Reviews for Harry Potter Becomes A Communist
F13rc3D3ity chapter 2 . 1/9/2021
Here to reread this after my political awakening as a true Comrade.
Guest chapter 18 . 1/9/2021
Lagaan is a good movie chapter 8 . 1/3/2021
wtf, why do you have to objectify women like that
Comrade Hugger chapter 191 . 1/1/2021
I just finished reading your whole story and it was a pretty funny parody of Communism. It kept my interest the whole time although the writing style took a while to get used to.
HP Sucks chapter 191 . 12/21/2020
Shit fanfic even worse than the original book series and that's saying something. Horrible attempt at writing. All these potheads who take this fic seriously are fucking ridiculous.
Rin chapter 17 . 11/24/2020
Thank you for this, it was wonderful
Guest chapter 21 . 11/24/2020
saying parvati's "exotic" is racist
Comrade Hugger chapter 15 . 11/22/2020
I can't believe how much I like this story :)
last chapter chapter 191 . 11/20/2020
it's 2020 why does capitalism still exist
darlingwendy chapter 191 . 11/8/2020
okay honestly if you believe that I feel sorry for you. personally I believe in anarchy but that's only because chaos is fun. I don't see why you spent all this time spewing words that you think make you look intelligent. Its not and this fan fiction is a joke. I mean its well written and all that. Your writing is fine and all but the idea is not. Its not amusing and its not funny. if ur trying to be funny I get it but honestly just take this down, please.
darlingwendy chapter 4 . 11/8/2020
ummm I thought this was a joke... but from your AN's I guess you believe in communism. I got nothing against communism but I just... its not the right thing for Harry Potter.
Korimako chapter 17 . 10/11/2020
This is brilliant "comrade"
A fellow comrade chapter 1 . 8/25/2020
My comrade the is a glorious story.
Guest chapter 191 . 8/21/2020
this is the best thing i have ever fucking read
Guest chapter 165 . 7/30/2020
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