Reviews for Queen
Ilovetea chapter 1 . 8/29/2013
That's what I always thought: When it comes to Red John nobody can take care of himself alone - even not Lisbon...

I love your last sentence about Lisbon being Janes Queen (even if it is spoken by Red John)! You are so right and hopefully we won't have to wait until the last episode until he confesses his feelings!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
omgitsjuju chapter 1 . 8/28/2013
SHIT. the promo was actually killing me -.-
I went crazy the whole day and had nightmares in the night, lol.
But I really,really like this :D
The last sentence gave me ghoosebumps(?) xD
But RJ is right . gosh, i can't wait a MONTH that's too long :o
Sue Shay chapter 1 . 8/28/2013
What a concept! Good job taking the inspiration from the promo.
Mossi.b chapter 1 . 8/28/2013
Oh this is excellent...I loved how you dived straight into the story, no back story or trivia about how it all happened, Just...' bang'... straight in. I loved the bit where she sees the body and she is trying to match it's dimensions to people she cares about...she doesn't even admit to her self how much she cares about Jane, but it is obvious that he is the first person that she thought of. And RJ is right, she is Jane's Queen, and he will do anything to protect her...I'd love to see the 'other side' when Jane realises that she has been taken.
Jane Doe51 chapter 1 . 8/28/2013
You're definitely not the only one ! I was doing just fine waiting for September 29th...but now it seems so far away. I'm so excited !

Well, who knew that 32 seconds could be so inspiring ?

Love how Lisbon is worrying about Jane more than about herself...
RJ reading her is creepy, despite being right !
MartyMac49 chapter 1 . 8/28/2013