Reviews for Twins
dylanben955 chapter 14 . 10/14
really great chapter man keep up the great work
heffronma5 chapter 14 . 9/20
This story is great so far, but I think that you have abandoned it.
I by any chance that it is not abandoned please update soon, as I and I am sure lots of others would like to know what happens next.
Xfs chapter 1 . 8/22
I love this story like no other. I do really hope you can continue it one day, it is not worth risking your life however if that comment in reviews is true. Stay safe!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/10
very unfortunately the writer had to terminate his story, as a crazy person stalked him an made death threats over it. Olso hacked his devices aand broke into his car. Long an short of it, continuing fic may have cost he his life (~) Not worth it
jogging nathan chapter 14 . 7/25
carry on please
Guest chapter 14 . 7/18
This is truly a one of a kind story I have never found anything quite like it on the site I am anxiously awaiting the the next chapter. Best wishes
Baby Huey chapter 14 . 6/28
Harry's relationship with his sister is quite disturbing, but the lemons in the version on that other site are amazing.
Soulbow109 chapter 14 . 6/22
Like the story, and I really hope that you update it one day. Would really love to see Harry and Eve come back together. So painful to see this story stop right here.
Guest chapter 14 . 5/24
I doubt this will get updated after author got bollocked by the mods.
A pity. More lemony version on :
www. hpfanficarchive. com etc.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/17
Nice premise . An update would be good ...
Issac the geek chapter 14 . 5/10
In case you guys have not heard the recent news the guy who wrote this decided that he doesn't want to update. So in a way it is sad but I have enjoyed this fanfic even though it's odd. But there still is no resolution so I decided to make up my own ending here is how it goes. Harry realizing that this will become really complicated he took the easy way out, the lazy way out and went to hermione and asked her for the time turner. When she gives it to him he goes back a couple weeks ago and made sure that past Harry does not sleep with Celine malfoy. So in doing that Harry now still a virgin continues his relationship with Eve.
knarf3 chapter 14 . 2/16
This is so stupid, are you telling me that Harry is essentially throwing away the most important relationship in his life? Yes Celine and Olivia are important to him now, but Eve has been his beloved twin sister for his entire life! Regardless of whose feet the majority of the blame can be laid before, Harry should be the bigger person and just grovel before Eve until they make up. He is clearly not doing nearly enough to facilitate reconciliation. Their stubbornness over rekindling their relationship is just baffling. And because of their mutual stupidity, Eve is allowing Krum to court her! Hopefully this travesty will not last. All of this do not mean Harry should stop his plowing any time soon though.

It has been slightly over a year, please update this story. I can't believe you abandoned the story at the low point of the twins' relationship.
knarf3 chapter 12 . 2/16
Gross, why the hell is Harry still friends with Ron? What value does the redhead bring to the table? None.

I hope Harry and Eve can mend their relationship soon.
knarf3 chapter 10 . 2/16
Why the fuck does Potter want to resume his friendship with these fickle losers? The are as retarded as any bigot with their labelling of any Slytherin as evil. And some Gryffindor he is, not even willing to flick the bird to the school and date a Slytherin in public.

At least Harry and Eve's cuddle time is back again.
knarf3 chapter 9 . 2/16
This self-pitying bullshit is really pathetic. The bet Eve and Celine made was not magically binding, and Harry could have refused the Slytherin girls' advances by claiming sexual assault. But since he was more than than willing to participate, he doesn't get to bitch and moan about the aftermath.
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