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Adonnenniell chapter 29 . 4/14
Just a little bit closer! She almost has it figured out and that is awesome! and so now, I can not wait for her confession and his reaction. _ and the ball sounds very interesting. I'm wondering how thick the political intreage will be and which lady Eowyn will have to sharpen her tounge on _
Dany chapter 29 . 4/13
I've been following this story for a while after a long haul away from LOTR fan fiction. This is the kind of Eowyn/Faramir story I've been waiting for! Your fantastic writing has reignited my love for LOTR fanfics.

I love this chapter especially and am so excited that you've made Eowyn realise Aragorn was a passing crush without making him seem like a douchebag - it's so real; not everyone you think you love is truly a love. Now Faramir on the other hand...mmm, I love your portrayal of Faramir with his battle scars. A lot of writers tend to forget that Tolkien himself said Faramir would outmatch any Rider of the Mark!

I wonder if Eowyn's perfume left a scent in the room? How tantalising it would be for Faramir to wake and smell the scent he thinks would encapsulates the woman he wants...
Diana chapter 29 . 4/12
What a beautiful chapter - beautiful smell, beautiful Glendis, beautiful horce, beautiful brocade. It is the first really restful chapter for me, and I am so glad that Eowyn starts to believe they are in for long-term peace instead of a brief respite.

Now I tend to believe that Eomer did write that letter. One reason is that he could, it would be in-character. Another one is that this story is not much into intrigue, more into narrative, and for me it works really well.

Talia119 chapter 29 . 4/11
Getting that email notifying me that you have updated this fantastic story is like being a little kid who has just been given a box of chocolates! I thouroughly enjoyed this chapter. Eowyn's realizations of what she had so far home completely oblivious of were really special and almost made me feel like saying "well duh Eowyn you big ninny!" Of course he's beautiful and strong and smart and perfect and why wouldn't you be attracted to him? It's not just spring girl! I though the part about how she had never felt a physical attraction to Aragorn was very telling. So will she spend the next several chapters being afraid that Faramir will not return her affection like Aragorn did or are we getting close to some real confessions on both sides? Surely if she thought about it she would realize all of the things he has done thus far are not simply the actions of a generous host. Only time and updates will tell. You are fantastic Thanwen! Thank you for sharing.
Cselecsaj chapter 29 . 4/11
And I forgot to ask: how long do you imagine the Gondorian haristyle is? Like in the movies and the eorlings have longer? Because in the movies they are kind of same.
Cselecsaj chapter 29 . 4/11
:) So, we really didn't see the tip of the Steward's nose, but many other parts ;)
Nice chapter again, I really like Eowyn's development.
Ygrain33 chapter 29 . 4/11
Oh... that part with Glyndis made my eyes water, but together with the sowing it made for such a strong image of the circle of life and Éowyn realizing that her own personal winter has also passed. It was a masterful touch to bring the thought even further in the awakening of desire and realisation that Faramir atttracts her in ways that Aragorn never did. And, letting her admire his body that she almost touches him is pure gold! I am most looking forward to the ensuing conversation!
Guest chapter 29 . 4/11
Good thing he has his blanket up to his armpits instead of his waistline...otherwise the image would probably prevent Eowyn from getting any peaceful sleep after that XD
tuasnidelga chapter 29 . 4/10
I highly doubt Faramir will be wroth with you for ogling him, Eowyn ;) Though it might boost his confidence about her attraction to him and...oh I'll stop guessing and wait patiently for your update. Don't take too long, please :D

Oh and poor Beregond..all that effort and she only drank a cup of tea. And I would love to see Ioreth and the seamstress fussing over Eowyn and how frustrated she gets! But I digress... Great chapter as usual, always worth the wait.
ruva07 chapter 29 . 4/10
I can't wait for the update! I've been gobbling up your stories this past week (Choppy Waters and A Wind From the Sea) and this feels like absolute torture having to stop and wait. I feel like I've been living in your stories so completely that even all my dreams have been about Eomer/Lohthiriel and now Eowyn/Faramir:D.

On a sidenote, I'd also like to add that your writing has developed incredibly from Choppy Waters to this one. I really, REALLY loved your Eomer/Lothiriel stories and certainly you were a good writer even then but this one, 'Through Shadows', has for me exceeded and surpassed those two. Just the way your use of language has matured and the delicious but slow build up and development of Eowyn's character... I've loved how subtle you've made her healing process from Black Breath and Grima's influence. It feels all the more believably to me beacuse of that (although, I so badly want them to get together with Faramir already that it has also been a kind of slow, sweet torture for me - but one I've enjoyed immensely, I must add;). Absolutely fantastic work!

Thank you so much for these stories and keep on rocking my dreams;D!

eurekac chapter 29 . 4/10
You posted early! Not that I'm complaining ;) but now I can't wait for the next chapter!

Oh dear...I wonder when Eowyn is going to tell him about her adventures to his room...and I am waiting with baited breath as to what his reaction will be...and how she will in turn respond to his reaction. This is bad, you are killing me DX
Fostersb chapter 29 . 4/10
Fabulous chapter, it is wonderful to see how much Eowyn is fighting within herself and the feelings that she has. It seems as if she feels that friendship and desire must remain separate. It is understandable as with her previous marriages she was simply a tool and not knowing her husband all that well, she would not have the experience of a love born from friendship and desire. I hope that Faramir can get her to see that the two can co-exist and, in fact, create the best marriages.
whilewewereyetsinners chapter 29 . 4/10
I love Eowyn- she's so honorable. It would have been so easy for her not to tell him what happened. I must say, I cannot wait to see how that conversation goes. :D
Calenlassiel chapter 29 . 4/10
Ah, at last!
Another update from you— and Éowyn's realization that she is physically attracted to Faramir.
Beautifully written, with a few delicious surprises thrown in.
The pathos of Éowyn's time with Glendis was quite well-done; and touched the heart. Éowyn is being transformed from warrior maiden to sensual and compassionate womanhood. Lovely!

I rather expected that Beregond might have reacted to her perfume; but no, not noticeably.
Faramir is going to be gobsmacked by that perfume, isn't he? Otherwise, why would you have spent the time developing that theme?

The story is building momentum now, and the two would-be lovers have surely got to be thrown into each other's arms sometime soon, right?
Thanks for another great read!
shine lots chapter 29 . 4/10
Somehow it is much better to read this story in one go. One chapter at a time makes it slightly hard to get into the swing of things - OCs like Tordes and what not.

Lovely to see Eowyn helping Glendis, and calling her "grandmother". :) And this is the moment where she begins to wish to become a gardener. You illustrate the reasons very beautifully with this scene. Also, I notice that Eowyn drinks two cups of tea with Glendis, something she only does when comfortable.

Well, now that she think's she's like Wormtongue she's probably going to be reticent with Faramir.

Good chapter.
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