Reviews for Swanns of the Seas
LadyBug chapter 42 . 8/14
Can't wait to see how this story continues. Hope everything goes well for these characters. Keep up the good work hope to see more soon.
Feoreldia chapter 42 . 8/9
Lydia and Barbossa are my favored couple here! I'm excited for the end if Dead Man's Chest and they are reunited. Please update soon!
babygirl2580 chapter 42 . 8/7
I really really really a thousand times really love your story and cannot wait for the next chapter to come out!
Greenwood Archer chapter 42 . 8/5
God, I can't even tell you how much I love this story. So where do I start? Plot is great, the amount of tweak to the main story is just right. Characters are amazing, I love all the Swann sisters, all seem very real and well fleshed out. Everyone is in character, even if put in very different situations. For example, I think you nailed the romance with Barbossa, not an easy thing to do. Writing style is excellant. I can't wait for you to update. (Actually, I feel that next time I watch PotC, it will feel a bit empty without Alice, Kitty and Lydia.)
Guest chapter 42 . 7/25
what a nice reunion for the sisters. hope kitty would forgive James
Roflmao101 chapter 41 . 7/24
I'm loving the direction of this story! I'm so happy that all the sisters are finally reunited. It's sad to see the interaction between Kitty and James. I mean, I'm torn on who to side with. Tia Dalma and Alice being friends is hilarious. If this story follows the same direction as the movies then I'm really worried for James and Kitty. I really do hope they get their happy ending. Great chapters! Update soon! Xx
Against-The-World-in-Every-Way chapter 42 . 7/24
AH! So happy for this chapter! But honestly the couple I'm most interested in is Lydia and Barbossa. I sat here reading the chapter, loving the drama, and all I could think though excited warm feelings were "I can't wait till Jack gets eaten by the kraken!"
Guest chapter 42 . 7/24
Megan Lyle chapter 42 . 7/24
This is a terrific and shocking chapter! You should update it more often.
Guest chapter 41 . 7/23
Guest chapter 41 . 7/3
More please more! Update PLEASE.
Guest chapter 41 . 7/1
Please! Please! Please! Update soon! This is amazing!
Queen Fantasy chapter 41 . 6/30
Your story is really good, I'm in love with it. I also think that the actresses that you've choiced for Lydia, Alice and Kitty are excelent for them! I don't like Dead Man's Chest so much but you make me love it more with your story! And my favourite characters are Sparrow and Barbossa and before reading this story I didn't like so much OCs with Barbossa (he's mine!) but I love Lydia for him! I can't wait to see what happen with them! Please keep updating, I need it! And have you thought about keep writing new stories until Dead Men Tell No Tales is reliased? Plots of your own with Jack, Alice, Barbossa, Lydia, Kitty... Think about it :)
Sorry for the mistakes, I'm Spanish.
Megan Lyle chapter 41 . 6/26
This is a terrific and shocking chapter! You should update it more often.
Guest chapter 40 . 6/6
Damn, that person who reviewed below me is something else! But hey, you can't win them all right? I love what you're doing with the story and I look forward to your updates! I hope you keep writing :)
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