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joe chapter 1 . 7/1
Zokurai of the illusions chapter 1 . 6/23
Cool story bro!...woah, meme
mark chapter 7 . 6/23
I read your fanfiction it got my attention, since danzo is hokage he will do anything to get his naruto back he is a jinchuuriki afterall. What I am suggesting is that danzo has mangekyou sharingan and mokuton which will definitely subdue naruto so to counter he should learn fuinjutsu and sage mode to get an edge on him, fuinjutsu enhanced senjutsu will eliminate the time limit and capacity, not exactly now but after the entire kirigakure war. Also during this time in kiri's rebel forces naruto should learn water, lightning elemental manipulation and kenjutsu and experience in war. After that jiraiya should teach him wind,fire and earth manipulation and senjutsu with toad kumite.
You see all hokage's have their unique ninjutsu techniques so it is only fair naruto makes his own techniques with all elements and non-elemental jutsus and fuinjutsu. These are all suggestions...
And if you like make minato namikaze a senju in tobirama senju's line so naruto will become a half senju and half uzumaki making him perfect for asura's reincarnation.
And child of prophecy.
Black Caesar chapter 7 . 6/22
I hate when I can predict what a writer or even movie will do the first I read or watch them. I just knew that when you had Itachi slash his eye you were gonna write him having scars. I seriously don't understood people's silly fascination with scars they are not 'cool' trust me I have one under my eyes that I miss would disappear
Black Caesar chapter 6 . 6/22
No Hinata or Anko and I'm happy Hinata is overdone and Anko just doesn't fit with his character in this story. I always like to suggest Temari because what girl doesn't love someone that brought their younger brother out of the darkness lol but other than those two have at it. Even if you chose a Harem still not them PLEASE! LOL
Guest chapter 7 . 6/20
Awesome,write more chapters soon please .
PredatorPuck chapter 1 . 6/20
Interesting concept, I did wonder why Konaha didn't train their jinchiruki
coolchick87 chapter 7 . 6/18
I love your story please update it real soon. Thanks
joe chapter 7 . 6/14
The whole losing the eye was stupid and sasuke must defect and then train under orochimaru and then gain itachi's sharingan eyes. And I have a few ideas on how naruto can gain hashirama's flesh and DNA to boost his healing factor and make him physically strong like the sage of six paths as he already have his chakra and life force. And you also can make him a speed monster because of his and his father's bone structure which is made for speed , agility , and higher reaction time.
joe chapter 7 . 6/13
Man a great chapter , but a little short. I think naruto should at least have control over three elements.
joe chapter 7 . 6/13
The entire kiss scene with shizune was unnecessary. I think giving naruto a pairing is not beneficial , you know akatsuki and orochimaru lurking around. maybe some admiring kunoichies and some crushes here and there is okay. If I recommend then hinata and mei are great partners for naruto.
I have a suggestion about acquiring kyuubi's yin chakra and full control of kurama's chakra and sage mode with the help of fuinjutsu to extend the time limit upto an hour will help too.
I also recommend not to make kushina's sword a great issue.
Spartan123465 chapter 7 . 6/11
nice story id like to see where you go with his training. i look forward to the next update
JPElles chapter 7 . 6/11
Great story. I'm interested to see what happens. Good room here for Naruto to restart wave eventually here.

I like how things are building. I also like the Naruto/Shizune. interesting pairing you don't see often.
Michael1357 chapter 7 . 6/9
Interesting story, I hope you keep it up
Cerulean Knight chapter 7 . 6/9
So is Naruto still able to use and see from both eyes? Though seeing as Itachi did fuck up his eye I believe that's grounds to pluck his out and use it. I think Madara would agree.
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