Reviews for Stitching Hearts
Polly Little chapter 9 . 7/24
I agree with Alfred. No one picks on family and gets away with it. No one.
Can I just say how pleased I am that you included that song? I had an unfortunate run in with someone attempting to RP England who believed that the only bands to come out of the UK were One Direction and possibly Coldplay, although they might be Canadian. Ugh. She reminded me vaguely of the girl in Common People - trying to pretend to be something and not having a clue how to do it, or the basic decency to look things up - and I was stuck singing that for the next fortnight.
Natasha calli chapter 23 . 7/12
A fluffy ending but a great story nonetheless. Well done!
Natasha calli chapter 20 . 7/12
I was crying a lot in this scene. It's really tragic to see Arthur die. And Francis wasn't even there to see Arthur go. It's sad, but the chapter was very well written. Good job!
Natasha calli chapter 19 . 7/12
Wow! That was sad and hard for Alfred. He would be a great doctor. I think Arthur lied. Arthur's favorite is Alfred.
Natasha calli chapter 18 . 7/12
Darn it! This chapter made me cry.
Natasha calli chapter 10 . 7/12
Arthur should have changed their names into Kirkland.
DragonStar7Queen chapter 23 . 6/24
You killed off Arthur and my heartstrings, but I commend you for writing an excelent story that managed to bring tears to my eyes. You've written a truly wonderful story here.

decoris chapter 23 . 6/23
Do you think breaking my heart was ok? Are you trying to break my cool, and stoic facade?

For real though, I am the hardest nut to crack when it comes to crying in fics. I read We'll Meet Again with a straight face and that's the supposedly best USUK story there is. But I legit cried to this. Like actually tears were shed. DAFUQ? ;~;

This was just. Wow. I didn't expect to like it this much. In the end Matthew was the one who had it "easier" and Alfred was the one with more struggles...I really loved how you portrayed all of them. To Arthur's shaky, undetermined parenting in the beginning to him being the wise, older brother figure we know.

I can't praise this story enough honestly...I just loved it so much...this is so going in my favorites.
PorcelanaRota chapter 23 . 6/11
I'm only favoriting this because of the cuteness at the beginning, and most certainly not because of the evilness with Arthur after Matt and Alfred graduate. That was just evil, and I did not appreciate the tears you made me shed.

Evil, I tell you. Evil. I know your secret. You're Satan, aren't you? You're Satan. You enjoyed the angsty pain you put Al, Matt, and Arthur through, you evil Author.

I would know, because I also enjoy putting characters through pain like that. (But that was bad and evil and I know you're Satan, just admit it.)

But overall... I love this. The connection between the reader and the characters was easily made. Everything seemed realistic. It was all so stunningly written. You just... really made me feel-on an emotional level-what was going on.

Very good work. I applaud you and your fantastic writing skills.

(...But I still know that you're Satan.)
camry72 chapter 14 . 6/4
He's such a good parent.
camry72 chapter 4 . 6/4
Aw. He such a daddy it so sweet!
camry72 chapter 3 . 6/4
But he is doing just fine.
camry72 chapter 1 . 6/4
Aw. I think he will be adopting children soon!
neverXmind chapter 21 . 5/5
see, I knew you would kill off Arthur! I absolutely knew it!
NordicsAwesome chapter 23 . 4/25
This is amazinggggg! How did I not find this before?
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