Reviews for Fifty Shades: Slow and Steady
sarabo chapter 92 . 2m
A wonderful chapter of S&S. Their "small" Christmas was really a fantasy. It's great having that much love in one room.
Naiadverso chapter 92 . 18m
That was the sweetest! Your update made my day :-)
Hard Pouncing chapter 92 . 30m
Fabulous as always
Shulova chapter 92 . 30m
I LOOOOVVVEEEEEEE F & F but I also have a deep and abiding love for S & S...I don't really care what you write as long as you continue to write something! Thanks for the update!
Kikita chapter 92 . 1h
Pittlor chapter 92 . 1h
Thank you for taking time out of your very busy life to write and share this wonderful chapter. It is so nice to see the 3 siblings and partners having such a fun Christmas. Great lemon too!
Crazy70 chapter 92 . 2h
Girl! This was hot didn't know super bowl was so inspirational
Chermayne chapter 92 . 3h
diffrentkey chapter 92 . 3h
Best part of today! An update!
melkrose chapter 92 . 4h
Wow! that was some good chapter. I missed your story. I only hope Christian is just tired and not sick.
Redgal chapter 92 . 5h
I was so excited to get the notification of a new chapter that I was reading it while having breakfast. As usual you always delivered. This chapter was soooo HOT, and I'm happy that our favorite couple still keeps it sexy, passionate, and intimate in the bedroom. Why Christian didn't share his ancestral heritage? Why is he so tired? I hope he is not sick.
I'm on the fence about Ana's mom because I don't want to see her hurt Ana again. Somehow I think this is all a game to her, I think she is very self-centered and will say and do anything to get what she wants. She will try to bring drama in their lives. For her to think that she must know her grandchildren but didn't care about her own daughter is ludicrous. She knows Ana has a good heart and she's emotionally blackmailing her. For her to allow another man to abuse her own daughter and defended him is unforgivable.
I know everyone deserves a second chance... let's hope she really has change or it will be hell to pay.
Thanks for the update Mrs Fraser your loyal fans will always wait patiently for you because we know real life is priority.
You and Lillian121 are the best!
Mrs Caron chapter 92 . 5h
Anal?! Month after month of crickets, and you roar back with Ana begging Christian to fuck her ass! Soooo perfect. Oh…yeah…and the huge chapter is phenomenal, it has everything we could have wished for and so many details only you could dream up. I do wish they served hemlock sandwiches in prison. And you just know that Ana's gonna cook her potatoes with Ina. :) xx Katherine
bmthespian chapter 92 . 6h
Great chapter
Com2meZT chapter 92 . 6h
Wow what a surprise to get a new chapter it was so good to share the holidays and to see Ana and Christian bonding and loving each other this story has been a favorite since the first chapter. More please
ChristinaLG3 chapter 92 . 7h
Wow! What an unexpected treat! I love S&S and F&F. I was beyond excited to see an update for Slow and Steady, it's one of my favorite FSOG stories. I remembered your usually busy this time of year and hope you've been doing well. Our favorite couple are as hot as ever and the talk between Ana and Carla was very emotional. I hope Ana's able to have some sort of relationship with her but I diffidently don't want her to get hurt again. Thank you so much for the update. It was nice to see you still have the writing bug :)))
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