Reviews for The Boy in the Team
Guest chapter 78 . 11/15
i hate how naruko is just always there for every little problem or even no problem at all and they hold a long drawn out philosophical discussion all the time again and again, besides that it's pretty good
Purplebeian chapter 60 . 11/9
Not Zabuza then, Chojuro.
Purplebeian chapter 58 . 11/9
Purplebeian chapter 56 . 11/9
No, Fu! I wanted more ShinFu action...
Purplebeian chapter 51 . 11/9
Well, then. Somebody is fucking up Shinku's life.
Purplebeian chapter 50 . 11/9
Purplebeian chapter 45 . 11/8
Shinku is so badass when the situation calls for it.
Purplebeian chapter 34 . 11/8
Ohmigawd, I love this new development. Shinku is probably one of the best Sakura replacements ever.
Kakatoes chapter 56 . 10/26

Seriously you got me, I thought Fu joined Akatsuki after thinking shinku died even if it led to her own death in the end because of bugkaze bugs and imagined the dragon wasn't deidara but a giant bug.

Especially as I semi spoiled myself by reading the chap titles accidentally especially the last one. I really thought Hanabi would end with Sasuke (which might still be the case).

Anyway well played, you made me feel really bad, which shows that I care for your characters. This chapter makes this story one of my all-time favorites. Honest.

They were so cute together though. It's a shame. I love your Fu.

However what REALLY surprised me is to learn that you go blind while writing your story. I have several failed attempts molding in my files and each and every time I didn't start writing until I had the end/major axes decided before hand. I don't know how you can work like that. To each is own I guess. And yours must work better than mine as I deleted all the stories I started for not being satisfied enough with them.

Thanks for the hard work,

Cheers :D
Kakatoes chapter 44 . 10/26
Really loving the character development with Sasuke. And all around really. Yugao is hilarious.
Kakatoes chapter 11 . 10/25
I really like the rendition of inner shinku, a lot subtler that usual.

Still funny as hell.
Kakatoes chapter 8 . 10/25

Double standards much? Interesting.
I really like the peer pressure and view Shinku has.
Kakatoes chapter 7 . 10/25
Hey there,

Just posting to say that I love what I've read until now. This is original, funny, raises interesting dramatic questions and I can't approve more regarding the AN at the end regarding the alone feeling.

Thanks for the hard work,

Cheers :D
Bigreader in The Omniverse chapter 62 . 10/16
From all the snake hallucinations and his obsession with stopping death, i thought he'd get the snake summons.
Bigreader in The Omniverse chapter 31 . 10/13
Shinku, kill kakashi befire he kills yoy.
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