Reviews for Moving in the Dark
Guest chapter 5 . 7/22
hybridwarhawk chapter 49 . 6/3
Goodness what a finale. Scott reaching out to his dad to try and start the process of mending that fence was a surprise but also a good one; seems like maybe that might be better. Too good of an ending it seems, something definitely fishy and I think I know. Hope for the next installment soon.
hybridwarhawk chapter 48 . 6/3
Man what a chapter here. Love the entire fight sequence; from the battle itself to the words that are stated, it was phenomenal. Really liked the bit of Issac and Scott talking about Isaac coming home. Dancing around the cancer assessment of Lydia makes me wonder. Allison, seemingly, coming back winning but also wounded; damn what is happening here?!
hybridwarhawk chapter 47 . 6/3
Really awesome stuff here. Definitely did not see this coming at all with Claudia being a witch and failing to cure herself. Very emotional exchange between mother and son. Stiles making it back ok was a relief but also knowing his mission is also heart wrenching. can't wait for the next part!
hybridwarhawk chapter 45 . 6/3
Really enjoyed getting both sides of the individuals whom are about to go through the ritual. Issac/Allison being a little more comedic in dealing with it while Stiles/Lydia in a more serious nature. Almost seems a little backwards but it fits so amazingly. Having the inevitable with Stiles and Lydia happen now seems very fitting. Great chapter!
hybridwarhawk chapter 44 . 6/3
Loved the attention to detail in regards to Isaac and his arm being gone; bits like that really make this story that more amazing. Also enjoyed the Derek/Sheriff scene as well. Don't see 2 adults have an entire scene too often but this was really on point. Very much enjoyed the dialogue and the advice that Derek gets is really solid too. Amazing work.
hybridwarhawk chapter 43 . 6/3
Really liked the flash back to Isaac and the de-wolfsbanning process. Also enjoyed Scott/Cora have a semi serious talk and Scott's insight on his wolf transformation were great. Definitely forgot that Peter and Lydia had history, might still make some too. Classic Stiles to round out the Chapter as well. Awesome job.
hybridwarhawk chapter 42 . 6/2
Amazing chapter to come down a bit, so to speak. Getting the memory of Scott during his transformation was wonderful. The death of Leshy was written beautifully and almost sad to see him go. Derek/Stiles interaction was great and I enjoy seeing another side of Derek. Great chapter.
hybridwarhawk chapter 41 . 6/2
I should stop saying which is my favorite chapter, it keeps changing. Action between Peter and Derek written amazingly. WOW at how that fight went down; superbly thought out process for that chain of events as well as the execution of them. Definitely 100% got me as well, thought for sure we were in la la land. Amazing chapter, just amazing.
hybridwarhawk chapter 40 . 6/2
WOW. Holy crap what a chapter. Action details were really great and holy crap at Isaac losing an arm. Love to idea of Scott being able to heal/stop wounds; amazing idea. To boot, probably 2 of the BEST Stiles 1 liners in this story are weaved it. Favorite chapter so far, no doubt.
hybridwarhawk chapter 39 . 6/2
Holy heck, words sort of elude me here. True Alpha form coming out and man is that impressive. Peter being revealed as the Caller to everyone now is big. I feel like Allison is going to go postal when she gets in the forest. Phenomenal chapter, cannot wait for the next.
hybridwarhawk chapter 38 . 6/2
Poor Isaac getting picked on and tortured but holy crap at who is pulling the strings. Always felt like that is who it was but now knowing for sure. And what the hell is up with Kira. We are going 100 mph and I'm loving it. Awesome stuff.
hybridwarhawk chapter 37 . 6/2
Loved the convo between Stiles/Lydia and what is up with the bruises? Scott and Cora mating is going to bring about some big issues. I like the cliff hanger at the end as well; that's a nice touch. Overall great chapter and great character interaction.
hybridwarhawk chapter 36 . 6/2
Didn't entirely expect to see the twins split up and Stiles girlfriend line, man that was hilarious.

Leshy taking it to the pack now has to mean we are in for a rollercoaster of a ride until the end i think; can't wait to read more.
hybridwarhawk chapter 35 . 6/2
This super chapter is great. Kira coming into the fold with tons of insider information and the heart to hear with Scott/Issac about Scott's anchor or lack there of is amazing dialogue. Loved this chapter a ton.
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