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Mary Rose chapter 4 . 1/29/2017
I enjoyed reading this.
Galloway chapter 4 . 4/11/2015
Oh, goodness. Every single line of these drabbles is wonderful, and together they make such a delicious, layered and, above all, sweet whole. (Did that sound just like one of Mary Ann's pies? Probably fitting.) I swear, if GI had stayed on the air long enough for MAG to become canon, they would have been the sweetest couple in television history. Lacking that, I'll just have to imagine it would have gone exactly like this. Well done.
biddle29 chapter 4 . 8/4/2014
JWood201 chapter 4 . 10/28/2013

I'm the worst, I'm sorry. This was beautiful, I love all these little stories you've been weaving together. The last one is my favorite. You paint the picture of the scene beautifully and it's a concern that I think she would really have (I touch on it in "End of the World"). I love G Man so much here, wanting to make her happy, but also he really means it deep down.

I love the first one, too. I'm a sucker for stories that incorporate their "past lives" (or "real lives," if you will) into their island lives. The show didn't touch on them much, but I think these moments make them more well rounded characters and far more interesting to explore.

Well done, once again! Hope to see you writing some more GI fics!
K9grmingTwihard chapter 4 . 9/25/2013
I just love this chapter it was fantastic. I would love to see you add more if ever you decide to do so.
ForeverLulu chapter 2 . 9/8/2013

I hear ya, Mary Ann. Plus, if I kissed Gilligan for every time I thought he was amazing, I'd still be kissing him now.

'she thinks he doesn't know anything about her.'- Judging by that whole drabble right there, he knows more about her than she does! So cute how he's noticed everything. Kinda sexy, too...

Funny how men ALWAYS think pregnant women look beautiful but the women just think they look fat. I guess the man sees the blossoming of new life, the fruits of his labours, so to speak. The woman just sees extra blubber and back pain :)

'He sometimes stands 'at-ease', hands clasped behind his back, feet shoulder width apart as if he's regressing back to his days in the navy'. HE DOES! and it's very manly! It's so sweet how Mary Ann knows just as much about him as he knows about her.

'Her gentle breathing in the night keeps him sane. Even when the past catches up to him, and he dreams of war and fighter planes and bombs dropping around him, of his friends and comrades dying, of killing others just so he can survive.'

Thanks for bringing a bit of gravitas to Gilligan's past. Gilligan fans know that the very fact the he got into the Navy in the first place means he's not a complete doofus.


'He picks up a bamboo pole as thick around as his arm'. So, not very thick, then :D

The Professor performing a blood transfusion! Way to go, Proffy! What a guy! And way to go, Skippy, having the same blood type as Mary Ann! (I've never understood how that works. Like when the parents have different blood types and you get 'blue babies'. What's that all about?) I'm sorry that MA had a traumatic delivery though. Hope it doesn't put them off having more babies in the future (aka, JWood201's, 'hordes of wild children', with unkempt, thick dark hair and beautiful smooth tan skin, running around all over the place like Jungle Boy.) But poor Gilligan, swigging brandy and listening to MA's screams as his son is brought into the world.

Oh wow. A baby with Gilligan's eyes and Mary Ann's nose would be just too adorable *not* to pass around! (In my story they had a girl (Molly Rebecca)- she suffered the same fate, kidnapped every five minutes by Gramma and Grampa Howell.)

Aww, 'Spoiled' is wonderful.

'She lays Danny in his crib, covers him with the blanket and before she can even make it to the bed, he's scooped her up in his arms. She squeals with delight, kisses him like she hasn't seen him in years. And it's only when he's under the blankets, warm and tangled in her arms that he truly feels at home.'- Beautiful. And funny how even though they're 'far from the madding crowd' on their tropical island, they all still have the same kind of 9-5 work schedule that they would have if they were back in Hawaii (or the US).

'Fire' is SUPER HOT. 'Every inch of skin he can get his hands on'. Ay carumba! Sexy!Gilligan is my favourite, along with Grumpy!Gilligan and Jealous!Gilligan.

Haha! LOVE the one where Ginger tries it on. "Gilligan," *purr purr* "my hut roof needs patching." YEAH RIGHT. And then Mary Ann turns up all, "I want a word with you, SLUT". And Gilligan's just like, "Mary Ann must be having one of her mad days."

Oh, Ginger. She should know by now that if she tried it on with Skippy her hut roof would be patched before she knew it. THOROUGHLY patched.

Gilligan's dancing. That would make anyone laugh! But it sends his baby into hysterics!

My little Skipper. D'awwww! Faster even than Gilligan!

Ooooh! Gilligan's proposal is so sexy. "Marry me." Not even a, "Mary Ann, will you marry me?" Just a single, manly command. "Marry me." **shiver**

"A little demanding aren't we?"

"Well, I don't really see the point in asking. You're going to say yes anyway."


'A little cheer erupts outside the hut.' LOL! Buncha crazy eavesdroppers. I bet Mrs. Howell's head was almost poking through the hut wall.

'She's not wearing a veil'. Well, there's not much innocence to conceal any more... :p

'Danny toddles in front of her, throwing little tropical flowers in her path. He watches him with a smile, until the boy trips, doing a perfect little flip in the sand and lands squarely on his bottom. Mary Ann gasps and quickens her pace as Mr. Howell mutters to him, 'Yup, he's your son alright.'

Let's hope Danny doesn't develop a penchant for tall socks and test tubes. What? That was a joke (:

That's right, palm the kid off on the spinster Aunt :DDDD

Gilligan takes 'you may now kiss the bride' to a whole new level. Yowsah. And Proffy catches the bouquet. Start running, Roy!

And what a great drabble to end on. 'Sometimes they argue, which leads to a fight, which leads to him sleeping outside in the hammock for the night. And sometimes, she wakes him up with a kiss then leads him back to bed to make up before the night is over.'

Shouty!Gilligan, with his blue/green eyes blazing and hands waving, tripping over his words. Indignant!Mary Ann, brown eyes sizzling, throwing accusations. And then intense make-up sex. No way could she leave than man outside in a hammock without getting the urge to jump his goddanged sexy bones before the night is through. NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH!

There. I'm done. Until next time ... dun dun dunnnnn
K9grmingTwihard chapter 3 . 9/7/2013
I just loved chapter 2 it was so sweet, wonderful, and beautiful. I also absolutely loved this chapter. I loved how Mary Ann kept teasing Gilligan to the point where he couldn't control himself anymore. Bravo! You've captured their moment of passion beautifully. I just love your writing and I hope that you do one for the Professor and Ginger someday. Update soon.
TereseLucy384 chapter 3 . 9/6/2013
wow . . . that was steamy ;) 3

phew - I'm off to the shower. Anybody else want a cigarette, or is it just me?
JWood201 chapter 3 . 9/6/2013
Ahhhh you're spoiling us with updates!


I'm so tired I can't put a coherent thought together today, but thank you thank you for joining our crazy group and entertaining us thoroughly!
ForeverLulu chapter 3 . 9/5/2013
I'm going to review chapter 3 before chapter 2 because it's naughty and that's what I like. I'm not even going to tell you how cheeky you are that you didn't post this as a separate story in the M Ratings section. I always hate posting in the M Ratings because no one ever knows they're there, and when people think M they immediately think 'badly written p*rn'.

LOOOOVE how this starts out, with Mary Ann teasing our poor little Gilligan like a seasoned temptress. But doing it oh, so innocently! I could just see him tilting his chin towards her, following her scent. Gilligan was always a man who followed his senses, quite literally.

'She knows how to play and she plays it well. Sometimes, she doesn't interact like this with him for days, confuses him, makes him stew, makes him think on his toes. Then she's back again, touching, teasing, smiling. It's driving him insane, this game of hers. She makes it so that his every thought is of her and when his mind wanders, she comes back to trap it in her grip once more. She's always there and yet he hardly ever sees her.'

She's a little minx, that's what she is!

Gilligan's gun went off prematurely when Mary ann walked by in her 'skin lovers' and tiny bikini top. Well! If that isn't a euphemism, I don't know what is. And the discharge almost killed Mr. Howell! GADZOOKS!

'She stops a little after that. Dabs at his black and blue jawline with a cold cloth as she sighs pitifully. He crosses his arms. Good. She should feel bad, this is all her fault. The little siren.'

LOL! Make her work for it, G Man.

Hey, wait a minute- did sweet little Mary Ann make Mr. Howell apologise? Ha ha!

And then she starts licking pie from around Gilligan's mouth. Hot dang! Here we go!

'He closes his eyes, his fist clench at his sides and a heavy breath blows through his nose. His heart hammers, his lungs constrict, his stomach flutters as if he's swallowed a thousand butterflies at once.

No. He thinks. No, no, no, NO!'

- Oh come on, Gilligan. We know you want it!

'Then with a disappointed little sigh, she starts to walk away. His eyes shoot open in surprise, drops his head back with a pained groan and it thuds against the tree. Oh, the hell with it! His arm shoots out, yanks her back with a surprised little squeak; crashes his mouth to hers; sighs when she returns it with equal ferocity.'

- That's the spirit! GET IT, GILLY!

'Lifts her up, feels her legs clamp around his waist, feels her fingers in his hair, buries his own under the smooth cotton of her shirt. No time. Nowhere to go.'

- LOL, even your writing has speeded up! C'MON, G MAN, GIVE IT TO HER! GET BUSY! :DDDDD

Oooh, the little growl of impatience makes a welcome return. Damn, it's getting hot in here... and then it begins raining...oh my, lust in the dust becomes a slippery mud fest...

'Whatever he was hoping for, she knows he's shocked when he finds himself straddled and pinned beneath her. Surprised by her own aggression, but too thrilled by the rush of power to care, she slams him down by his shoulders and ravages his mouth, her fingers clawing at his clothing to reach bare flesh.'

- Holy hell, this is what happens when years of unrequited passion gets unleashed!

'Her need rages out of control, and if he's feeling even a fraction of the desire she is, she knows their coupling will be frantic and brief. She doesn't care about that either. She needs him now.'

- Yes, our sweet little Sailor Man does seem to have that effect on women... !

Love the descriptive writing. I too, firmly believe that you can write about sex without, well, you know, writing about sex. Feelings and emotions and the effects of lust and passion are much more exciting and arousing than crude and graphic descriptions about which bit goes where. You've handled this very nicely. :)

Poor Gilligan, he's so far gone he can't even say her name properly. It's too long!

I can never get enough of stories where MAG finally get it together. I've got to the stage where I don't even want a build up. We know how long they've liked each other. We know he's shy and goofy and bumbling and she sends out mixed signals and each day comes to an end with the two of them wishing they could tell each other how they feel and the next day it's just gonna be more of the same. It drives us crazy, this eternal will they/won't they? I long for stories where it's, "HELL YEAH, SCREW THE BUILD UP, THEY GET IT ON AND IT'S HOT AS HADES!"

Because in those stories, they're still cute and goofy and bumbling and 'innocent', but you know you're going to get a wild ride as well. You're going to end the fic feeling as if you need a post-coital cigarette. And it's just too adorable how they tease each other and play with each other, and are surprised by the intensity of their feelings. MAG could spend twenty years making hot, passionate love, and they'd still be surprised by it. Gilligan with his mouth gaping like a fish, and Mary Ann blushing like a virgin. :D

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that. And since I no longer smoke, I'll just sit here and stare goofily at the wall for a few minutes :DDDD
TereseLucy384 chapter 2 . 9/4/2013
It's okay if it jumps around a little ;) TOTAL MAGNESS 3

Can you do me a favor? Keep it coming. hahaha - love what you're doing.
ForeverLulu chapter 1 . 9/3/2013
Good Golly, Miss Molly! You've certainly got under the skin of Gilligan here. Like all the best GI fanfic writers, you've rounded him out and given him depth and maturity without losing the goofy, boyish charm that makes him who he is. You've also managed to maintain a certain distance between the reader and both Gilligan and Mary Ann, so that all we can do is observe, with delight, the beautiful butterfly dance, the gentle intricacies of this budding relationship. (I don't know if that makes sense... I always try to express myself and end up getting confused.)

Okay- I'll get back to basics.

Love all the kisses. Love the scene in the cave. Love Gilligan with the pistol. Grumpy Gilligan. Shy Gilligan. Gilligan with itchy hands and feelings he's beginning to enjoy. I can just picture him casting his soulful, sidelong glances at Mary Ann and 'things' starting to happen :)

Love his lips crashing down on hers. That bit was very sexy.

The chase games and the jitterbugging, the necklace, and then... 11. Love.

Oh my. His impatient little growl as he rips his own shirt off! AND THEY DID IT! I think I'll be reading that one over and over... **ahem**

The drabbles with the Headhunters. Are they Mary Ann's nightmares, or real scenarios? Or is it up to the reader to decide? I think they're symbolic dreams. Or wait- maybe not, because of the scar on his shoulder. Poor Gilligan.

I love it all. And then the pregnancy.

Very good writing, very fine drabbles. You practically covered everything! Your MAG shipping presence is sorely needed in the GI fandom because some of us haven't written anything for ages. (Even though we want to).

Just for the record, I too, became a GI fan seemingly overnight. All it took was a few fanfics and a few episodes and that was it, hooked. I have the biggest crush on Gilligan. (:

Look forward to reading more from you!
K9grmingTwihard chapter 1 . 9/1/2013
I just loved your story it was so sweet romantic and touching. I hope you write more to this.
J Lahoud chapter 1 . 9/1/2013
Excellent! I really enjoyed this...and alcohol on the island? I'm mad I didn't think of that. Just imagining what shenanigans the castaways could get into with a little spirits to grease the wheel is making my head spin. Thanks for posting and look forward to more...JL
JWood201 chapter 1 . 9/1/2013
Wheeeeee! What a great thing to wake up to on a stormy morning before a long day at work (unpaid, btw). You made me so happy with this.

And it was a lot longer than I was expecting, too!

You're an excellent writer and I love how you have all the drabbles be interconnected in the same universe. Welcome to the GI board and I hope to see more from you soon!
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