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SanestInsanest chapter 119 . 8/29
There's nothing else for me to say except a huge emphatic thank you. I've loved Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho crossovers for god knows how long (10 years? oh my god its been a while) and you don't know how happy it makes me to come back to the fanfiction community after a few years and be able to see that amazing writers like you are still writing and putting out quality work. To be honest, I have phases where I read fanfiction all day and phases where I couldn't care less, but I feel like no matter what, I will always hold Inuyasha YYH crossovers in my heart. I loved those fics for so much for my life, coming back and reading your fics is like coming back home LOL. Thank you so much for writing this story, its so whimsical and amusing and I love your characterizations. I honestly didn't know I needed this story in my life until I read it.

I really do hope you finish this story or if not, update soon! Can't wait to read what's next!
readme123 chapter 119 . 7/24
I luv it its so cute
FeatherTreeForest chapter 43 . 7/22
Blame Inuyasha for Kags being an early riser. Everyone else does.
FeatherTreeForest chapter 7 . 7/22
Kagome's been I so many similar situations that she can't even tell anymore, lol.
SussieT chapter 119 . 7/20
I'm so glad you decided to continue! Love the new chapters! Can't wait to see what ideas Youko will come up with! And Sesshomaru! n_n I just can't wait!
Happy Camper27 chapter 47 . 7/18
Extraordinarily good! To be honest, I haven't reviewed until now simply because I didn't have anything so say-I was simply looking forward to reading more and more!
However, as I didn't know if anyone had pointed it out, I figured I would do so at the risk of being unintentionally redundant: when you said that Kagome's reiki was the 'yin' to Youko's 'Yang', it should technically be switched around. This is because 'yang' (the black half) is the 'good' half, and 'yin' (the white half) is the 'bad' half.
Interesting piece of trivia (if you're interested): the 'yin' is often associated w/ a tiger, and the 'yang' is often associated w/ a dragon; hence, White Tiger, Black Dragon.
Still, this chapter was wonderful, and I look forward to catching up!
SilverontheRose chapter 119 . 7/15
LOL. You have to love a kitsune's view of life questions.
Lynansidhe chapter 119 . 7/15
Oh dear, I almost feel sorry for the group already :p
Foxluna chapter 119 . 7/15
Youko bad influence! and okay... maybe not. lol
Tolazytologin chapter 119 . 7/15
Yoko seems so happy in this this chapter!
KioshiUshima chapter 119 . 7/14
Bad influence Youko, on the scene!
Infinities Lover chapter 119 . 7/14
Lol cute~
tohru78 chapter 119 . 7/14
Great couple of chapters. But I'm wondering when the romance between Youko and Kagome will happen? Update soon.
Fyyrrose chapter 118 . 7/13
I'm excited you decided to continue! I understand about rereading some things in order to see where things were going/went/and crack smoked. Could always be worse, the chapters could be pages long, thousands of words (not that I'd be complaining). I look forward to the latest segments as you post them.

Always too lazy to sign in,
shadow miko chapter 118 . 7/13
great chaps- hurry and update asap please
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