Reviews for 75 Games: After the Mockingjay
PrincessLyoka chapter 81 . 2/24
156th Hunger Games. Wow this story has grown.
I quite like Jess. I don't see her as completely Career-like but just as someone who yearns for freedom. She chose to train as a killer not for the glory but because it was a choice she had other than the pre-planned life her mother wanted her to have. To her the Hunger Games was her one-way ticket to avoid that. I wonder what her life following victory was like...
sillymoose13 chapter 81 . 2/23
I really enjoyed this chapter. It was nice to see a more typical career again, and I think Jessica fulfilled the career stereotypes while still being her own character. I feel a little bad for her, since it seems like she will always be unhappy, but Jessica is a fighter, and I think she'll be able to cope over time (but maybe with the help of alcohol)

I want to write another chapter, but I haven't really had time lately. Maybe I'll get around to it in a few weeks? Can't wait for the next chapter!
Dist chapter 80 . 2/2
Love this Chapter
PrincessLyoka chapter 80 . 2/1
This was a great chapter to wake up too. Especially when there's tributes with some sort of disability. It adds variance to the mix instead of everyone being the same and health in some sort.
Thumbs up you you, mangesboy!
District4-divergent-nephilim chapter 80 . 2/2
Love this chapter!
sillymoose13 chapter 80 . 2/1
I really enjoyed this chapter! Although Rep definitely got a little (or very) lucky, obviously not every victor is going to be a cold-blooded murderer. It was nice seeing a different personality type for a victor
PrincessLyoka chapter 79 . 1/3
Congratz on the two years!
I really liked this chapter, mainly because of the whole "fairness fight." It's like the Hunger Games in Minecraft sometimes but I'm leaving that fandom out of this one.
As for the Quell idea, what about the one where 12-year-olds are reaped for the Games, like suggested in the forum?
firepoisonsteel chapter 79 . 1/3
I like this chapter. Also, I would like the next quarter quell to be a community project. However, instead of making chapters that only focus on the victor, maybe Gamemaker can make the victor perspective while other people make perspectives of different people in the game who die.
Cheive chapter 79 . 1/3
That was an epic battle ! I just love when it comes down to the two strongest tributes, so usually between careers, plus a fair and honorable fight ? those two were real gentlemans ! especially when Kane helped Caleb to get up.. there was no animosity or hate in this battle, no savage fights, just business, really cool chapter
firepoisonsteel chapter 78 . 1/2
My first chapter! I hope everybody enjoys!
PrincessLyoka chapter 78 . 1/2
Merry late Christmas and New Years to you too!
And finally anD3 victor! I liked the arena too.
sillymoose13 chapter 78 . 1/2
I thought Ace was very likable, and I enjoyed his win. He seemed to get a little lucky at the end with the vending machine, but not every victor is going to be a killing machine. He seemed competent enough to avoid the careers and hide in the maze, and this was a very good chapter!
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 78 . 1/2
This is the best arena ever. Sure beats out that one arena I submitted that, sadly, didn't get published yet.
District4-divergent-nephilim chapter 78 . 1/2
I particularly loves this chapter, since District 3 doesn't have many victors!
Cheive chapter 75 . 12/24/2014
I find Brook slightly hypocritical about the fact that she's disgusted that the boy from 7 use the other as a shield, like she wasn't going to kill the younger boy just after the one from 7 if he hadn't do that

excellent quell as always
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