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CrystalOfTime chapter 10 . 7/20/2015
YAAAY! plz continue!
CrystalOfTime chapter 7 . 7/20/2015
is there 2 Malik's?
CrystalOfTime chapter 6 . 7/20/2015
is there going to be character deaths?
Guest chapter 10 . 3/19/2014
T-this. ..was the best thing I have read in MONTHS. If you don't update soon I'm going to take control of the clones and force them to attack you. Seriously, this is the best Yu-Gi-Oh horror story I've ever read!
Yami E chapter 10 . 3/9/2014

I was wondering where are you(to say i was worried a little bet though), so i was checking you're profile, and will just read about you're father and,
ummmmmm! Sorry i'm not very good at this,

But i knew the feeling of it, happens when my grandmother got to the hospital seven or six years ago, its was horrible! and i was not even very close to her,

So yeah, stay strong and i wish you best of luck.

Yami E chapter 10 . 12/10/2013

Sorry but, when the next Ch?*-*

sea ya next Ch.

Zeladious chapter 10 . 11/12/2013
Heya, just a passing-by here...been reading your fic, it's kinda pretty interesting with da horror shiz going down and all...s'cuse my wordings here and there... :P

Anyway...overall, I find it quite fun to read! (Despite it bein' horror...and I literally hate 'em because of it giving me creeps all the time...)
Kassandra21 chapter 8 . 11/11/2013
Oh dear Ra... This is so angsty I'm having trouble breathing. Kudos *tilde* I got really confused at Marik's voice there. Is he in the ring or is he in Honda's head? XD. Very nive work here, I never believed it would be Honda who would get the existencial crisist. To be honest I'd bet on Jou so another surprise for me XD Conda was quite convincing up to a point and cunning Cryou played it well when he first met Honda. I wonder who the beast is? It is Yack? Is it Yugo? Ooooooh so many questions *tilde* I am really glad this story will be longer *tilde*

Off to beddie.

Yami E chapter 10 . 11/10/2013

Thank you oh thank you thank you
thank you*-*
(gives you flowers Cookies and alot of other Gifts)

i was looking every where for the Manga,
(duelist Kingdom and Battle City arcs)
but never found them.
I looked every Manga site that has the Yugioh Manga but they all stops at the same spot(some where after Death-T),

Its just i've never actually thought about
writeing "Yugioh Duelist Manga" at Google,
Untell you tells me to look at
"Yugioh Duelist Manga Chapter 90"

i always just write"Yugioh Manga"
and they give me the first part olny-_-

and now they all there n_n
Duelist Kingdom,Battle City
they all there *Throws another Party*
Yaaaaaaaaay n_n

yes i do use a Mobile,
Wait let me try something.

Funny fact i actually knew that the Manga has been spilt into three parts,
"Yugioh Shadow Game,Yugioh Duelist,Yugioh Millennium World"
But i've never thought on looking for it-_-
i just write Yugioh Manga and then go crying about way no one actually care about Yugioh.

another funny fact!
Im still at Chapter 5 of the "Shadow Game" part¿¡

okay how about now?
Is there any different in my writing?

Anyway thank you againe*-*

see ya next Ch.

Yami E chapter 10 . 11/9/2013

(Throw a Party)

Yami Yugi is here n_n
"and" he is the creepy one from the Manga!
You look "Desperate"
(love that part)

will maybe not "Creepy" or umm?-?
But He is not the one who well gos
"Oh My God! Anzu ar you all right?"
or thats the one from the dub Anime?
that or i've read toooo much Fic's where Yami is just very sweet like a kitty#-#

Yeah Anzu kick her %#& show her who is the better and true one*-*
Go Anzu!.

The Control Room?!
I dont knew but that just give me an Idea!
What if all the colnes ar Robots¿¡.

I did believe that Jou really turned into a
Wolf Man!
I thuoght that they gife him something in the Food, or through the block out _ .

Thank you very much for ansering me
about my English*-*
is just few weeks ago,
i was reading a Yugioh 5D's Fic,
and i notice that the Auther is switching between the Japeness and the dub versoin's
so i point that out and asked which versoin the auther use?
But i've write something very imporment on Yugioh 5Ds horribly wrong(as horrible as imporment i knew is wrong but too lazy to look it out-_-)
Anyway so get back to fix my wrong,
to found another Reviewer says,
"that Yami reviewer didnt even knew English so what that they knew"

so i just want to knew how is my English but like i sayd no one i knew that knew English "Enough" to tell me.

thank you again
see ya next Ch.


Princess Unikitty chapter 10 . 11/9/2013
nice use of detail in this chapter. liked the beginning.
Kassandra21 chapter 7 . 11/8/2013
Oh Yugo Yugo... Can you say "inferiority complex"? *tilde*. If he really /is/ the better twin then why on earth would he have such a burning desire to hear the words from the one he consider the lesser twin? Such a great character development here. And I LOVE how he keeps showing off his wealth and rambling about the stuff he's got an how much they cost XDDD. Ahhhh vanity thou art a heartless b**ch *tilde*. Anyway, it's pretty much established that there is a clone for everyone and all the clones have grey eyes (like Yugo and fake Bakura); what I still fail to recognize is who is behind of all this, because I reckon (this is a word I picked up from you *tilde*) that Yugo is one of the clones and whether this whole thing has to do with genetics or a golem type sort of thing, the clone cannot be the mastermind, unless the creator insisted on his creations have the same characteristics as him (ergo grey eyes), the same way he has the name code. Oh dear, poor Ryou... Of course the pale scared boy goes first, although I must congratulate you on the originality if he really /is/ dead*tilde* Anyone else might have killed Honda first XDD. I'm not sure that they won't all come out alive in the end as it would so fit the horror filmish anti-cliche. Great chappie this one *tilde*

Kassandra21 chapter 6 . 11/7/2013
Oh Ra. Ryou's perspective. Of course it would feel desperate and claustrophobic *tilde* Hahaha when he felt a set that wasn't his own was he accidentally groping Anzu? XDD Also I loed with the LOTR reference and with Yami Bakura chanting all the time XD. It was kind of funny to imagine. Poor poor Ryou.
HA! I knew it. Doppelgangers...*tilde* Hopefully they won't be dead but then again this is a horror story. Once again chaotic darkness scene was awesomely described. CLIFFHANGERS! Yay XD. This is turning into a nail biter. I can't wait to see what happens to Ryou *tilde*

Kassandra21 chapter 5 . 11/6/2013
Oh well, you expected me *tilde*. First of all: Super Kill'em Beat'em Up And Get Pretty Girls?! *standing ovation* Enough said. *sits back down*

Yes the title is misleading, but meh, there was some dueling although at first I didn't understand why Yugo would insinst on getting creamed. Then I realised he didn't really care about the duel. They are his game mwuahahahaha! XD. Excellent chapter. You're so good at describing chaos XD. Awwww nuuuu RYOU! Oh well, it's a horror story, someone has to die (if not all of them XD). Oooh cliffhangers are awesome *tilde*. I love them. They are the writer's sadistic little weapon to keep the reader reading (not that this story would need such a thing *tilde*). I don't mind gore at all. To a degree I like it, it adds to the story. Makes it more realistic. Well it isn't a Yugioh fic without a sort of dueling scene XD. Very good work on Anzu being IC*tilde* Off to bed again.


(GAHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO RYOU. But I won't cheat and see *tilde*)
Kassandra21 chapter 4 . 11/5/2013
Here I am again with ritualistic consistency*tilde*. It was really nice of you to give comment guidelines XD. Well let's start. I love, love ABSOLUTELY LOVE Yugo. He's snobbish to a point of magnificence. He brags in an oh so elegant way which makes it sound like he's not, as he constantly states that which is obvious to him but not the others (ergo the shortbreads and the paintings). Brilliant work with him *tilde*. Of course Jou's POV is angsty but I am guessing Ryou's will be even more. Poor poor Ryou XD. I bet Yugo will not have his eye on the Sennen Items eventually, but I will wait and see. I believe all the characters you've written so far are completely IC and congrats on that. Especially Honda *tilde* I can't wait to see what's the deal with Yami Marik. But I will remain to my initial idea that this definitely has to do with doppelgangers of some sort *tilde*. Off to bed now XD.

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