Reviews for Cause and Effect
ak chapter 7 . 7/3
harry a appris qu'il y avait des choses comme des pensines! pourquoi ne pas proposer quelques mémoires personnelles à mme bones?
Hubler99 chapter 7 . 7/1
Very good I just hope your still writing this story its been a long time gone since this chapter came to be anyway I just think you are a wonderful person and I love the way your insight in to views of each person go cant wait to see if they'll be more chapters with more interactions between people and a little less reasons and views of what happi ing and why anyways hot fresh cookies made for ya and yor favorite just for you they are hot too so dont burn your mouth have a great day and thanks :)
Hubler99 chapter 4 . 7/1
Hi I love your story! -, Question is Tristelianna Constantine Anne Haiwell related in anyway to charmed if so i wanted to say Yea You ! I love the Hailwells and Chamed. I love names in FanFiction be crossed over even if its just the name Hailwell it brings a warm feeling of happiness to see names in others tv shows and fanfiction showing up so anyway thanks love your chapter and Tristelianna! !
Hubler99 chapter 2 . 6/30
Great chapter of course having the letter would have been a great insight to your OC ISOBEL'S Intermost thoughts and felings of who she really is and how she should be considered a valued person of interest and I also feel that you need to bring her a little bit mort to the front and intermix into harrys sight kind of like Luna was bring her in to view as a 3D person and i know you say you did not want any romance, but I belive it would help your story and her become a known feeling person of your story and it does not mater who she shows a interested in male female witch , mandane , elf just know i like her and belive in her as a full person of importance any way I hope this helps you sorry if i got to thick and have yoused to much of my view I tend to have my mouth runwway from me when I become involved with a story I favor thanks again happy writing. !
Hubler99 chapter 1 . 6/30
The Story is Very worthwhile its also very good feel to it you have a lot of talent for writing I can tell by the way you set up the story line it just hums with excitement to me so please continue it will novel worthy I has that feel to it just from the first chapter she the type of girl to hold her own and take names she very strong inside where it counts maybe she can whip harry intp shape make him grow up and bring out the best of him q a '"xd
jaufanfic chapter 7 . 3/21
I really like where this is going. Can't wait for more!
cellester chapter 7 . 3/3
really interesting hope you update soon.
Nerverean chapter 7 . 3/2
Interesting story, I hope you will continue it.
kelwin chapter 2 . 2/27
it is a good fic idea. the timing needs worked a little. elfs travel quickly like a few minutes so she sent the letter and a few minutes later it would arrive at the papers.. and by that time people had sent things to fuge complaining.
kelwin chapter 1 . 2/27
I never know why people create new chars. there is plenty in the books you could choose why not one of them. and that house we never heard of but yet her family hold influence? also the writing does not become clear for a few days of doing it every night. take it this way if you scratched the back of your hand with a sharp pen over and over again it would be sore but unless the ink left a mark people would only see it was a little red. the quill draws the blood for the ink but in tiny amounts just enough to write with and no more. it is in repeting it over and over and over again that the damage is done.
MysteriousCharacter chapter 7 . 2/23
Keep it up ill follow this story and see how it goes looking forward to the future chapters.

Wonder what secrets will be shown once the will is unsealed and other things dumbledore has been doing. Always enjoy stories that show a darker side to him and it blows up in his face eventually its fun.
happylady chapter 7 . 2/17
I really love your story so far. So please continue.
Until next time
madnessdownunder2 chapter 7 . 12/19/2015
good start, I look forward to what you do next!
phoenix-rob chapter 7 . 11/3/2015
Its just getting really interesting. Can't wait until the next chapter - bring on the trials.
animexchick chapter 7 . 10/28/2015
Really intrigued by this story so far hope you update soon :D
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