Reviews for The Breaking Point
insanechildfanfic chapter 20 . 11/22
i love how Piper is finally getting a clue. It's actually pretty representative of the show. Once Paige found out Chris was her nephew she did everything she could to help him. But Pheobe actually sabotaged his attempts at saving his existence.
Miss Aphelion chapter 20 . 9/7
This is such a great story! It breaks my heart the way you right Chris, but at least he has this Paige and Leo looking out for him. I know it's been awhile but I hope you are planning to come back to this someday. I would love to see Chris get the help he so desperately needs! :-)
Wondering chapter 1 . 8/1
Are you ever going to update?
Guest chapter 20 . 7/7
Ummmmm I don't mean to whine but any chance of an update for this story or your other Charmed Stories any time soon?

I mean - come on it's been over 6 months.

If you are unable to update - could you at least tell us as it is kind of frustrating to read a good story (like all of yours are) and get to a fixed point in the story which is crucial to the entire storyline and then you leave it on a cliff-hanger without updating months at a time.
Daniel6 chapter 20 . 5/30
In the show, Pheobe was the one that backed Chris to the hilt. Now she's blaming him for her mistakes. It's so odd to see this. It makes sense that Paige is the one to be in his corner. From what I can tell, she essentially became Chris' mom after Piper died. And I loved the tongue lashing the bastard got! :-)
Daniel6 chapter 2 . 5/30
Normally it's Piper who uber-protective. And Leo is the SOB. Here it's a complete reversal. It's a shock. But it's also interesting. I'm intrigued to find out what happens.
brightflare chapter 20 . 5/29
Great story so far, hope you continue it sometime.
Jasmine-Now-Leaves chapter 20 . 5/17
Another great chapter, well done. I hope to see more in the near future.
Jasmine-Now-Leaves chapter 19 . 5/17
I am thrilled that you are continuing this story. I have been gone for a little while but when I found your update I had to read it again. Still love this story. Keep up the good work.
DemeRain chapter 20 . 5/4
Brilliant story. Thanks for sharing.
DracoAngelOfLight chapter 20 . 4/13
oh please update this Ive never seen one like this ... please update soon
kingdomheartsz3 chapter 20 . 4/10
Please update soon
Sarah Zitter chapter 20 . 4/8
Continue with this story please. Plus let Chris and Leo still keep there powers let the elders forgive them so that he can still have his powers same goes for the charmed ones please. Plus let Chris and Leo go back to the manor finally please.
NextGenerationNCIS chapter 20 . 2/3
This is really good. It makes you think about how much their actions could have pushed Chris. I wish that there was more lol.
tasha chapter 20 . 1/18
more please
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