Reviews for Siamese Whispers
ekate-sandshine chapter 3 . 2/25/2016
This beginning was very promising! :/ Loved especially the two first chapters. —e~kate
Rain Addict CM chapter 3 . 1/16/2008
that was really good, please write more for this story, i would greatly appreciate it, im sort of obsessed to know what happens.

~Smells like Rain...
Evil-sick-cow chapter 3 . 12/12/2002
You can't stop like that! I need the end! please! chapter 4? please?
Darklight chapter 3 . 11/20/2002
yes another Faith fic,I also like the Faith/Buffy pairing depending on when and how they got together. How it now stands with your fic, Faith gets to say her say and apologies to Buffy make peace with the past for herself and go on with her live and leave all the bad things behind in SD and make a fresh start with a Watcher that's hers and wasn't anybody's before.

Like the idea of your fic and Giles being confronted with his behavior toward Faith and leaving her all alone to face all the pain. The death of her first Watcher at the hand of Kakisto, Post betrayal, Buffy's betrayal by keeping Angel a secret, leaving her in the rat infested motel room, collecting her like a weapon when needed to patrol of fight some big bad, then returned to her motel room to wait for the next time they need her. But left out of all the other things, being asked to go to the Bronz, not as an after thought when they ran into her, but making plans and include Faith in it

There are getting a couple of fics out now that deal with that aspect of the treatment of Faith, with Faith that deal with the way Faith was dealt in SD, they left her all alone. The gave up on her, they never give up on one of their own but did it to Faith.

"You swore your loyalties to the Slayer, not your Slayer. I'm certain I don't need to remind you that you did once swear allegiance to this very girl."

Like the Howard Guy putting Giles in his place about what is being done to Faith and she needed help the moment she entered SD. Getting Giles of his high horse.

And the things Travers and his goons have done to her, Faith will get her hands on him and make him pay, for the time she's been at the mercy of the watchers.

Like the idea of Faith finally getting all her slayer powers, she was a match in power before but now she a lot stronger. And what ever other abilities like the glowing eyes. Keeping all the powers Buffy had during her battle with Adam, that was just cool.

Can't wait to see what memories Dawn has of Faith, like the idea of both of them having only good ones. Can't wait too see Faith have a run in with the Buffbot when she returns to SD, just days before Willow resurrects Buffy.

Also what about the origin of Dawn, her criminal behavior, can it be the other source of slayer the monks used in their creation of Faith.

I'm more of a Cordy/Faith pairing, I also like the Faith/Buffy depending on how and why they get together, I'm for Faith deserving someone better after her treatment by the scoobs and Buffy. Lets see Faith and Buffy make peace with each other.
fastpilot chapter 2 . 9/18/2002
I like it. I'mnot positive what all went on, but I like it. I guess I'm wondering if Faith goes on to do something with her (doubled?) Slayerness, after (in spite of the Cruciamentum's serum) she gets Buffy's powers.

Very cool.