Reviews for Rise from the Ashes
Orario chapter 7 . 5/21
Great fanfiction until now.
I love the fact that Harry isn't an idiot like in the original.
That's the beauty of the fan fictions. They have the potential to become even better than the original opera.

But fuck! I just can't believe what Dumbledore did!
You did a great job to blow my mind.
Thanks to you I'm going to write my first fan fiction, where Harry Potter will get to Crucio Dumbledore to insanity (I'm not kidding here).

But again, great work sir
lol chapter 20 . 4/11
"ousted from Hogwarts..." So after all that meddling Dumbles still got off without any serious punishment.
TheWierdestSister chapter 13 . 3/29
So I know you meant courtesy, but now I have this amazingly hilarious image of Uncle Vernon curtsying to Harry with his pinky out and everything...despite the spelling errors, I really like this story
Elena Shadow Wolf chapter 3 . 3/28
And there went another of your stories I refuse to read, not because of the storyline but because of your biases against Severus. Granted he had his faults but that didn't mean he couldn't be redeemed. Have you ever been bullied? Probably not or you'd have some sympathy for him, I have been bullied as a kid and you grow to be cold hearted. You lack trust for others and always wish you could have gotten revenge.

As for you point on him having to know about Peter, how? If Peter was a secret Deatheater then nobody would know, also yes he is responsible for James and Lily's death but he's human. We all make mistakes, whether small or large.
rigger42 chapter 10 . 3/24
okay so I'm really glad to see that Harry had the same issues with that verdict. it seems like your Dumbledore is determined to destroy all ofHarry's support. It's amazing he can be that stupid because Harry won't end up turning to him he's just going to be that much angrier and betrayed. I'm a little confused right now, however, as to who is Harrys guardian. So Sirius is his guardian but he just can't live with him?

another thing I'm curious about is whether in this world it still takes magic to see the school. Or is anyone with very low magical ability considered a squib? Thought squibs had absolutely no magic but it seems that Hermione must have a little. So she isn't quite a muggle.
rigger42 chapter 7 . 3/24
I'm really enjoying your story but have to totally disagree that they had a case against Sirius at all. If he had known Peter was a Death Eater when he recommended he be the secret keeper he would be culpable. But the question was does he know out someone is a bad guy after the fact does not make you responsible for the things they did it just makes you feel stupid. Unfortunately this makes it seem sort of contrived to keep Harry from living with him. and I mean in the storytelling and not by the 's also slightly difficult to believe Dumbledore would be so profoundly stupid. He's arrogant but he knows overtly moving against his godfather would totally alienate Harry. otherwise it's still a very strong story I just wanted to answer your question in the author note by giving my feedback. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does about the Ministry interference because I can't see his patience lasting much longer.
at-nightfall chapter 20 . 3/12
Did you have to take away half of Hermione and Harry's wedding?

I find quite often in US or UK fanfiction that when a wedding is described, half of the wedding is missing; namely the big party.

I am from North Germany. Here the wedding ceremony at the church is different from those in the US or the UK. Here a reception at or near the church is optional. But there is always a big party afterwards, with food, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and lots of dancing.
Traditionally the last dance used to be at 04:00 and lead by the newly wed couple.

You, and a lot of other writers leave out this party. Why?
Mionefan chapter 7 . 2/7
Sirius could not have known beforehand that Peter was a Death Eater. Dumbledore manipulated the frame up and Fudge went along with it.
Mionefan chapter 4 . 2/7
Imperio is an unforgivable. The ministry won't like that if they were to find out.
Guest chapter 19 . 12/31/2014
I thought albus was banned from sirius' house?
Guest chapter 16 . 12/31/2014
Elegant about the rest of the order what did they have to say when Sirius and Albus argued? Who's isde are they on, are they to not starting the question him?
Starlite22 chapter 8 . 12/30/2014
Am confused thought the last quixotic u match of the year had already happened between griffindor and slythatine,
Do not believe harry put play quiditch while Jermuone is in hospital and he hadn't even bothered to go visit her.
Starlite22 chapter 5 . 12/30/2014
Omg no u killed off Arther no why couldn't it off been Molly.
starlite22 chapter 3 . 12/30/2014
I like your story, but you use a few things we don't have in the UK like study hall? Not sure what this is and the schedule we call it a time table.
Lord Creeperbrine chapter 9 . 12/29/2014
this story to me seems familiar. 1 question does hermione get kidnapped and drugged by snape to think she is lily potter?
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