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Guest chapter 88 . 5/20
As of this writing, the download URL in EagleJarl's profile doesn't work, and the different one in Chapter 88 is puzzling.

What worked for me is "tinyurl" . "com" / "2YE-complete".
Ibskib chapter 88 . 5/20
As others have said, I'm not quite sure how to use the dropbox link, it just says "preview. tinyurl 2YE-complete" something seems to be missing, and I did remove the empty spaces.
Well chapter 88 . 5/20
...having read a bit of the thread over at /r/rational, it sort of does feel like that. I mean, apparently you were polling the community for direction in the work and then you denied they had any moral ownership (paraphrasing you)?

Yeah, no, that makes no sense. Passively using information that's publically availible is one thing. That's cool. They put it out there without any direction on your part, now it's part of the commons.

But you solicited information. It wasn't just provided gratis. And there was an expectation it would be used.

Now it's clearly unreasonable for me to say that your co-contributors have anywhere near the role you played in constructing this story. And I'm not going to. But at that point, I also think It's not really reasonable to say that this story was solely and exclusively your work alone. And, uh, some lawsuits in publishing would very much agree with that assessment.

I mean this is why I don't solicit any public help with my own stories. In some jurisdictions - large ones - running a closed system is the only way to maintain ironclad ownership.


Well, I don't really care. We all do what we think we have to. I'm not really attempting to be judgemental of the morality here either. It just irritated me, that total disregard for the value of the input of other contributors. In a fanific author.

So now that I've expressed that opinion, in all sincerity, best of luck with your career. I don't wish you ill. I just said what I felt I had to.

This was from,
An Anonymous Coward
Faraway-R chapter 88 . 5/19
I suppose it is not a bad thing I copied the entire thing from FFN when epilogue came out.

FanFictionDownloader is convenient that way.

Good luck and great profit with your monetizing venture.

And the folks are right - it's a bait'n'switch.
vondeklompz chapter 88 . 5/19
I'm glad you're going commercial with TYE, it seemed a waste tu put it up for free.
Here's to waiting for a paperback version!
alex.rushing.5 chapter 88 . 5/18
Well this was a good read. I cannot afford to pay, so this is farewell.
Jorlem chapter 88 . 5/18
So you know, the tinyurl link doesn't work.
Acaila chapter 88 . 5/18
You may want to post links on your author page; FFN cut out parts of the links in stories, so the in-story links don't work.
Joel chapter 88 . 5/18
Can't figure out how to get your tinyurl link to work.

Or the Amazon link.
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 87 . 4/23
Yes, this definitely needed to be an explicit part of the story rather than just an aside in the author's notes (while the recap of the initial set-up is definitely a good move by this point!)

Oh, so Jake gets to bring magic *back* with him? Now I wonder if that (with some residual guilt about totally messing up other universes) might possibly have had something else to do with the long-standing policy of *not* sending dictators back in one piece...

And a press conference nicely answers the question of just who is ostensibly on the receiving end of this neat little recap :-)

Ooops, Jake has gone completely power-crazy and is about to become dictator of another universe :-p
(The only wildly unbalanced policy I don't think he can re-implement on Earth is mass resurrection/immortality - unless he has brought artifacts pre-enchanted with those spells along with him, of course...)

NB: there are two 'n's in 'millennia' (third paragraph)
Alex chapter 48 . 4/9
If polymorph wears off when you die, would it be possible to create anything from polymorphed flies other than undead flies?
Redery chapter 18 . 3/30
You do know not all religion is the same right?
Redery chapter 11 . 3/30
How do you know if you never died?
dakeyras chapter 37 . 3/24
You can't take the sky from me
Anonym chapter 19 . 3/24
I'm really enjoying this.

Thanks for the great read!
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