's help. i need more.
Guest chapter 136 . 6/2
What I loved about Finn storyline is that Finn never badmouths Rachel in front of the kids even though he's visibly frustrated that she's AWOL. But I don't think Rachel just brushing her daughter's hair should have been the 'that's all folks' on the storyline. She was AWOL for weeks and the storyline completes with her brushing her daughter's hair? That's the bare minimum, and Rachel should have done some more groveling after the principal implied Finn is a horrible parent for "abandoning" his kids.
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