Reviews for The Boy in the Team
beta tester beater chapter 2 . 5/15
wait is he going to get stronger overtime
beta tester beater chapter 1 . 5/15
his hair does look like a ducks butt lmao
Manizilla chapter 35 . 5/10
Also, I really love how well written you male! Sakura is. And finally someone who also understands how the ninja like is. Kishimoto mainly focused on Naruto's life nothing more so most people assume Konoha ninjas are the good guys. They are not. They are just ninjas hired by someone to complete a job. You are one of very few author's who has gotten the understanding. Bless your soul for this fan fic.
Manizilla chapter 35 . 5/10
Whenever I listen to Miracle by The Score I think of Shinku
SmilingToTheAbyss chapter 45 . 3/25
Okay. So I see Shinku saying his mother 'could die for all he cared'. And, well, I just gotta say that this is foreshadowing, to say the least. I mean, it would certainly fit the theme and tone of the story. Time to see some deep regret-filled stuff?

I forgot to review because I'm in full binge spirit, going against this fic. But the fic is nice :)

Thank you,
Mr. Avocado chapter 83 . 3/7
This work is worryingly underrated
Zsombi chapter 27 . 1/31
Great premise but poor execution.
Zsombi chapter 19 . 1/31
So.. not only is the academy worse than subpar but their attamets at trying to compensate is worse than inefficient. A broken fighter is a bad fighter no matter how good they are combat wise. That's just waiting for the right circumstance to snap them and then you have an unhinges &/ vengeful fighter mucking things so much up at the worst possible time that you'll regret it for the rest of your life, if you even come out alive.

I would have likely just gave in to the tenant purely out of spite against those who just kept pushing and pushing when they were told several times to stop it.. you reap what you sow.. so if you want me so much to use "it" then I will oblige but at least half the village will also feel it... and it's completely your fault for being practically a savage bully.

.. I would likely not survive it but at least I would let the pushers /incompetent administration know that they royally ducked up, and take at least half the village with me.

When it comes to pain (physical or otherwise) I tend to be vengeful.. oyu take a finger I'll take at meat the entire arm right up to the shoulder.
Zsombi chapter 12 . 1/30
Soo.. Naruko is a spoiled brat. Kakashi a way worse teacher than in canon. The hokage (Minato here) cares more about the most inefficient team placement tradition to ever exist than the relative well being of anyone considered the near failure. And the MC despite liking to read a lot, thus imying that he has at least some common sense, is still with a clearly untrusting/uncaring /borderline hostile team (except .. surprise, Sasuke) after sufficient time to have realized that the negatives of staying on far outweigh the positives.

Though in his place if I wanted a deak job or may e even the Genin Corps I would have applied for a position/internship way before the academy final exam. In my opinion those are the safest shinobi positions. The safest would be failing the final exam or not even joining it, remaining fully civvie status while still learning chakra usage alone or with assistance (since his parents were ninja once, they could have taught him stuff). Becoming some temple monk apprentice would also be way better than being in any of the shinobi systems.

I think he's a moron. Not giving up is a great quality except when it isn't.
conan1214 chapter 30 . 1/18
this chapter was CRAZYY!
Guest chapter 83 . 12/27/2020
Amazing I laughed cried even felt embarrassed for them it's a beautiful. story good job lad/lass
AFAN chapter 83 . 11/11/2020
Love this story more and more the more I reread it just a good dark yet sweet story beautifully written thanks for the story
blacnk chapter 28 . 11/6/2020
i love fu-chan better than naruko
Guest chapter 31 . 10/2/2020
Kakashi is a hypocritical piece of shit, and a terrible teacher here. Even if he's trying his hand at reverse psychology and whatnot.

Shinku, purposefully or not, saved his team after Kakashi monumentally fucked up. To have the gall to dress him down like that - when he hasn't personally taught the kid a single, non-psychological thing, rubs me the wrong way.
Amaterasu53 chapter 1 . 9/13/2020
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