Reviews for D17: Firefly's Light
liam.b.fenn chapter 1 . 7/8/2015
Please continue I really want to know what happens next
Elivra26 chapter 1 . 9/1/2013
This is lovely! To be honest, I've always thought the Doctor should always be a man, not through a warped sense of misogynistic superiority, but because the Doctor seems to have a strong paternal aura around him, when he's not flirting or being flirted at, that is! He just seems to be intrinsically male(again, not dissing me own gender), not as a rough, tough, alpha type so commonly associated with "being male", but being more... ugh, "paternal" is the word I'm getting again. Don't mind me, I usually tend to ramble a lot, and without making sense, to boot.

Your fanfic is the first story to actually make me kind of accept the idea that a Doctor can be a woman. You've made her ways and manners a little feminine and a lot older(as in the mannerisms of an older person, which is to be expected since she'd probably be, what, three or four thousand years old?), and yet, she is easily recognisable as the Doctor, and I love it! The world needs more Time-Lady-Madwoman-with-a-box adventures and you need to meet that demand ASAP!

Thank you for an entertaining read!