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goddessofbookss chapter 10 . 10/3
Honestly loved reading this story! For 2 days I couldn't stop reading it! Amazing job!
Korthalion chapter 9 . 9/30
In all the years I've been reading fanfiction, I've only shed a tear a few times.
I've shed tears of sadness, I've shed tears of happiness, and I've laughed so hard that I've cried before.

This is the first fanfiction I've ever read that has made me shed tears for the pure beauty of what I've just read. For the aching heart and the yearning for love such as this story describes.

Thank you.
HGRHfan35 chapter 10 . 9/28
Great story.
The characterization and mannerism was just so spot on the I had no problem imagining them ‘speaking’ in my mind.
Thank you
Guest chapter 5 . 9/11
so is harry gay? feeling inadequate to hermione's body, really?
Guest chapter 4 . 9/11
raul.a.cortez17 chapter 1 . 8/25
Ok, wow. I have read through this story twice now. I know it's been a while since u finished this, and you may not be active anymore; however, this has just been a fantastic read. I love, as in absolutely adore, your diction. Honestly, your writing is by far the best I have seen in HP FanFiction. Your portrayal of characters is truly unique and refreshing (except Ron. Your Ron drives me crazy haha). You have spot on nailed Hermione's character while I think you have added a few points to Harry's IQ. Nonetheless, it is evident a lot of thought was placed on the plot with having prof Flitwick going all research mode. Loved it just loved it.
Wordaholic chapter 10 . 8/4
I kept meaning to review after each chapter but the urge to get to the next one always won out (resulting in me reading this in less than 24 hours and only because I had some pesky living to do in between.. Ugh)

Still, I promised myself I wouldn't leave the story without reviewing so here I am. I know you wrote this ages ago, as is the case with most HP fan fiction, but I wasn't really into fan fiction back when HP was a very active creative beast. Recently I started suffering from a very bad case of Harry Potter nostalgia and instead of revisiting the source material, I seem to have fallen into a rather deep hole of fanfic binge-reading. The reason for that, I'm sure, is that it took some serious work the first time around to convince myself that I had to read the final book once it seemed obvious we were going the Ron/Hermione route. And that was before I knew about That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Read (you know, that 'thing' at the end of book 7 with the incoherent pairings and the heartache and the suffering and the overall yuck.. Yeah, that thing, the ep- ... the epil- Ugh, forget it, I can't do it.) Plus, Sirius was dead so... what was the point of life, really?

Anyhow, now to what really brought me here to this box, I truly want to thank you for creating this and putting it out there for us picky souls to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I cringed so badly in anticipation for the embarrassment both Harry and Hermione went through in this. It made me laugh, too. Not just in the "lol, that's so funny, I'm mentally laughing right now" fashion, but in the "I actually woke up my toddler cuz I couldn't refrain from laughing at 2 in the morning" way, so thank you for that.

Everyone felt so familiar (except perhaps for my boy Harry when he got really fancy in there from time to time) and that was so incredibly refreshing. When you're a picky reader like myself consuming fan fiction by the bulk, it's nice to be reminded of what the characters are actually like. That Ron's not really capable of being a monstrous excuse for a human being and was actually a pretty OK friend who loved Harry and Hermione in his own faulty way, and whose only real crime was that of not being Harry James Potter, or Hermione Jane Granger, himself. Also that Dumbledore, for all his secrecy, really loved these children to literal death.

To sum it all up -as your Harry would say-, it's 2017 and you're still awesome.

P.S. : Also, those footnotes, man! I feel so enlightened right now (and like such a lazy writer/reader, but hey that's on me, not you).
TheMonitor1079 chapter 10 . 7/31
Your vocabulary is simply fantastic. This is the second story of yours that I have read so far. I'm definitely going to look up another.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/18
Just glorious. Beautiful. A nice amount of humor. Lovely banter. And Snape - oh, Snape. I could just hear Alan Rickman muttering every comment you wrote, and I laughed out loud at nearly every one of them. (I rarely envision the movie actors as I read fics, but your Snape really brought out the Rickman.)

The only thing I could possibly wish for was just a little more "pillow talk." That's the premise of the story, after all. But we don't really get H/Hr in bed together enough, at least not awake. We get Incident 1 - Harry sneaks out, no interaction. Incident 2 - shrieking and hilarious slapstick. Incident 3a - H/Hr having quite possibly the cutest, most knowing middle-of-the-night pillow talk in bed together I have ever read. So innocent, with only subtle yearning. Just lovely. Incident 3b - awkward embrace upon waking, but absolutely lovely; then diffused quickly by other girls around. Skip night 4, then Incident 4 - surprise birthday awakening in Harry's bed, with such a lovely embrace, but only a few quips and then skip ahead.

If you had one more conversation like 3a later in the story, maybe some more awkward but resolutely contented conversation while embraced there... or something like that, it would have been even more perfect. It also might have avoided a bit of the overly lengthy monologues toward the end as they finally "work things out." I mean, seriously, by the time Hermione wakes up in Harry's bed, with her practically on top of him - HOW are they not going to TALK about that? Harry extricates himself in 3b merely because the noise of the girls allows an excuse and distraction. How exactly do Harry and Hermione extricate themselves from an obviously even more intimate embrace two days later? You say they simply fall back asleep? Then what? Not to be too crude, but with Hermione basically on top of him, was Harry's "broomstick" not "ready for flight"? Could two clearly horny teenagers magically driven into each others' beds by their libidinous affinities both really, truly just ignore such an intimate embrace, fall back asleep, and then merely rise silently and walk to McGonagall's office?

That's the only major plothole here, and it would have also given context before the meeting where they discover the stuff about their "affinity." They could still have been somewhat in denial of the sexual aspect, but at least made a tacit acknowledgement that this was clearly more than random teleporting... as they clearly snuggled so divinely together. A little diffusing banter and perhaps some unintended caresses (obviously only meaningful to each in their private thoughts) as they navigated that position and then fell back to sleep would have been very welcome.

Otherwise, it's a brilliant and entertaining story. Really brightened my day.
MuggleDumbledore chapter 7 . 6/23
You story was going good but chapter like this ruins the mood. Don't try to explain truck load of details and intricacies, it breaks the flow of reading.
Your story is light hearted but I won't deem it acceptable for humor category, only first two chapters could qualify for that.
jon reeve chapter 9 . 6/12
"Well, you know me," he said in unsurpassable nonchalance. "I like to get right to business. I just gotta have things the moment I want them. So when I see a girl I like, I get to know her inside out and play the friend zone a little and then bam! – six years later I got her right where I want her."
"Like, in a boat with cookies and pumpkin juice?"
"Exactly," he said, pretending to be as conceited as it gets. "Works every time."

/That's cute. It's moments like these that make me not automatically skip romance stories even though they rarely have such decent dialogue.
jon reeve chapter 7 . 6/12
"Watch the sigma spectrum," Dobby told Professor Flitwick; the house-elf's enormous eyeball nearly touching the metal eyepiece.

/I've gotta say, I like your Dobby.

Harry looked more than a little muddled when he said, "So, uh, what? One of our magical energy… field… thingies… is like, 'Hey you, how's it going? Wanna hang out?' and then the other one is like, 'Sure thing. Your place or mine?' and then a lightning strikes?"

/lol, this line had me doing like a gasping cackling thing.

Finally! A WW that's not totally divorced from its history. People pick the weirdest, strangest, anti-logical rationalizations for how the WW works, and then have the nerve to get bothered when it doesn't make an effective cohesive whole.
jon reeve chapter 6 . 6/12
“,,, , and I've been thinkin' this fer quite a while now, Hermione, I jus' wouldn't wanna be the poor bloke in yer life who's gotta compete with Harry."

/lol. Eloquent, Harid, eloquent.
stefanie1955 chapter 9 . 6/11
Goodness! Finally!
stefanie1955 chapter 8 . 6/11
She likes him, she needs to stop. Ugh. Who am I to judge anyway? This happened to me also with my best friend. I was indeed afraid to lose him, and also had a similar conversation to this one. I can't believe how infuriating it is! UFGH! No wonder our other friends were sick of us. *smh*
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