Reviews for Dobby and Sock
1877399282883 chapter 1 . 10/20/2015
Mr Fairy Godmother Harry Potter? May I please have a Weezy Jumper for Christmas?
LunaNotLoony chapter 1 . 1/24/2014
Guest chapter 1 . 9/5/2013
Wat did I just read?
Hoopla chapter 1 . 9/4/2013
this is fucking hilarious
The Half-Blood Nerd chapter 1 . 9/4/2013
Hiya! Loving the pairing!
Even though it's short, it's sweet and had me cracking up. Especially your foot note.
One thing to pick up on, during the third sentence I think there should be a '-' before "also known to us as a sock."
I could potentially be wrong, but hey-ho.
Happy writing!
Hermione Is My Role Model chapter 1 . 9/4/2013
Me? Flame you? U r kidding, right? Why would I flame you?

LOL this was funny and cool :) u should also write one about "Dobby and the Weasley Jumper" – remember in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when Ron offers to shrink the jumper Mrs Weasley made him and give it to Dobby?