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RPGPersona chapter 13 . 8/6
As so wraps up this story. I really enjoyed reading this story. Thanks for writing it.

The final battle was intense. Slade had counters for all of their powers, but the one thing he didn't count on was Raven being in harmony with her emotions. With the ability to revolving door her emotions to adapt to the situation, Slade was defeated and locked away inside a book forever.

That was certainly an eventful first date. It may have been interrupted with a bang, but Beast Boy made sure Raven didn't feel bad about it. Of the couple go, to nice quiet cafe to most likely make out.
RPGPersona chapter 12 . 8/6
A see, so Raven's answer for giving Slade justice without killing him is hitting him with the same curse that seals Malchior.

Well, Beast Bot and Raven seems to be getting closer. That time together in the morning is much more intimate now, and the both of them enjoy being so close to each other. There is a joke about Beast Boy being trained by Raven that can be made here, but I will avoid it.

I see Raven has trained Beast Boy to notice her hints. Now the two of them have their first date planned. I horror movie is it, the perfect excuse to cuddle into each other. Raven gives her idea for giving Slade justice. While the plan is still shaky, and not quite ready, it seems the effort Raven has point in to getting closer to Beast boy has payed off. He is willing to put aside his desire to kill Slade in order to stay by Raven's side.

Also speaking of trained, it seems Raven has trained Cyborg not to barge into Beast Boy's room while she is there as well.

That was a good idea for Beast Boy to track Slade, too bad it was exactly what Slade was expected. That death room was brutal. Especially near the end where Beast Boy was using his own flesh and blood to sustain himself in Amoeba form. His efforts payed off and he was able to survive.

Raven is quite livid. I wouldn't have wanted to be Slade in that room in that moment. Though it was agony, Beast Boy able to shift to human in short burst to let the other know his location. Raven flew to him at full speed and was able to bring him back to the tower.

Looks like after seeing what Slade did to Beast Boy, she is ready to kill him as well. Reversal of roles. Now Beast Boy is the one asking Rage not to go through with killing Slade, for the same reasons that Raven deterred him. Aww, they finally confessed their love for each other. What a nice way to end this chapter.
RPGPersona chapter 11 . 8/6
This was a nice fluffy chapter to break up the tension from earlier.

Having fully synchronized with her emotions, Raven is fully aware of her feelings. She now has every intention of pursuing a relationship with Beast Boy. It was so cute seeing Raven so happy and comfortable sleeping next to Beast Boy.

Haha, Starfire's and Cyborg's reaction after walking into Beast Boy's room. Raven has really come a long way if she doesn't care about rumors being spread involving her. She did barricade the door after Cyborg.

I see Raven is aware that Beast Boy getting over Terra and dealing with the hatred burning within are obstacle in getting closer to Beast Boy. Aw, look how happy Raven was seeing Beast Boy mention her in his sleep while smiling.

I see Beast Boy is still scared that Raven will flip over physical contact with him. Raven just acts nonchalant, but does export some more bacony breakfast from him. Raven's emotions sure are happy with how things are progressing with Beast Boy. Raven really is approaching perfect harmony with herself. The talk of empathy leads to a discussion of the hate building in Beast Boy. Her emotions have some good advice. Balance the hate with love, and find a way to satisfy Beast Boy's craving to seeing Slade face justice. Oh Happy, already thinking about going all the way with Beast boy.

We learn what Starfire wanted to talk with Raven about. Starfire wants Robin to cook meals for her like Beast Boy does for Raven. Beast Boy raising the bar without being in a relationship yet. Beast Boy has a good idea to get Robin away from his work, using a bet and Robin's hatred of losing. Raven immediately suggests chess, but Beast Boy is reluctant to play for some reason. Raven decides to whisper something to Beast Boy to convince him to play. It had something to do with Raven teasing Beast Boy. Curious to see what Raven teased Beast Boy with. This new Raven that is happy, smiling, flirty, and has no trouble initiating physical contact is throwing Beast Boy for a loop. It also seems to be causing Beast Boy to see Raven in a slightly different light.

Not only did Beast Boy beat the Boy Blunder, forcing him to unwind with Starfire, Cyborg bet away 800 dollars by saying Robin would win. It started innocent with 5 dollars, but Raven and Beast Boy kept raising the stakes and Cyborg didn't want to back down.

So Raven promised a kiss for victory. Hard to tell if this is a reward for Beast Boy or Raven. Well, both of them seem to be enjoying the moment. Hey look, Robin gets his walk in moment as well. Haha, she uses Robin's interruption as an excuse to start the timer again, cute.
RPGPersona chapter 10 . 8/4
So the hate for Slade continues to fester within Beast Boy. That hate also reaches out to Robin and himself as well. It looks like his longing her Terra is slowly fading, which is good. He can't on her forever. She made her choice and he needs to accept it.

I can't help but find it amusing that she has switched to calling Beast Boy BB like her emotions and it sticks no matter how many times she tries to correct herself. Raven can now admit to herself that she enjoys Beast Boy's company more than anyone else. It was cute seeing her check the time for Beast Boy's arrival.

Beast Boy mentions that he played chess when he was younger. Raven asks if he wants to play and declines. This raises some conflicting emotions within Raven. She is sad that a potential new excuse to spend time with Beast Boy was shot down, and she is confused by why she wants to spend time with Beast boy so much. She is happy for the excuse to spend time together when Beast Boy ask for more teleportation lessons.

Well, Raven now has a new favourite way to eat waffles. Raven almost seems admitted to bacon, though she find's Beast Boy's bacon the best. Seeing Beast boy morph into different snakes brings the conversation to a dark turn, talking about how easy it is for Beast Boy to kill. He mentions his worry of his animal side overriding his judgment and killing someone. Drawing some parallel between Raven and her powers. All this dark talk changes Beast Boy's mind and decides to play chess. He is playing chess again, and after losing to him, you have the perfect excuse to keep challenging him again.

Seriously Robin, why bother asking Raven who she is taking with her. Slade robot rematch, with actually Slade this time. Raven finally gets a glimpse of the source of Beast Boy's negative emotions. It was a tougher fight, but the team pulled through.

Even though she is exhausted, her worry for Beast Boy forces her to go over and check on him. She realized that Beast Boy was prepared to kill Slade. Using her powers, Raven finally understands the source of his negative emotions. Looks like seeing Beast Boy like this has completely aligned Raven with her emotions desires, and she tries her best in her tired state to let him know that she doesn't want him to destroy himself over this. Both of them fall asleep in the same bed. That could make for an awkward morning.
RPGPersona chapter 9 . 8/4
First order of business for Raven is talking with her emotions it seems. Looks like they were having a discussion of their own. I am assuming it centered on Beast Boy if everyone shut up when Raven arrived. That was quite the one sided conversation. The kiss is mentioned and Raven starts talking about the consequences of Beast Boy kissing her, and all her emotions immediately jump to his defense, each one describing a feature about him that they like about him. When Robin is brought up, all her emotions immediately shoot him down as an option.

Really Robin, locking up Beast Boy. I would have thought after the last time you would have learned to have more faith in your team mates. Even if Beast Boy didn't want to say what happened, he should have respected that and believed that his friend and team mate wouldn't attack someone he cares about. I am surprised with how calmly Beast Boy took it. It was basically Robin not having any faith in him.

Oh Dr. Light, I guess no one can fault your persistence, but you results are lacking. Haha, Raven's emotions are not happy that Robin locked Beast Boy up and get some painless revenge. I wonder how long Robin was trapped.

Feeling bad, Raven goes to apologize to Beast Boy. She is sorry that his efforts to save her life, and keep her affairs private let to him being locked up. Raven can't seem to grasp the concept of Beast Boy being comfortable around her, not finding her repulsive at all.
RPGPersona chapter 8 . 8/4
Sigh, of course Raven wouldn't tell anyone and try to hide anything was wrong. It looks like that came to bite her in the ass. Paralyzed by her fear, she was unable to act before Trigon made his move. Charging in without Rage and Timid, not the smartest move. You would have thought Knowledge would have showed her that.

Needing backup, Rage reached out to Beast Boy. It took longer for Beast Boy to figure out something was wrong. Now of all times being too timid to invade Raven's personally face for her sake. The important thing is he came.

He was able to bring Rage and Timid to the battlefield, and through his actions, give Raven the courage to keep fighting. Haha, of course Beast Boy would use a kiss to transfer Rage and Timid. It takes care of both the physical contact and surprise factor. With all her power united, Raven was able to drive back Trigon and close his portal, stopping his final gambit.

I imagine that Raven will process the kiss after she recuperates.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 8/4
Beast Boy is slowly getting back to normal. I think this was good for him. He will come out stronger. Looks like Raven and Beast Boy have reached the end of morning teaching. Raven decides to actually take the initiative and invite Beast Boy to mediate in the morning with her, thus insuring he current arrangements continue. She also still feels the negative emotions coming off of Beast Boy, which is still a mystery.

At this point, Robin shouldn't even bother asking who Raven is going to pair herself with. He should save everyone the trouble and tell Beast Boy and Raven to go together.

Gizmo and Mammoth now. Gizmo actually had a new trick to gain the upper hand on Raven. Mammoth was just an annoying match up for Beast Boy due to his strength and stamina. With some perseverance, Beast Boy and Raven made it through. I will say that grabbing the orb was a little reckless on Raven's part.

So it looks like Trigon is remaining one last bid to enter Earth's dimension. This time without being able to influence Rage, or having a prophecy on his side. I believe that Raven come overcome this trial. I hope she doesn't keep it all to herself and asks for some help from her friends who would be willing to help her.

Beast Boy isn't in the mood for movie night either it seems. It finally looks like he is getting over Terra. The first step to moving towards your future is to stop looking at the past. Now that Beast Boy isn't tunnel visioning himself to Terra, a whole new world of possibilities have opened for him.
RPGPersona chapter 6 . 8/4
Things seems to have gotten back to normal, though Raven still wonders what being loved feels like. When Beast Boy became proficient enough to practice the healing trance on his own, Raven was happy that Beast Boy still wanted to spend time with her instead of running off to practice on his own.

Random drug stake out now. Being green and without a holo-ring, Beast Boy hides his presence to not draw attention to itself. This leaves Raven to deal with the horny teenagers asking her to dance. That last boy is quite persistent, to the point of being creepy and approaching harassment. Lucky for Raven, he is the target, so she has every right to restrain him until the police arrive.

Beast Boy sees Terra with another boy and almost loses it. I think this is a good thing for him. This anger he feels is the consequence of hanging onto his feeling for Terra for too long, letting them fester. It certainly makes controlling the Beast harder. Raven sends Cyborg to talk, but Beast Boy is not in the mood and shifts to the Beast, scaring Cyborg off.

Raven's emotions are not happy either, seeing Raven do nothing while their friend is distressed. Raven's reluctance to help stems from the fact that see doesn't know what to do or say. Her emotions don't know the answer either, but they don't want to do nothing while he suffers, bot after all the time he was there for Raven.

Her emotion's speech really resonated with Raven, she is even preparing some food before going in. The others are having a meeting to decide what to do. I think that just being there to lend an ear for Beast Boy to rent is enough. He has held it all in for too long. Hopefully this is the first step to moving on.
RPGPersona chapter 5 . 8/4
Raven can stare in disbelief as Rage and Timid play a casual game of chess. Their play style reflecting their personalities. Rage seems quite content at this moment. I see, her emotions are keeping the cause of the rebellion a secret because Raven isn't ready to hear the reason. The good news is that her emotions seem more aligned now and are willing to share the load in terms of containing her powers. Haha, we smell bacon, this conversation is over. That is one way to end it.

Beast Boy continues to make bacon for Raven despite his repulsion of it. Learning about Raven's meat cravings probably helps his resolve a bit. I see, Beast Boy having trouble with the books Raven lend has created a new arrangement. Beast Boy brings Raven breakfast and they spend the morning together. Sometimes meditation, sometimes conversation, and sometimes Beast Boy trained. From Raven's observation, it appears that Beast Boy won't be able to heal others or quickly regenerate, but with enough training, he should be able to use the healing trance. That will be useful in he is every heavily injured, not to mention reduce the load on Raven. She doesn't realize it, but Raven certainly seems happy spending time with Beast Boy.

Now the Teen Titans are chasing after Trident. That trident weapon is quite strong. Able to deflect Starfire's and Cyborg's attacks. Able to pierce Raven's shields and emit sound waves to destroy Robin's projectiles.

Nice move by Beast Boy to disarm Trident, though he took a bit of a beating doing it. From There Raven was able to restrain and knock out Trident with her enhanced powers.

Okay, Aqualad randomly creeping for a kiss is weird. Raven didn't even save Aqaulad in particular. Raven seems excited solely for the fact that an attractive male is about to kiss her. How rude of Aqualad to creep in Beast Boy's thoughts after the battle. When Raven touched Aqaulad, her emotions rebelled. It looks like they did not want to kiss his. They really did not want to kiss him, they really torn into Aqualad. To the point where Raven's powers were exhausted.

Robin is understandably anger at Raven's behavior. Both Beast Boy and Starfire are quite supportive. Both willing to make her feel better, but willing to give her some space to sort out her feelings. Beast Boy even gave her a blanket to warm herself and sandwiches to fill her belly.

So Raven gets the full story from her emotions. When Raven touched Aqualad, she felt his emotions. While Raven was willing to ignore everything for the sake of feeling what a kiss was like, her emotions were not. Her emotions felts that Aqaulad only saw her as an object, a check on his list of girls. They also felt that her demon side repulsed him. While they all admit their reaction was too strong, they also want Raven's first kiss to mean something and be from someone who care for her and accepts every part of her. Affection is quite adamant about Raven not remaining chaste longer than necessary.
RPGPersona chapter 4 . 8/4
Still being haunted by those dreams I see. He really needs to learn to move on. Wanting to be loved is a natural thing, but obsessing so much over a single person isn't healthy. I would say it is almost worse then his hatred of Slade.

Interesting, so none of her emotions are telling her what is going on. Not surprising considering how much Raven seems to enjoy being in denial. Even Rage seems to be content right now, which is freaking Raven out.

We get some fascinating discussion between Raven and Beast Boy. It starts with Beast Boy talking with about Raven's emotions and his thoughts on what they might have been trying to accomplish, along with thought on Rage, who Beast Boy believes is not as evil as Raven thinks she is.

The discussion then moves to Beast Boy's power, where he wonder how him powers work from a scientific perspective. Where does his mass, and brain goes during transformations, and how does his clothes shift with him?

Raven then has a theory of Beast Boy using Shaman powers to morph, making his abilities more mystic then scientific. She even offered to lend him some books on the subject. Beast Boy first thought is restoring Terra's memories. I have to roll my eyes at that.

Beast Boy also commands on the magic Raven used on him, saying it was both cold and warm, and felt nice. This confuses Raven, always thinking so little of herself. Thinking a cold creature like her isn't capable of anything else.

I see, so Raven has been picking Beast Boy to make him feel more useful, and less of a burden. Cinderblock again. After hearing what Beast Boy did last time, she immediately shuts down the possibility of a repeat.

Blinding Cinderblock with bird dropping, that is one way to win. Beast Boy comes over to borrow some books, and Raven is quick to shoot down his blind hope of restoring Terra's memories. A good thing in my opinion.
RPGPersona chapter 3 . 8/4
Well, with things between Beast Boy and Raven back to normal, it looks like they are patrolling together. We get a conversation between Beast Boy and Raven about how Timid could rebel like she did. Beast Boy gets a chance to show some wisdom. Timid is a part of Raven, meaning she can fight just as well as Raven herself. Beast Boy also talks to Raven about the difference between reluctance to fight and outright pacifism. Without any details, it is impossible for Beast Boy to know what Timid's motivations are.

I interesting bit of trivia with Beast Boy and his eagle form.

Suddenly Slade makes a move. A robot ambush for Beast Boy and Raven. Raven is pinned down defending herself against the robot's attacks. Beast Boy has another good, but slightly risky idea. He flies to each robot as a gnat, before shifting into an Elephant to crush them one by one. Thanks to that, no one was hurt. Raven is noticing that the negative emotions are building inside Beast Boy.

Robin has entered Slade obsessed mode. He is really going overboard looking for clues. Cut short by an attack by Dr. Light.

That was a tough fight. Good thing Beast Boy figured out the weakness to Dr. Light's suit.

More simulations by Beast Boy. It looks like he is thinking about adding a utility belt to his arsenal.

After a long day of crime fighting, Raven wants to relax and meditate in her room. Beast Boy still comes over with the invite, and decides to respect her decision, but makes sure to get her some pizza before leaving.
RPGPersona chapter 2 . 8/3
It seems that Raven's emotions are giving her no quarter. While they are not killing her, they are making her life extremely difficult. Her bed is completely destroyed, and anything that Raven didn't move away probably shared its fate. I see Timid knows how to fight smart. Using the maze to her advantage.

Okay, so Raven does know that Beast Boy is the one making her breakfast. Despite Beast Boy backing off, he still cooks for her in the morning. I think Raven's emotions are calm eating breakfast because Beast boy made it for her.

So Beast Boy is training with Robin as well to improve his fighting techniques. So that is what Beast Boy meant by adapting Robin's fighting style. When Knowledge, the part of Raven that is less an emotion, but more a keeper of Raven's experiences, is rebelling, you know something is wrong.

That is interesting side job Beast Boy has found. Helping veterinarian with treating pets.

Looks like Beast Boy might be developing an obsession with Slade like Robin. His last encounter with him must have been the straw that broke the camels back for him to hold such hatred towards him. He even got Cyborg to get him a program where he could run simulations of him fighting Slade.

Beast Boy has noticed Raven's strange behavior lately, and has decided to go check up on her now. It has been a bit too long. I wonder if Raven's emotions knew it was Beast Boy knocking, or were just hoping? He comes baring the gift of food, hoping to find out what is wrong. Despite the obvious signs that something is wrong, the direct approach does nothing, and decides to shift gears and apologize.

Through his apology, he learns more about the meaning behind Raven's actions and realizes he was assuming the worst. With things settled, Beast Boy is back to getting Raven to join the others for movie night. He even shuts down all her protest and plans to summon Starfire to help make Raven more presentable, and possible more hygienic.

Seeing Beast Boy pay attention to Raven again is enough to get Raven's emotions to get off for now. Raven is still clueless to the reason behind the rebellion.
RPGPersona chapter 1 . 8/3
So Beast Boy can't seem to get over Terra. It appears that it is bad enough that she haunts his dreams. While self improvement is good, I am a little torn seeing the sole reason for said self improvement to make himself more appealing to Terra. Hope is good, but blind hope will only lead to despair. Also, if you put all your effort purely for the sake of another, what happens to your drive when that other person is no longer there. I fear that your Beast Boy is now is a cliff edge, and one wrong turn can lead him plummeting over the edge.

Nice of Beast Boy to make Raven's breakfast. I wonder if she knows who does that?

The downside to having super hearing. Hearing Raven so against patrolling with him really put Beast Boy in a bad mood, to the point where he changes his plans and heads out without saying where he is going.

Raven really doesn't think much of Beast Boy. Too bad for her she has to go get him.

I see, Beast Boy went to that dinner for the apple pie. Even Raven couldn't help but be impressed by the tasty treat. So it is his private sanctuary, where he goes when he wants a few minutes to be alone. Raven's heated response of comparing Beast Boy's diner getaway to her meditation has gotten Beast Boy to promise Raven that he will leave her alone when she is in her room if she does the same when he is at the diner. Raven's emotions were not happy to hear him say that. It forced her to focus all her concentration on her powers, lest she fall.

Raven just seems to know what to say/do to anger/hurt Beast Boy today. That was a pretty nice combo Beast Boy came up with. It made short work of Cinderblock.

I believe the phrase 'be careful what you wish her' comes to mind. Raven wanted to Beast Boy to stop annoying her and leave her alone, and it appears he is doing what she asked. Rage, Happy, Brave, and Timid rebel over that fact. It appears that Raven is unable to make the connection to her emotion's rebelling and Beast Boy.
AngelSlayer135 chapter 13 . 5/19/2015
Very good, since this is an older story I won't review each chapter but I will post a much longer review here:
The Good
-The relationship between BB and Raven was not rushed, too many stories begin with them already in love with each other and just in denial about it, something that conflicts not only with real life but the show and the comic as well.
-Good use of various villains throughout the story rather than just the same few over and over again.
-I enjoyed Slade's use of technology rather than him just beating them up like the show tends to do.
-The emoticlones were very well done in my opinion not just having their generic personalities but they were expanded to sharing each other's emotions and given other characteristics, such as timid being defensive and being able to manipulate the maze in her battle.
-I also like the idea of Beast Boy being a somewhat darker character, although I think you could have gone more into why he wanted to kill Slade so much beyond, he messed with my girlfriend. -The other Titans were also fairly well portrayed throughout the story. I think you could have given the Raven and BB fight at the beginning a bit of a more drawn out process rather than solving it in just one chapter or so but still it was good.

The Bad

-Normal Spell checking/grammar checking nothing terrible thought just a couple here and there
-I was not a big fan of the BB is now kinda magic plot you sort of threw in there, nothing in the show or comic seems to support it, other than the unusual characteristics you pointed out. It would have been better if you had actually put in why he was magic rather than just having Raven theorize on it.
-Raven's emoticlone rebellion seemed to have a strange ending to me, it was almost as if you hadn't decided on whether to make the reason her respect for them or just the attitude towards Beast Boy as the final cause.
-Other than the minor healing power Beast Boy does not seem to have any real development in the story, it is always hinted that he would get more just never really happened.
-The Trigon incident felt rushed in a bad way, it was over and done with and just forgotten even though it almost destroyed all life again.

Like I said overall I enjoyed it, A few changes I would have made but nothing major.
Bursgrogash chapter 13 . 10/28/2014
Nooo! the end has come!. all right now that's out of the way it was a fun journey good job.
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