Reviews for CHARLIE'S
blossomxo chapter 1 . 5/18
I love this story, I come back to it every so often. Thanks for sharing
Guest chapter 54 . 4/1
Hi, everybody is hoping you ll have time to continue. So take care and write soon.
Ravenmoon42613 chapter 36 . 2/15
bellas pretty annoying in this story. trying to hard to be a hard ass. edward is head of mafia letting her get away with the shit he does makes him look weak and becomes a target
Babypython chapter 53 . 2/8
Dear god we need the sequel because the world needs more of psycho Bella. This was an enjoyable read! Thanks for the time you put into this!
rdean87 chapter 54 . 2/1
I have loved this story! This Bella and Edward might have to be one of faves! I hope you get the Sequel for this done, would love to see what happens next x
Guest chapter 54 . 1/22
I do hope the sequel comes up...I reread this and really enjoyed it. I hope you can do a sequel. The wedding, both of them. James and Aro getting what they deserve. Bella meeting her brother.
Edwardsminion chapter 54 . 1/17
Hi did you do part 2 to this story
zoe swan chapter 1 . 1/2
please please please write the sequel to this story
holnico chapter 54 . 12/16/2021
wheres the rest
jcampbell943 chapter 54 . 11/22/2021
Just read all 43 chapters, a bit disappointed to see there's no sequel. Hoping, even though it's been years, you come back and post it.
MissingEric chapter 54 . 10/14/2021
While I enjoyed this story I hate that there was no resolution on so many issues and that a sequel wasn’t posted. It’s been years so anyone reading just go in being aware. It’s a good story though!
MissingEric chapter 1 . 10/13/2021
Holy hell I don’t think they had to die!
Guest chapter 54 . 10/12/2021
I know it's been 3 years, but, I really like this story. I hope that you continue this one or perhaps the sequel?
I'd like to see James get his 'punishment' that's due him.
Stephannielynn chapter 54 . 10/3/2021
hope you update soon.
Patriciadiane chapter 53 . 9/19/2021
Bellagio's description was hysterical and Bella's perception of it being pretentious made me chuckle. The romantic Edward is funny to me as he is constantly berating himself as being less than manly for his feelings. But he still goes for it so it must be LOVE.
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