Reviews for Tiny Animaniacs Toons New Adventures
Gracekim20 chapter 99 . 8/13
Well that was an interesting way to show how they got a contract with Hulu.
Gracekim20 chapter 95 . 7/15
I find the flame rather adorable XD I like how you showed the innocence from how much he could read. Great job
Mobylickseven chapter 91 . 7/12
Well, you certainly brought Taz-mania into the mix. however and I apologize but I'm a little disappointed. I like how Taz brought his protege to visit his homeland, and meet his family, also kudos for including Hugh's trademark yakkedy schmakkedy routine. However, to be honest, putting the entire cast of Taz-mania, and giving bios for each one, leaves little room for a decent plot. For example, Francis' team up with the gators, while enjoyable at the end,
Gracekim20 chapter 88 . 6/19
That was an interesting insight in Freakazoid. Will you be showing how the social media people use the most affect his abilities in the 21st century?(I don’t think a lot of people use MySpace anymore)
Gracekim20 chapter 85 . 6/9
Hooray! Someone remembers loonatics:)

Oh be careful with scenes where you tell what happens because sometimes you say something like ‘they home’ and a character says they miss home afterwards. Just um be mindful of that... just pick one or the other ok!:,)
Tgoolsbyyoshilov chapter 82 . 6/3
Wow! You've spent 5 years writing this story as though you're treating it like a tv series. It's ok it's ok. In case there's another earthquake, tsunami, typhoon or volcano you must email Sony interactive entertainment, konami, capcom and square Enix that you will get their backs. What means is that you have to tell them to let Sony be so we can rerelease all those good ps2 classics most especially alter echo ape escape 3 splashdown summoner 1 & 2 grand theft auto vice city and liberty city stories midnight club games stuntman and legaia 2 duel saga. This is the decision I want you to make because there's volcanoes going on in Hawaii any way. You are dismissed.
Gracekim20 chapter 82 . 6/3
wait there's a looney tune called cool cat? not to be confused with that crazy orange cat mascot that gives terrible advice to counter bullying for children right? Now i'm confused.

Hmmm... I need to watch Cats don't dance though. I guess summoning other cats can be Patch's toon ability in this world ;)
Mobylickseven chapter 79 . 5/30
Hey Nazo, love your story thus far. Especially the chapters with Fifi and Felix together. Our favorite Skunkette always deserved a good lover in her life, especially since she's a better toon than her role model. Anyway, if I may make a suggestion, since you keep bringing different toons from different shows into this, why not have some toons from Taz-mania make an appearance. Just in case you don't know, Taz-mania was a cartoon about a certain Tasmanian devil made by the BBC, and had quite the variety of recurring characters to spice things up.
Gracekim20 chapter 79 . 5/30
Well that exciting. I kept thinking of Ruby and Max (the rabbits) the show I used to watch for some reason XD

I didn’t realise you knew about Atomic Betty:D
Gracekim20 chapter 76 . 5/26
Yay! You know how much I love ice cream!XD
Gracekim20 chapter 71 . 5/13
XD yep that my Patch. Say does he still have his angel wings? I think you really captured his mischievous and brave side ;)
Dragon Roberts chapter 68 . 5/4
I like this espoide. Finally Elmyra is getting Karma coming to her
Gracekim20 chapter 63 . 4/8
Er...what do you mean by real, real world? Is that what they call our reality? *nervous laugh* you forget to describe Patch and my OC when they first appeared in this story so your readers currently have no idea what they look like... I did enjoy this though. You accidentally confused too as in ‘me too’ with to.

But great job, you have no idea how many times I’ve watched that role swap episode where Slappy is with Yakko and Wakko. XD one of my favourite skits.
MilkTheCouch chapter 56 . 4/4
This is a hilarious take on one of the most popular episodes of the show! My favorite parts were Zalgar (the alien) talking like a surfer dude and chasing a lady with bread, "I've Been Working On The Railroad" playing when Wakko tries to smash the store, Wakko going to a school, and Wakko climbing up a bottle of Mountain Dew. I also liked the Berenstain Bears joke at the beginning!
Gracekim20 chapter 60 . 3/27
Aw dear, that was unexpected thanks for that. Um, are you aware that at some point TV will be no more? The internet is a good thing because that’s how I discovered these shows in the first place people use YouTube and Netflix more these days, we can’t really turn back the clock otherwise I’d go back to not existing
So um are you going to address the fact that they’re making a comeback through that reboot I’m unable to watch?
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