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Darksnider05 chapter 13 . 11/13/2013
Would kind of like to see a few scenes of Kal-El talking to people from his home planet expressing how surprised they are to see him. Him learning a bit about who he was and him also sharing a bit about what he can barely grasp about his past.
jrrm64 chapter 13 . 11/13/2013
When are you going to call him Mon-El?
Airbender42 chapter 12 . 11/10/2013
The whole universe / Gotham juxtaposition works for me .This story made me actually research Cassandra Cain since I really dont know her story. Again I'm amazed at the scope and detail of your writing. Yes the TDKR also gave me a headache . Thanks for the incredible chapter!
PS Yes I do miss Clark a lot. This has been so rough on Diana. But I trust you probably have a whole arc for his return :-)
666Peaches101 chapter 12 . 11/8/2013
You're harsh but I like your story anyways ;-)
It make senses and clever for mixing the The Knight Trilogy and No Man's Land. I thought the movie make sense and I remember reading one story that revenge and hatred poisons the soul.
Other than that, this chapter is brilliant!
Poor Diana, she's suffering big time. :'(
Jethro25 chapter 12 . 11/8/2013
This continues to be a fantastic story. Loving it. Keep it coming, G
redchinese chapter 12 . 11/8/2013
Bhdjkgfegvskhdjs- ohhhh boy- okay dude- I like your writing- its clean, neat and effective as well as entertaining and thoughtful.

But this one chapter felt real unbalanced- I'm sorry but it does. And Auag-I understand tim and Cass are your favourites, there's nothing wrong with that- I found myelf enjoying their interaction throughout.
Thing is, isn't this part of the story suppose to reflect the battle on two fronts? Both on earth and in the sky? We don't even hear the conflict in otherplaces caused by 'overactive supervillians' on earth- mainly just tim's (or about tim's) going'ons in gotham.
It Just feels like a poor choice of juxtoposotion to the narration of justice league v.s. The blackest night (all of which involved less detail then a wiki summary- but aparantly more worlds then just 'many' and a entire universe at stake).

And, with an abscence of connection between the two conflicts, and the one member of the trinity tim and cass have connection to, put on a bus for most of the chapter; while reading, I felt like I was grasping at straws. (Hell, they don't even talk to bruce till near the end- instead spend most of it interacting with barbara- running around gotham like headless chicken.)

It would have worked so much better as a seperate oneshot intead of forced here like this, where tim and Cass's achievement- which are awesome, wonderful and heartwarming, come off less important then they are, because of there's a universe being screwed over by war in space. This isn't fair to any of the chatacters :'[.
chiroho chapter 12 . 11/8/2013
Well that was definitely worth waiting a little longer for!

Really liked the way in this chapter that you alternated back and forth between the much smaller scale fight between the "bat-fam" (okay, you called it bat-clan, but bat-fam sounds more like batman! ;) and what's going on in Gotham City with Bane, and the much more massive and devastating war going on across the Universe - which is REALLY taking a toll on JL members based on the number of deaths you mentioned. Apparently you really weren't joking when you said you'd need to whittle the numbers down some.

Also thought that your take on the whole Bane thing made a lot more sense. Heck, if Sups or anyone else in the DC universe with that sort of power (Kara, Billy, Lanterns, even WW) was around they'd just zoom in, pick up the whole truck and then go. All over and done with in 10 seconds. And I'd like to see Bane try and stop one of those metas! No matter how strong he may be, he's not a metahuman.

Not being so much into the DC universe, I wasn't aware of the Cassandra Cain characters, but I think you did a great job building her into the storyline you have here. Having her work with Tim, who would understandably be very nervous on his own in a city like Gotham during Bane's rule. So having Barbara work to get them teamed up, and particularly to have Cassandra take over her role as Batgirl, works very well. Also like the way in which Dick and Barbara stand up to Bruce. Someone needs to do that once in a while!

As I said, I really liked the fact that you didn't go into huge amounts of detail on the war raging between the different splinterings of lanterns. It's interesting that you had the JL pair up with what remained of the Green Lanterns plus the Star Sapphires, though I guess since they knew the truth of what was happening it does make sense. The casualties are obviously very significant, especially that of Donna whose loss was obviously a huge impact on Diana. And then, the fact that Hal returns to say that Superman isn't on Apokalips, will very much crush her. No wonder you say that Hal's statement broke her heart. So I really do hope that we actually get to hear something from Clark next time, and that the machinations of the Greek gods have managed to allow him to somehow escape. Because boy, someone just needs to give Diana a hug!

Thanks as always for writing. Very pleased for you that NaNo is going so well. Does this mean I can look forward to more sooner? ;)
MortalAmongGods chapter 12 . 11/8/2013
Man, how do you do this? This is the single most awe inspiring chapter in fanfiction that I have read in quite a long time.
Keep up the excellent work! :)
Berserkerofhell chapter 12 . 11/7/2013
I miss Clark. I hope his absence really pays off. :)
redchinese chapter 11 . 11/7/2013
Soooo... Are we finally going to see clark?
He's been gone so long from your chapters :X. Oh wells- happy writing in the mean time mate.
Airbender42 chapter 11 . 10/31/2013
I would definitely miss this story till you can update again .Good luck with NaNoRiMo! Lol, initially it sounded like something the Jaegers would fight in Pacific Rim ( had to google it) . And no the Merge didn't scare me off i thought you pulled it off well. Intrigue galore in this chapter . The ending uttered by Diana the warrior just made me go Yes! Again , thanks so much for this chapter.
chiroho chapter 11 . 10/31/2013
While I'm certainly disappointed to be waiting longer for the next chapter, I certainly understand that this is a huge effort on your part, and let me say just how grateful I am for what you've written to date. If anyone complains, it's the whining of a spoiled child. Definitely hope your NaNoWriMo efforts go well, and am looking forward to the next chapter whenever that comes. (And at 111,000 words, you've already completed 2.2 NaNo's anyway!)

So the different thing is every section is a female character's POV - Diana, Diana, Athena, Kara, Barbara, and Carol? And yes, I remember General Swanwick's driver/aid, though not the connection to Carol Ferris, though it's interesting that IMDB shows her as a Major and she was always referred to in the movie as Captain. And she definitely appears to be USAF from the one scene she was in with a dress uniform (3rd photo of Christina Wren on IMDB).

Wow, lots of continued darkness this chapter, what with Diana's thoughts and her conversation with Lois (just love the little dagger to the SM/LL shippers with Diana and Lois being friends and discussing how Diana loves Clark/Kal), then her whole musing on the oncoming darkness which is obviously a very serious galaxy wide war. I can't claim to have read much beyond a few of the main characters in the DC universe, plus wiki pages based on threads from your story here, but I know of the War of Light between the different ring colurs, though the whole Darkest Night thing is tough to follow without knowing a bit more about what's going on than I do! And even if the chapter doesn't include a lot on this war, that doesn't matter to me as I'm definitely interested in whatever you write.

While I've not read it anywhere before either, the fact that the Lariat works the way you describe with Diana is a very interesting concept. I really like how Diana is slowly becoming not only more and more able to detect deception, but much less able to be deceptive herself. And her frustration with the other members of the Justice League is telling, which is perhaps another reason she's more attracted to Clark - while the whole concept of his Clark Kent identity is deceptive in itself, what he stands for is truth and justice. That's so different, in many ways, from what she is thinking about the other members of the league who lie so much, and from what nearly anyone else on the planet stands for. Yes, Kara probably falls into that category as well, but as Diana said she's too busy trying to figure out the whole "merged person" thing, but not many other JL members have that same level of truth in them. Well, let's hope Clark still has that after hopefully returning from Apokalips.

Interesting that there is some overarching plan by Zeus that uses Clark and Diana, and Hermes is part of it in the way he's still encouraging Clark to continue. I'm glad someone is looking for an opportunity to break him out though! That cannot have been a very nice three years at all!

Kara is certainly going through some interesting changes, and I like the way you've melded the characters together. I can well see her relationship with Barbara changing though based on her not really knowing what to say to her friend any longer. Hopefully that can be repaired over time, though I can also see Kara getting closer with Diana as you don't seem to have her so close with Donna. And her anger at discovering where her cousin is seems as though, between herself and Diana, there is going to be some carnage. I wonder if she'll fight like two Kryptonians exposed to a golden sun ...

Okay, don't know enough about all the different ring bearers to understand the difference with Star Sapphires and why they're not trusted, but obviously Carol plays an important role in getting information to earth about what's actually happening in the War of Light. Interesting that Ganthet comes to Earth seeking assistance from the JL, though he doesn't actually say why he's seeking them. Given his reluctance to talk about who is behind what happened at Rimbor, that may not have been why he was there at all! Also trying to figure out who was helping Carol at Krypton, though I'm guessing perhaps Athena given her heritage and plans, but not sharp enough on my Greek mythology to get the pomegranates and apples point. Suffice that you've certainly left it at a point where I'm just going to have to be rather patient!

Thanks so much as always for writing. Really enjoying it. Hope NaNoWriMo goes well for you!
cggunnersmate chapter 11 . 10/31/2013
Loving this Rigil, you do this as well as you've done your SW and ST ENT. fan fiction. Always love your work. By the way, Jeff Chapman Power Girl...DAYUM! His Supergirl is HOT too. How do you find this stuff? lol Looking forward to more as always.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/31/2013
Awesome update! The imagery is amazing and the emotion you can portray through the text is unbelieveable! More soon please!
Guest chapter 11 . 10/31/2013
Omg this is nuts! Lois ! Diana! Athena! Kara ! The Lantern wars! Darkseid! You keep a tight rein on everything . Seriously more people should be reading this... Not sure what's different on this chapter though ? More dialogue heavy? Btw Jeff Chapman power girl ...freakin awesome!
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