Reviews for To Call A Place Home
DescendingSnow chapter 16 . 11/10
I'm surprised at the reviews actually. This was pretty good in my opinion. Especially Harry's distrust. Him relying on Ron. Ron saving him and verbally lashing(mildly) on the others. Damn, you are goooood. Great work!
kirashu chapter 11 . 11/2
This is ridiculous, really, Harry hasn't killed yet? Really? and his last show in the previous chapter, none of the death eater died by his wand?
Honestly, the concept was interesting, still is, but damn this is annoying how Harry let "Jonathan" push him around. The brat doesn't know shit about fighting, lose and suffering etc and Harry, clearly an young MAN, a fighter that faced MONSTER and murderer, a man ready to DIE if that can finally kill Voldemort cannot just tell the boy "fuck off!".
This is bullshit. In the beginning, i really loved Harry's discussion with Bill because he is right but now... pushover Harry is back... yeah no. Just no.
I appreciate Hermione as a witch hunter, which is funny since she is a witch, going to Hogwarts or not doesn't change the fact that she CAN use magic if she is really stressed (accidental magic) so...
SuperApplePie chapter 16 . 10/28
A beautiful story that just makes me want to read more. I really hope you start updating again.
myfoodisnotshared chapter 16 . 10/21
I love this so much! I read so many timetravel/dimension travel fics and this is one of the best. I just love how they're growing to like each other, and that tension between being family and not. And I f*cking love the dragon - it's so crazy and so totally works. One thing I would say is that the pace is relentless, and I do love that but sometimes it feels like the non-action bits are outbalanced by the action. Can't wait for more, and particularly for Ron!
Min's awesomeness chapter 15 . 10/17
I really hope that you update soon!
BrotherCaptainSheperd chapter 16 . 10/15
If I was him I'd say fok that shyet. She betrayed them. Did she really think that she would get away with it? That the world would somehow give her what she wanted? She would betray everything and everyone to a demon incarnate?

Really? Now she's caught and she's gonna get "Oh you were good in my world, lets forget the deaths and destruction you caused, the deaths you will cause with the information you gave out and just give her community service. You know, coz she has potential and I'm sure she's sorry." Yeah... Uhuh..
chillaxin101 chapter 16 . 10/15
any chance you will update this? please?
Fallow54 chapter 16 . 10/6
xxx Kudos xxx : )
Guest chapter 9 . 9/29
Am I the only one who bloody hates Ginny Weasley? She came out of nowhere and has to be with Harry just cause she looks like his mother. She deserves shit, she isn't even part of the whole story, HP deserved better then her ugly ass.
maxxie10 chapter 16 . 9/28
Honestly this is a really good story except for two main, and infuriating, sticking points:

a) No-one in this story finishes a god-damned sent-
If you controlf this story for how many hyphens there are in it, I can almost guarantee it's more than any other story on this site. It disrupts the flow of the story every 15 seconds and makes it terribly difficult to read. This last chapter took me nearly two hours.

b) You keep introducing ideas that we know how they're going to go, but then take too long to get us there. Like Lily and James knowing Harry is there son. We knew that they knew from the second he dropped in, but it took like 3 chapters for it to be confirmed. It's like starting a song, letting it get stuck in our head, then pausing it halfway through and making us wait an hour to hear the second half.

Strangely, both of these problems are actually the same, you starting things and then cutting them off halfway through, and they both contribute to an immense feeling of frustration during reading what is others a very interesting story.
silentsum chapter 13 . 9/23
The bonding of Harry and James in the first part of this chapter makes me think of a foster kid with a bad past being accepted into a family and not knowing how to handle it. Which is pretty much how I imagine Harry would react.
anon chapter 5 . 9/18
I wish Harry would get angrier. Those idiots ruined his life just as he was putting it back together.
anesor chapter 3 . 9/16
They are awfully suspicious of the results of their own magic. they got a veteran or the war they're fighting, that means HE's the PTSD and stop pushing. Summonings like this are pure cruelty, they forget willing.
Gemm13 chapter 16 . 9/12
archgirl chapter 16 . 8/29
I just found your story and I love it. I have been looking for something like this for awhile now. You are a wonderful writer and I hope you find your inspiration to continue with this story.
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