Reviews for The Admirer
late2thepicnic chapter 37 . 4/29
This was wonderful! Thanks for finishing it x
LovesToRead2016 chapter 27 . 4/6
This is torture. I have a bad feeling that I know what awaits Sherlock.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 26 . 4/6
Mycroft is incredible! Sherlock was perfectly sweet and awkwardly adorable with John. And the kiss, WOW! But I must say that I feel sad knowing they will be apart another year. :(
LovesToRead2016 chapter 25 . 4/6
Sherlock and Mycroft are amazing together!
Thank you for the little spark of hope at the end. I needed it.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 24 . 4/6
This was a heartbreaking chapter. Sherlock cares about Molly (everyone around him can tell), but he can't find the words to express himself properly. Molly has been so hurt by him over the years, that she can't believe the obvious and out of character signs of affection he has shown her as being real. So sad. :(
LovesToRead2016 chapter 23 . 4/6
I must say, I'm confused by Sherlock and Molly. It seemed as if they both felt the connection during their last meeting, but they're both willing to let it go. I'm also confused by Sherlock's great excitement over the "challenge" of waiting 5 years.
Having said that, the last scene was perfect! Sherlock felt perfectly in-character in his deductions and wanting to investigate. I also love the way Mrs. Hudson, John and Mycroft are all on the Sherlolly ship!
LovesToRead2016 chapter 22 . 4/5
Brilliant chapter for Mycroft! From British Government to Sherlolly shipper, I adored him. I really appreciate the detailed descriptions of events in the past several chapters.
I was getting very frustrated with Molly's rigid stance on leaving, but I really appreciate the rationalizations she made for not seeing Sherlock again at the end of the chapter. I do hope that things start to look up for them in the near future though.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 21 . 4/5
Great chapter. I love the plan. I was able to guess H and was hopeful that the brothers were one step ahead. Even then, I was still worried about Sherlock and it seemed in-character when he chose the knife just to keep playing his part. The scene with John was nice and the ending with Mycroft was very fitting.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 20 . 4/4
I'm fascinated by what you have set up. Obviously, the Holmes brothers have a different plan than the obvious. I have an idea who H is, I think. I can't wait to read more!
LovesToRead2016 chapter 19 . 4/4
I love the contrasts you draw between Sherlock with Evelyn and Sherlock with Molly. Evelyn drains him and everything must be calculated. Molly lightens his burdens and gives him energy, and his physical contact with her is so natural. It was beautiful when he states that he can wait (presumably for her return, so he can be with her), but I don't understand why they are fighting their feelings right now.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 18 . 4/4
So many beautiful, bittersweet moments. It was wonderful when Sherlock slipped, when speaking to John, and responded as if Molly was his girlfriend.
Mycroft was amazing. His concern for both Sherlock and Molly is endearing. I realize Molly has been hurt by Sherlock (and she should lookout for herself and her career), but it is also frustrating that she is unwilling to open herself up to Sherlock now that he is becoming vulnerable to her.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 17 . 4/4
Wow! That tore my heart right out. Mrs. Hudson with her prophetic comments to Sherlock, and then the entire goodbye scene completely broke me. It hurts that Molly doesn't recognize Sherlock's changes in behavior for what they are (although, to be fair, Sherlock doesn't recognize them either and Molly needs to protect her heart).
I also appreciated Sherlock's deductions at the Lair (well done!), but the emotional content hit me the most.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 16 . 4/4
I adore Mycroft! He protects Molly and then secures her in a place where Sherlock can be with her. I believe you made a nice reference to the show with the statement "the safest place I know" and it being with Mrs. Hudson.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 15 . 4/4
I'm glad Sherlock is trying to end this "game" quickly. I've enjoyed Sherlock's deductions throughout the story, but this chapter was especially nice.
LovesToRead2016 chapter 14 . 4/4
The intrigue is very good, but my favorite parts were the exchanges between Mycroft and Sherlock, and Mycroft and Molly. Mycroft definitely ships Sherlolly. He is a sweet cheerleader for them by keeping Molly safe and texting to assuage her concerns. I adored when (in a previous chapter) he threw out there his belief that one day they would share the same last name.
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