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Katzilla chapter 1 . 4/13
Hello, it's me again, your online stalker! ;-)

I finally got around to reading the first chapters of this epic and I think so far (I've only yet begun), this is the one I love best (no small feat given the high quality you're turning out)! You are filling a great void left by the books about the aftermath of the Pelennor Battle, and I love the exhausted vibe of the first chapters. Everyone is dead in character, and I especially enjoyed the interaction between a still very despondent and frustrated Éowyn and her brother, who knew exactly what to do to trick his headstrong sister into eating, while he has his own demons to battle and knows that - in all likelyhood - he is seeing her for the last time.

The bittersweet atmosphere of this takes my breath away and I look forward to reading the other chapters. Keep the good work coming!
SusanneO chapter 40 . 12/15/2017
I love this story so much! I wish it could go on and on.
AmandaBaker852 chapter 40 . 12/6/2017
Thanks for a wonderful story. I always thought their romance was rushed in the book and so I was glad to see it more developed in this story.
Katia0203 chapter 40 . 10/4/2017
What a wonderful story! I am also one who doesn't believe in "love at first sight". This slow progression wasn't at all dragging or boring but rather realistic and a refreshing take on things. Thank you for writing such a marvelous story! Also you have a remarkable grasp of the English language as it seems it is not your primary language. You write much better than the native English speaker in my opinion! I am excited to read some of your other stories. Namárië for now!
Oshun chapter 2 . 9/3/2017
Really enjoying this story. Beautifully crafted and the voices ring true for me.
SeaTurtle77 chapter 40 . 8/23/2017
Really great pacing! I enjoyed this immensely. Love how you portrayed Faramir, especially comparing him to Gandalf. I think I fell in love a little too. :)
Sarahml chapter 34 . 7/31/2017
I had to back teackto see where exactly it started becoming painful to read and I started skimming rather than properly reading. It was THIS chapter. This chapter strongly reminded me of the Pride and Prejudice Darcy-Elizabeth conflict scene too when Elizabeth refused to talk to Darcy but he sent a letter to explain himself. Since Eowyn does not have a wayward sister to for Faramir to read, you thickened the plot by making Eowyn NOT read the letter! I grunt with displeasure of such a head-strong boar of princess, but I have to admit that this was a good plot development that adds tension and drama. Geez how did people wait for chapter 35 when it was not completed? Goodness gracious I am reading it in its completed state. I am going to re-read 34-40 again since I only speedily scanned them. :) I was too hasty in getting to the resolution in ch 39& 40
Sarahml chapter 40 . 7/31/2017
It has been a great pleasure to read this piece, even though the last few chapters were not easy to get through. Eowyn is entitled to her feelings and misunderstandings and take her time thawing. Given how fiercely independent she is, AND she has a trauma of surviving a manipulative and oppressive Grima Wormtongue (by the way, you did a wonderful and convincing recount of her past), it does make sense that she would feel deeply betrayed by Faramir, despite his best intentions. It also makes sense based on your recount and Tolkien’s account how an emotionally abusive father like Denethor would make Faramir be passive, cautious and slow to reveal his feelings and express his true intentions. Plus they have their cultural differences (on that area, you also did a fabulous exegesis throughout the fanfiction. Another round of applause from me!)

BUT they are both so FRUSTRATING to observe. When a reader can totally relate to the characters, love them and still get frustrated at them for their all-too-human behaviour, you know the author has done an excellent job. In the end, I was glad to see a happy ending although it is not a typical ‘happily-ever-after.’ Tolkien has assured it and you further refined the Faramir-Eowyn love story.

This fanfiction really deserves reviews for all of its chapters, but I am a lazy reader :’( What I lack in frequency, I make up with length, so please forgive me if I don't post any more reviews for the time being.

You should consider writing a sequel and THAT WAY, you would get diligent reviews from me per chapter, hehe ;) I do realize that it is harder to stretch one’s imagination when it is past the canon timeframe, but I am sure you are capable of it, and I will attempt to convince you do so here:

1. The beautiful terraced garden of Emyn Arnen and the restoration of Ithilien: how will they do it? Given Eowyn’s personality, I doubt she would just sit back as a demure lady of the house. There were a lot of orcs and Sauron’s army that were scattered and still left to be dealt with, many maimed and unemployed Gondorians and Anoriens looking for gainful employment, unexpected immigration of Woodland elves to handle…. Surely, I would expect some adventurous, if not outright dangerous, work ahead of the newly wed...? ;)

2. Faramir’s Harad language training and the world of diplomacy: you have created a convincing AU that compliments the canon and it would be so interesting to see you extend it further! What happened to Irobassa and the poor female prisoners of war from the Near and Far Harad? How will the nobles of Gondor afford their spice import after their devastating War of Rings? Could it be acquired through another set of intermarriage similar to the how the grapevines were introduced? (Olives and lavender could be next, given the assumed topographical and meteorological similarity between Southern Gondor and Spain/Portugal). Could it be that the Southern countries pay tribute to Gondor now, as Mordor is vanquished and Haradrims are freed from Sauron, thanks to the Fellowship? Or could it be that Legolas and his elven folks help to produce some kind of elven ware to turn the balance of trade in Gondor’s favour? Seeing how you incorporated European medieval practices into your fanfiction, I could help but daydream about the REAL history of Europe (the silk road, European traders’ obsession with pepper/cardamom/etc, European obsession with silk and tea; the eventual colonization of India, exports of opium to China to turn the balance of trade in Europe’s favour, etc)…. I studied International Relations so your fanfiction really touched the ‘academic side’ of my brain too. ;) Alas, I wish I had half of your skills… For I dare not write a fanfiction of your fanfiction to delve into these things… so can’t you just write a sequel pleaseeeeee? I can write 30 page academic essays, but not a fiction :’(

By chance, have you ever come across a fanfic called “Land of Light and Shadows” by Thundera Tiger? She has left many broken hearted with her unfinished work about Aragorn-Legolas-Gimli-Eomer’s adventure in Harad in their attempt to re-establish diplomatic ties. Her work definitely have different flavour than yours, but you could check it out and see if you are inspired to write more. If you are inspired to do so, I would loveeee to see YOUR sequel that dabs into this aspect of renewed Gondor-Anorien and its diplomacy done through Faramir-Eowyn. I would be thrilled to do some beta-reading even!

3. The governing of Gondor and the return of the king: It is a minor issue but I do wonder how Aragorn and Faramir would rule together. Would it be a division of head of state/government as in the Westminster (i.e. British) style or will it be an absolute monarchy like France?

As a side observation: as heartbreaking it is, I think Tolkien was correct to kill off both Boromir and Denethor and just leave Faramir behind at the ‘return of the king’; given centuries of stewardship, it would have taken a bloody civil war to bring Gondor under Aragorn’s rule, for who would want a ranger from north to take over Gondor based on some weak claims based on bloodline that has been long irrelevant? Aragorn is a superb leader, I do not doubt; but Gondor has been de-facto ruled by the house of Hurin, so it would NOT have been an easy transfer of power, had the two survived. Faramir, in all his merits, was always outside of his father’s favour, therefore the circle of power, so he was a good transition steward (i.e. a weak one with no political base of his own) to hand over the keys of Minas Tirith to Aragorn. But would they work together fine during the reconstruction of the Fourth age? Will other nobles prefer to work with Faramir rather than Aragorn? Would people remember Aragorn’s work as a Thorongil in his earlier days? This, I see is something beyond the scope and focus of your original fanfiction, but I am just musing in the world of infinite imagination ;) What other better ways to daydream after a long day of desk work?
Sarahml chapter 19 . 7/27/2017
I must start with a standing ovation of your work of art before I review...I am thrilled to have found this fanfic as a late comer. Otherwise I would not be able to bear the suspence of unfinished chapters. I as a rule only read completed fanfics with at least 400 reviews, because these are crude way of sifting out disappointing works. One negative aspect of my way of reading is that I only leave one review for the works that probably deserve one long review per chapter.

This work broke such tradition of mine, and I am compelled to shower my compliments. Well done! This is like what a historical fiction is to a history geek: bring out the personalities and events into life with so much colour and excitement that you see them like you are watching a movie! I am a huge fan of romance but I don't like butchering of the canon. Hence, it has been a bit difficult to find fanfictions that have a healthy dose of imagination and some believable (and relatable) OCs. This... this piece of art you penned ( or typed) is something I have never encountered except in case of some shorter works that dabbled with Silmarillion: You managed to bring the canon and annex characters alive! Without introducing any unnecessary intrusions, you kept intact the essense and spirit of the middle earth. The pains you took to do the research about the genealogy and the linguistics and botanical "facts" of the ME and then blending in Earth's medieval world is splendid.

The interpretation you have for Boromir did shock me a bit, (my personal favourite fanfictions are BoromirOC(female)) but this particular chapter of the obvious blossoming of Faramir/Eowin relationship AND the storytelling about the "history" of Gondor as court gossip is commendable.

I may know not how to write a fanfiction, but I have read enough to tell when I see a work of art. Well done and thanks for sharing your version of ME that is simply beautiful. I daresay i enjoy reading your story more than the canon itself! (Gasp!)
Anon chapter 1 . 7/7/2017
I love your way of building characters giving them life and so many different shards of their personality showing up and fitting in a skewed but beautiful puzzle
CarawynO chapter 40 . 5/23/2017
I'm a bit late to the game with this story, but just had to leave a review even years after it was published. This was a very well crafted and told story, and had me up until all hours of the night saying "Just one more chapter..." The details and backstory, and the truly dimensional OCs, all were exceptional, and were a big part of what made the story so engaging for me. I loved how they both ended up giving each other presents that symbolized more than the recipient realized, and how they reacted when they found out. And wow this last chapter... :) Thanks for sharing!
KitsuneMiyuKendraHyuga chapter 40 . 3/21/2017
This is an AMAZING story. Truly. So detailed and thorough!
While it focuses on the developing (and very believable!) love story between Faramir and Éowyn, none of the other characters are ever neglected, and the world you described came to life with every new chapter.
I usually tend to point out by positives and negatives when I review, but in all honesty - there is nothing to complain about for this fanfic. It's lovely, and so romantic.
Thank you so much for writing it!
Relephant chapter 28 . 1/2/2017
I really, really like this expansion of Éowyn's and Faramir's relationship. They were two of my favorite characters, though they didn't get a lot of chapters dedicated to them and their romance in the books appeared quite rushed. Éowyn does seem a bit clueless, especially since you describe her noticing Wormtongue's machinations when she was so young, but that kind of adds to the sweetness of the story. The Steward gives many material gifts, I think too many. But I love how you carefully develop their relationship through their discussions and duties, as well as add greater depth to their characters. This is a wonderful story.
earthgirl3015 chapter 1 . 12/12/2016
I've finished this story and absolutely loved it, you had me on tenterhooks the whole way through, and i loved the annotations explaining things further. Faramir/Éowyn are my otp for this fandom and i was wondering if you mention their wedding? I can't find it in your other fics, and i think you'd do it really well
cedarlight chapter 40 . 12/7/2016
Yes...I can see why Eowyn, Geliris and Lothiriel are revisiting you to elicit another story. I love your characters and story arc! Thank you for writing.
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